Is Social Ecology the solution to the Climate Crisis?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by TimeTraveler, May 31, 2007.

  1. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    Murray Bookchin offers some libertarian focused ideas on solving the climate crisis. Can any of these ideas work?

    Here is a series of interviews from Murray Bookchin.

    What is Social Ecology? Interview 2

    Economics in a Social Ecological Society

    Final Interview, Communalist Project
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  3. Philn5D Registered Member

    I haven't quite finished reading the whole post, but I have to say that I have shared many of the same views as Mr. Bookchin for quite some time. I have also realized that this form of government relies heavily on the goodness and honesty of people. It seems overly optimistic. That is my only criticism of this system. In a perfect world, this system, though it still seems just a bit vague in respects to specifics, would produce a paradise of an earth for people to live on. If people worked together under this system, we could be terraforming the moon and discovering other worlds before the current generation dies off.

    I hope to read more specific examples of how the system works. I would like to read about what the individual role is, the specifics of how policy is determined, and how corporations are to be dealt with; especially those who employ millions of people. Does money dissappear under Libertarian Municipalism?

    Too often have I heard about or read articles about political systems that did not touch enough on reality, but that were rather more theoretical than practical. In order for a system to work, especially one which requires a structure from the get-go, a defined and stated means is in order. So far I have only read about the ends; or sort of the middle point between the means and the ends.

    I also was lead to research the Green Party of the United States

    our "knights in shining armor" as it were. I found it interesting to read the minutes from past meetings

    the party seems a bit disorganized and underfunded. Maybe these problems are reciprocal.

    Anyways, it makes me think of an united confederation and begs the question of how things would get done on a national (if there is a national) or global scale in a municipal/confederation system. The United States' current system is slow to react as it is.
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