Is Morality Subjective?

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Dove, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. mis-t-highs I'm filling up Registered Senior Member

    Dove: your going to call me a bully, is your first language english or are you dyslexic, and please dont take this wrong because you may be writing you post quite fast and thus making silly spelling mistakes, the reason I'm pointing it out is that a non english person or a dyslexic person would not notice the spelling mistakes, and would think they have written it flawlessly, so could it be that these aledged bullies are only picking on you because of your written english.

    could you be getting upset because, your constantly making silly spelling mistake, and they are constantly complaining.

    I am not taking any ones side I dont know you from adam, but there are a lot of spelling mistakes in all your post.

    you could be giving and getting the problems, because of something that can easily be corrected.
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  3. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    Going by what you have said earlier, I doubt this would help. Either way I think the blame is going to land squarely on your shoulders.

    Remember, brains will always win - and that means not rushing into a plan of attack. Take your time. I see it a lot when I play chess, (as an example). People lose the first one and so rush into the second with the hope of revenge. Their second game ends up a lot worse than their first.

    A quick fact: Everyone has dirt. Everyone has laundry they don't want washed in public. If you want to beat your enemy, knowing them is an absolute must. With time and energy you will find a better method with which to win a fight. Perhaps this bully is working and claiming welfare, having an affair, or something so far better than trying to make one report look bad could ever be.

    There is of course also the option of just leaving it be. Find a better job and better people - because although revenge does have it's benefits, they are rarely long lasting and can end up spiralling out of control - with hurt on all sides.

    Further to which, temp or not you do have legal rights - which includes freedom from harrasment and discrimination. With some searching you will find the company will have a discrimination policy, (the only one I can think of that does not cover all kinds of discrimination are the armed forces, or sex dependant jobs, (such as bra models) - but that is not applicable here. If you are being treated unfairly then a court case is, (although slow), the best possible action.

    Play by someone elses rules you end up playing their game. From a personal perspective it's better to make up your own rules. That takes time and calculated planning. My only advice would be never to rush into anything... ever.
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  5. Adstar Valued Senior Member

    Often this happens when junior people find themselves working under a middle ranged manager who is a psychopath. Many organizations employ psychopaths in lower level management positions because they are ruthless with workers and have no compassion. The problem occurs when they employ a psychopath who looses sign on the ultimate goal of the business. They tend to destroy good workers by using emotional warfare. To them it is a kind of sport. They cost their companies millions of dollars, they can destroy a branch or section. A lot of lower office managers would make excellent military training instructors, where the skill of destroying people emotionally is greatly admired.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
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  7. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    Should I say that I did ythose things.....or should I say i did not? As like the past they WILL lie and WILL exagertae my "tounge thrashing" in front of the boss/management.

    Absolutely, let management know your intentions if the bullies go to them complaining. Let them know that you are handling the situation yourself by confronting the bullies, but if further incidences occur, you will slap the bullies with a harrassment lawsuit. Be firm, but unemotional. As soon as you mention harrassment lawsuit, you'll see management taking a very serious look at the situation. Be prepared.

    Will we reeally talk about revenge later? Looking forward to it.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    If you wish, yes. But first, you must take control of the situation and make sure the harrassment stops. Then, you can begin making arrangements for getting the bullies fired. That will be the fun part.
  8. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member

    Moderator comment - thread moved from Religion to EMJ - seems more appropriate.
  9. ZenDrake come to the darkside Registered Senior Member

    The Rules Of Revenge:

    The first rule: Only do it if the person deserves it.
    You are the only person who can judge whether someone needs to be pulled down a peg or two. So, when making that decision, be just, be fair and most of all be honest. Otherwise that makes you a bad person and believe me if that is the case, you will be on someone's revenge list somewhere.

    The second rule: Don't get caught.
    If there is any way that you might get caught, then don't do it. Revenge is only sweet if you get away with it. If you have followed rule one, then you don't deserve to have anything bad happen to you, so make sure that it doesn't.

    The third rule: Be legal
    An extension to rule one, ensure that whatever you do is legal. It is not worth breaking the law for this, especially as you don't need to.

    The Fourth Rule: Planning is essential
    Have a plan. Do not blindly undertake such a task. Careful planning is necessary. Patience should be employed.

    The fifth Rule: Try to have a co-pilot
    It is much more fun if you have someone to work with. If the person is one of the universally disliked office members you could possibly have a number of co-pilots. This gives you both moral and practical support.

    The sixth Rule: Be creative.
    If you are going to make the effort to take revenge, then do something interesting. Don't just make a half-baked attempt to annoy someone do it properly.

    The seventh Rule: Take an Oath of silence
    If you are working on your own, be incredibly careful who you tell about your actions. Some people blab, and you could end up in trouble. If you have co-pilots in the scheme, then all of you should take this oath, and stick to it. It is all too easy to be cocky in victory and spill the beans.

    The eighth Rule: Have fun
    If someone is so horrible that they deserve your revenge, then you deserve to have fun doing it. You aren't doing anything wrong after all; you are just seeking justice. Be happy, be proud and enjoy.

    The ninth Rule: Know when to stop
    Once you have achieved revenge, then you should be satisfied. Do not develop an addiction, as this can be very dangerous. Note: there is no known cure for revenge addictions as yet.

    The tenth Rule: Always have a contingency plan
    The best laid plans and all that. Just in case you have followed all the rules and it still, for some reason goes wrong, always have a back up. Ensure you have every eventuality covered and you will be successful.

    The Top Five Office Revenge Tricks (in no particular order)

    1. Meddling with Tea/Coffee: This is very simple. NB: when we say meddling we do not mean poisoning. If you dislike a colleague/boss, offer to make them a drink and then either use the teabag to wipe the floor before use, spit in the drink, or wash the cup in loo water. If they really deserve it, do all of the above.

    2. Hiding stationery: You may scoff at this but believe me, people in offices are known to be very possessive of their stationery (especially those who Tippex their names on them). My hint to ensure the full effectiveness of this is to embark on a campaign. Start off small with pencils, then move on to pens, eventually moving up to the big items such as stapler and hole punch. If you do this campaign over a number of days, believe me your colleague/boss will be a quivering wreck by the end of the week.

    3. Sign the person up for a dating scheme. You can do this by either placing a classified ad, or if you are able, by signing them up to various Internet dating sites. If you can get into their computers, then you could take it a step further and sign them up to lots of sites which will send them junkmail. This revenge trick gives plenty of room for creativity.

    4. Fish. There are many different ways to use fish in revenge. If you can, (and this will need careful planning), you can put a fish into the handbag/briefcase/sports bag of the person. You do not want to suffer from the smell, but if the fish is placed at the bottom of the bag, and the bag is closed, then the smell will get worse with time. Timing is essential. If their bag is never left unattended, then you could always try the coat pocket.

    5. Glue them to their chair. Superglue is a bit excessive, but you can find another type of glue (get some advice from an expert in a glue shop). If you do this, make sure that no one else sits in the victim's chair. Glue could be substituted with toothpaste or even paint.

    These are just a few ways of taking revenge. Remember, make sure that the person deserves revenge, make sure that it is legal, and make sure you don't get caught.

    Happy avenging!
  10. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I was wondering what Dove's problem was, and then I read this:

    Dude, temp workers always get screwed, get a real job. If you complain to your boss, you will be gone.

    ...and the morality question is an interesting one, even though it would apply to more life and death questions rather than an employment difficulty. My view is that morality is only somewhat subjective. There are certain situations where the moral thing is universal, such as self-defense. It sounds to me like this is a simple ape-like dominance game. You don't have to be strong, just put up a good front. Confront those assholes and tell them if they keep fucking with you, you and your biker friends are going to kick their teeth in (note: get some big biker friends).
  11. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    I wouldn't consider self-defense as a moral issue. I would, however, consider it a moral issue if one were to beat the attacker with a steel pipe until he was nothing but a pile of bloody meat and completely unrecognizable as a once-living human being. THAT would be a moral issue ....but NOT self-defense.

    Baron Max
  12. Dove Registered Senior Member

    Thanks Zen Drake , Spider Goat and Baron Max,

    Talking of Revenge and Saving myself in this unfair situation:

    I hope you read my previous post on the details of 'how exactly' they bully me....did you read all the things they did including directly work related things like not giving me the files or giving me incomplete files.

    Please read since I have always played fair for 2 years and it has not worked.......please tell me what exactly do you think of the following way of getting revenge:

    "By figting dirty I meant this- I can followed 'their' time tested solution- When the work is passed on to me by Bully #1, I will bungle up my report when I give my files to bully #2.....although I am supposed to correct all the mistakes- I will not. I will ruin the report before giving it to bully #2. Then when finally when the work goes back to the boss, it will be very clear that either it is the fault of bully#2 or Bully #3. Ofcourse, the work will suffer, but my manager should have thought of that before.

    When I am supposed to present my work to bully #4 in my weekly presentation(which is private between us), I simply will not. Will give him a false report. And since he is a mean ba.....stard, he will complain about me to the boss. But then, I will present the "real" report of mine, which will be flawless! So boss will now think that bully #4 was just making up that shiit.

    I unfortunately will have to follow their rules, when playing their games."

    For once I will not feel like I have been slapped in the face. I get that feeling everyday.
  13. Dove Registered Senior Member


    Is my idea of revenge legal?
  14. Dove Registered Senior Member

    Is it? tell me.
  15. Dove Registered Senior Member

    I am tired of being a sitting duck....i have had ENOUGH!!!




    I am sure God will allow self defense?

    Somebody please help me!
  16. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    fuck it,worth a try i guess.if you like your job i would advice against it but if you can get a different job,why worry?the worst that can happen is you will be fired.(disclaimer:do not take my advice,i make very bad decisions)
  17. ZenDrake come to the darkside Registered Senior Member

    yup. quite.
    and rather on the tame side if ya ask me.
    do what you've suggested,
    and I also think that a little "biological" warfare
    would be nice...
    try putting hotsauce on their seat.. right in the middle
    of the chair... talk about burning their ass... this would do it.
    rubbing jalopeno (cut a raw one in half and rub the cut end) on their mouthpiece of their phone would give them quite an experience as well,
    though, I'm not sure if this ones legal.
    Also, try unscrewing one of their wheels from their chair,
    leaving the wheel sitting there looking like its still screwed in
    and when they sit down they'll take an embarrassing spill.
    What else....
    I just remembered the best one ever.
    Visine eyedrops.
    drop just a couple 3-5 drops in their beverage,
    and they'll be shitting and puking for a good week,
    not life threatening, though they'll wish they were dead.
    Follow up with you're planned paperwork and report sabotage
    and throw in some eyedrops for good measure, then wait a week or
    two before reassessing the battlefield.
  18. ZenDrake come to the darkside Registered Senior Member

    happy hunting
  19. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member


    Forget about your god, do what you want to do, as you said, take control of your life.

    But don't go postal on anyone, ok?
  20. Dove Registered Senior Member

    Thanks for your good wishes. What does "postal" mean?
  21. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    You mean you've never heard of people going "postal"? It refers to postmen, or mailmen, going nuts and shooting up thier workplace. The phrase now means just about anyone who goes into thier workplace and shoots it all up.

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