Is life a form of death?

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by birch, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    You know how people cry when someone they like dies? Are they really sad because they died or because they miss them and are now more alone than before?

    Strangely, through life experience you find out that NOT existing is really not such a terrible concept at all that you initially assumed or taught like life is some paradise or something. Like what?

    I would say from the time you are born some aspect is already sad not consciously but it's a process of dying.

    I think why we care so much about life is to re-create the sense of absolute, infinite and complete wholeness all throughout our lives that we are missing with our fragmented selves. We do this by often by seeking that through others. Some call it love etc. It's really a search for ourselves and to create order within our mini-cosmos.

    We need to know it ALL and aren't secure until we do. It's as if life is not complete and we bring our suitcases with us trying to make this place a home with everyone stranded. You care so much because you know what it's like and only because people seem so far from their destination re-creating their dreams and hopes here in a precarious place and the best parts of them are so fragile and more noble than the flesh and dirt world we live in. We want to transcend it.

    We want to go back to something real or connect with it in some way just like calling a dear loved one stranded at the airport.

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