Is This Even Possible?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by KilljoyKlown, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    I just have a lot of trouble believing a healthy man can be killed by having his balls squeezed. Lots of pain YES but not death.

    Leave it to China to have a first like this.:D

  2. scorpius

    scorpius a realist

    I think its possible,shock probably killed him..
  3. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Could be heart attack? Nice technique on her part though.
  4. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    At the first feel of pain, I would have knocked her across the room. I just can't imagine anyone just doubling over in pain until they died. But then I can't see any woman having the balls to do that with me.:D
  5. Xotica

    Xotica Everyday I’m Shufflin

    I've been involved in kick-boxing (amateur) since my early teens. I've seen men writher in intense pain (and even lose consciousness) due to a crotch kick, but I've never heard of it being fatal. I suspect that the underlying cause of death here involves cardiac failure.
  6. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    Talking about the shock, I just found the following article: :D


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