islam is a fraud

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by WildBlueYonder, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. skywalker 3 @ T M 3 Registered Senior Member

    Another failed attmept by Randy Kid. lmao. He will continue this, it is the very sad to see that he got typical chrisitan fundamentalist thinking, I AM RIGHT YOUR WRONG. MY BIBLE IS WORD OF GOD and YOUR NOT. Funny he doesn't know the writers of his own book.

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    Yet it is a word of his gods ( small caps ).

    Tiassa very impressive post but you are talking to a brain less religious nut case. He is on a mission from gods to convert all the muslims to christianity from the most retarded theories ever known to SciForum memebers. If he would only use .0001 percent of his brain then he could see that he is wasting so much of his time in retardness and senseless attempts to degrade the only true monotheistic religion.

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  3. ellion Magician & Exorcist (93) Registered Senior Member

    i never realised that before, but your right its true.
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  5. path Militant wiseguy Registered Senior Member

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2005
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  7. & the writers of the quran would be? not Mohamad, he's illiterate remember, but Utman & his merry band of re-writers, check the history

    if you read Tiassa carefully, you would see that Mohamid & the quran do not come away unscathed, he puts a relativistic twist on the arabic prophet, even implying that Mohimmid may have made it up or was easily confused, see below:

    , if you are talking about me, you need to put hyphens & commas, like these "-" & "," to make sense, but if you, on the the other hand are talking about yourself, you may need to be hospitalized for your infirmity

    must retarded? ever? I must have reached a milestone, please send me a certificate, oh my teacher!!

    Oh, if it opens the eyes of just one, it was worth it
    you mean, one of many pagan-based religions, cloaked in pseudo-monotheistic garments, Mohamid reformed allah, made him more presentable.

    I'm just pulling away the sheepskin, so that the people that are not scared senseless by the sight, or beguiled by those sweet words. will see the wolf underneath, oh, & he has mighty big teeth

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