is there evidence for alien abductions etc.?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by duendy, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Supersonic or not, I personally witnessed two bizarre craft myself not too long ago. Like in the Socorro case, they were not rotating. UNLIKE the Socorro case, they weren't exactly saucer-shaped. They were kind of rounded/circular on the bottom, but more "bulbous" shaped at the top. NOT something you would typically think of as being all that aerodynamic.
    I personally did not see them at close enough range to accurately describe their shape. My brother and his friend, however, did, so they described best as they could to me, and from what I saw myself, I can say they were indeed bizarre looking.

    Silent too. Extremely. They floated along. Actually, drifted is a better word to describe it. In fact, one of them looked like it was kind of swaying a little, as if it were lighter than air (possibly?). My brother and I both thought they acted as if they were kites.
    They were traversing the sky rather slowly, as well. By that, I mean, UNLESS they were lighter-than-air (or suspended by some type of field), a regular airplane would probably have fallen straight to earth. And remember, these things didn't have wings, and were making no discernible sound, though both other witnesses recalled two things that somewhat resembled arms or appendages at the side.

    Watched it through the binoculars. I would say they had gotten at least two miles or so to the south, and by that time, it was hard to see them with the naked eye.

    Then, what really freaked me out: one of them began moving very erratically at a very high rate of speed.
    This was my expression while watching the display!--->

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    Imagine a common housefly. Think of its flight pattern. Erratic. Not straight like a hornet's, but almost drunken. That's how this thing was moving around!
    It would zip from side to side, back and forth, up and down, with little consistency to its flight path. It was just buzzing around madly, to put it simply.
    I believe, from what I saw through the binoculars (and TRIED to see with my naked eyes) that it was routinely traversing probably 45 degrees from east to west. This was looking south at what must have been a distance of at least two or three miles. I'm not so sure how big the objects were in the first place, so it is not an extremely accurate guess!
    However, it did that in a matter of seconds, like TWO seconds. Sometimes, when looking through the binoculars, all I saw was a black streak or blur zipping across my field of view. Both my brother and myself watched it. We had to share one pair of binoculars, and I wished we had had a more powerful set!
    Okay, I've been to airshows. We have an air base nearby, and I am familiar with the speed at which the jets routinely travel, because I've seen it hundreds of times. This zippy little object could not, in my semi-unprofessional opinion, have been going less than 400 miles per hour. And judging by how quickly it was going back and forth, I would say that it could very easily have been going as fast or faster than those jets normally travel.

    And mind you, it did not at all appear to lose speed when it changed trajectory. It want forward and in reverse, up and down, with effortless ease.

    And mind you, I'm not an expert in this field either, but I'm guessing the g-forces from that kind of flight would have caused very serious consequences for any normal pilot under normal conditions.

    And mind you, it STILL wasn't making any noise.
    My brother was the only one who saw it leave the area. He said it went from due south in a westerly direction, and disappeared on the horizon within a few short seconds. He couldn't stop saying how fast the thing had taken off.
    We were both like

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    It was obviously not normal jet propulsion.

    And what the hell, may I ask anyone, was it DOING flying like that? What was it trying to accomplish, other than showing off?

    In my semi-professional opinion, I will say it was either a very strange and secretive drone aircraft of the military, or it was not human in origin.
    I've done a small amount of reading on drone aircraft, and I've seen several models. Most of them are jet-powered.
    The only thing I can think of that could have powered these things would be some type of ultra-silent, high-powered fan. And the craft would probably have been lighter-than-air, to keep it aloft.
    Also, all of the drones I've ever seen are pretty aerodynamically shaped, unlike these things.

    As far as size goes, unfortunately, I did not see them close enough, but between the other two witnesses, it seems they were somewhere between a car and a van as far as size. I thought they were larger, but again, I didn't see them too closely. So the size may be right for a drone. What kind of drone? Something highly unusual.
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  3. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Flattery will get you SOMEWHERE, it has been said!

    On second thought, reading most of my posts may be bad for your mental health!

    Now, feel free to read my latest post in this thread.
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  5. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    "Members We'd All Like To Have Cloned, Immediately"

    So. You know about my clone army?

    I can think of at least ONE person who would NOT like to see me cloned! But it isn't ME! I'd love to have a dozen best friends!

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  7. Qorl Guest

    Evidence can not exist because Aliens control time.
  8. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    I see. When and how did you first learn of this startling piece on information?
  9. Oh, I assure you, I quite know the feeling - I've been experimenting myself recklessly with photocopiers for many years and can honestly claim, my number is now legion....

    However, your post.

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    I was reading your description with great interest. Sorry for the crudity of the diagram, haven't got time to do an accurate job, but for general intents and purposes I thought it useful to just roughly sketch something approximating how you describe the course of the thing you saw and looking down at it from above - you describe seeing it travelling erratically Southward, then buzzing backwards and forward East-West and eventually flying off in a South Westerly heading at speed.

    I've probably over exaggerated the length of its Southerly transit and shortened the degree of batting back & forth East - West - I suspect in practice the thing was probably doing that over a far wider area than I've actually indicated, but basically that's something along the lines of the image I get based on your description of things.

    Now, patently, I'm not going to be able at all able to tell you quite what it was you saw - frankly, you're far better placed than I or anyone else is ever likely to be. You're within range of an Airforce base, you're used to observing planes and jets. I suspect you're probably a person quite capable of knowing your own mind about most circumstances you have had direct experience of, so I can't comment or give any explanation at all regarding the object, or objects, you relay observing.

    But as to the question:

    I can answer that in terms of the sort of vehicular means I've been describing, and no, it' wouldn't be showing off - it'd be doing exactly what it appeared to be doing - picking up enough inertia sufficient to kick it back onto its initial overall heading, which would originally have been due West.

    Think of a spinning top on ice, the way it's inclined to move - when it's all wound up and given a good hard spin, if y'give it a bit of a flick, off it'll shoot in a nice straight line - if it's clips against something solid and fixed it'll bounce off at a nice sharp angle, again in a nice straight line, and will continue to do that until it begins to run out of spin.

    After that point, it begins to get a bit wobbly - it slows down, it begins to weave to and fro, eventually it comes to a halt and stays more or less in the one place - not exactly stationary, it'll wobble about a bit and drift, but basically it stays more or less around the one place and stays upright for the remainder of the time its stays spinning.

    Now, imagine if this simple spinning top wasn't actually externally powered but had an on-board electric motor that gave the principal of its mass a variable rate of spin and could be completely remote controlled....

    In running through the exact same thing, only using the on-board motor to get it spinning nice and fast, placing it on the virtually frictionless surface of the ice and giving it a good flick indeed makes the thing shoot off at a fair lick of speed in a nice straight line and, once again, if it encounters anything solid and fixed, it'll bounce straight off it, no loss of speed and so it would continue - getting it to slow down and stay in relatively one place gets to be tricky - energy has been applied to it, once applied it tends to conserve that inertia and so it'll want to carry on as it is.

    Only by slowing down the rate of its spin can you get the top to slow down and "stop" - which it'll happily do, but getting it to move again requires a bit of a kick.

    In spinning relatively slowly, applying a bit of a kick to it will get it moving again in more or less a given direction, but it won't acquire that new heading all at once - it'll weave about beforehand in a leisurely, almost drunkenly fashion until it's mass is induced to pick up its rate in spin - then, with a few more applied flicks, it'll pick up both distinct heading and course returning back to stability and some degree of speed in motion as it does so.

    In context, dealing with an a-propulsive, field generating vehicle with the majority of its mass induced to spin geocentrically in order to maintain inertial stability when travelling under inertia applied - the resistant interaction between the field it produces and that of the Earths magnetic field equates to the "ice" - it's smooth, slippery, frictionless and acts as a means of support for the vehicle on top of it.

    The interaction doesn't produce any principal means of propulsion for the vehicle, it just serves to keep it up and only because the force of gravity is trying continually to pull it down - like air trapped on the underside of a plane - electromagnetic resistance is being compelled, by gravitational force, to bring about a relative increase in density of the earths magnetic field relative to the underside of the vehicle sufficient enough to allow it move laterally to the direction in which gravitational force is being applied in preference to straight down as that same force, with nothing else in between, would most usually compel it to move under acceleration.

    So, there's your UFO - principally little more than an electrically powered gyroscope. Externally, you wouldn't see much evidence of the actual spinning state the principal of its mass would be in - perhaps its exterior casing may acquire a degree of counter rotational torque, but the spinning guts of the thing would be inside not exposed to air - fast moving things in contact with air give rise to friction, which generates heat. Heat has a habit of buggering up magnets, and this thing needs to generate its own magnetic field - in practice it'd probably be actually using its own spinning mass to do this (rotate a conductive material through a magnetic field and it induces two opposite charges of electrical current directly from it - this is an application of Faraday's Laws of Electrical Induction - y'can Google more from any reputable online physics source).

    Now, this gyroscopic vehicle has been deployed from a geostationary orbit - its had a great deal of inertial applied to it, in slowing down it acquires an overall heading of due West - the slower it physically travels, the faster it's measured observed speed.

    It passes by a place of interest on the earths surface and wants to take a closer look - decreasing altitude, manoeuvring thrusters, a decrease in variable rate of spin, allowing the vehicles own magnetic field to acquire a tendency to move with the flow of the Earths own magnetic field, finding some degree of magnetic attractence between it and something fixed to the Earths surface - all would be used to induce its mass to travel in parity with the direction in which the Earth rotates - due East.

    In observation, the craft slows and comes to a relative stop - they'd be quite a degree of latitude in that. It'd bob about quite a bit, weave as if trying to maintain a give spot but constantly being compelled to move a away from it.

    After a while, it gets bored, wants to move on. It'd want to break with its tendency to be travelling East, so it would want to acquire inertia sufficient to break that by using its attractant polarity to begin moving roughly either North or South, depending on whichever hemisphere you're in.

    It wouldn't keep a straight line at relatively slow speeds, it would initially weave - increasing its rate of spin would stabilise it, allow it to pick up greater velocity, it's overall heading would be South or North.

    Kicking itself off that heading due East conserves the new inertia it's acquired in travelling with the flow of the Earths magnetic field - kicking back in a Westerly direction allows it to begin expressing that acquired inertia in the direction it eventually wants to travel - kicking itself back in an Easterly heading it picks up again the tendency to move with the flow of the Earths magnetic field, breaks that direction to carry on East and then kicks back again - continually adding to the degree of physical inertia its acquiring.

    Once its cycled through the same manoeuvre enough times it makes one more pass due East before scooting off Northwest/Southwest - it's heading would be an arch, eventually levelling out due West.

    As I say, I've frankly no idea per say regarding what it was you and your brother saw and in seeing anything at all, I'm certain theirs an undoubtedly straightforward explanation just waiting to unfold - what I've been endeavouring to describe over the course of the last few posts doesn't dictate the presence of extraterrestrials in order to make it work - all of this is just perfectly straightforward applied physics, not the after effects of a single warp drive in sight.

    However, in observing something with the aspect and behaving in the manner in which you describe, it's not at all inconsistent with the behaviour of this a-propulsive model of a UFO as I've been trying to lay out - moreover, in observing any such behaviour of the sort, there would be a perfectly valid physical reason for it.

    The above would be the physical reasons I'd be prepared to give, but like I say, I have frankly no idea what it was you actually saw, so there's little likelihood my misplaced rambles have any bearing whatsoever except, of course, in terms of the wholly superficial...

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    By-the-by - if y'ever happen to run into one of these things again and it appears to be moving slowly at anything under an altitude of around 200 feet - do avoid being underneath it. Observing from a stout pair of binoculars distance away is perfectly fine, but closer inspection is probably best avoided.


  10. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Well, ain't that f**k*n awesome!

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    Someone was borrowing the computer while I was typing my response, and when I come back to finish it, and go to post it, I find that I was logged out, and now it's lost!

    Guess I won't be replying so soon!

    I'll attempt it again later!
  11. Qorl Guest

    From January to March 2003. First I learn this thru my faith. After one year God explain me more precisely, telepathically of course. Nothing is shown to me. I have to learn everything and be 100% sure, than I get the answer.
  12. phlogistician Banned Banned

    Pretentious little prick.
  13. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Have you been taking your pills?

    We won't believe you, because its not scientific and there is no evidence. Not even duendy will believe you, because god is telling you, and according to duendy God is a patriarchal fantasy designed to stop people using hallucinogens and homosexuality.
  14. duendy Registered Senior Member


    me)))))))yes... as a means of social control....of stiflings peoples freedom. even to imagine they are in contact with god or gods. first cultivate openmindedness and then challenge. dont challenge blind
  15. Qorl Guest

    Before you could speak about science you have to know what Science really is.
  16. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    We await with interest your description or definition of what Science really is. Will you be able to answer without obfuscation dressed up as erudition? We shall see.
  17. phlogistician Banned Banned

    Pretentious little prick.
  18. Qorl Guest



    -10 years from now people will not use cellular phones as today, it will be implanted in your body!

    -If you look at me I am a perfect example of science. God implanted transmitter in my head at my early age. I know, to hard for to believe or this guy is crazy.

    Everything will be very much different 10 years from now. How much different is where God lives? Could you people even imagine on what kind of level is God? I guess not!

    -I didn't give you only an answer of Science but also of Parapsychology, Pseudoscience and more.
  19. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Qorl -
    you have not defined science, merely given a single example of a possible technological innovation;
    you have not defined parapsychology, merely given a single example of a claimed, but unvalidated, extra-sensory experience;
    you have not defined pseudo-science, you have merely demonstrated you do not understand what it is.

    Contrary to my expectation your response was very clear: clearly not a lot to do with the question.

    We await with interest your description or definition of what Science really is.
  20. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    I love Qorl!

    Qorl makes me tingle!

    Qorl is the Lost Science that Lassie never knew! Qorl is turning blue!

    Just like the great Qorl Reef.

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    I am accepting things with my gaping mouth now! I'm ready!
  21. Qorl Guest

    -Science; intelligence.
    -Parapsychology; I claim than every single human have a transmitter in his head. That's why every single religion speaks about believing in Faith. Faith are voices that God is giving to you. It's on you to believe, today called fairytales.
    -Pseudoscience; Aliens (God), me. Nobody believes of course.
  22. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Science is intelligence. Sorry. That does not cut it. Now you are being obscure. I am not letting you out of here till you answer clearly and directly. What is science. It is not sufficient to say intelligence. Indeed, with your sentence structure you do not actually say that. You could mean any one of a multitude of things. [Please don't pretend you meant them all and were being clever.]
    We await with interest your description or definition of what Science really is.
  23. Qorl Guest

    For me is Science a fiction, fantasy, imagination. If is something else for you, tell me. That's all.
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