Is Jesus Lucifer?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Nehushta, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Nehushta

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    I think there is a secret doctrine hidden within the pages of the bible itself, which reveal that Jesus and Lucifer are actually one and the same! For example, if you look at the KJV of the bible, the only place where Lucifer is mentioned is in Isaiah 14, and nearly every verse dedicated to him in that chapter can also be applied to Jesus:

    The mythical Lucifer fell from heaven to earth and was made as weak as one of us - the same can be said of Jesus.

    The name "Lucifer" means "morning star" - Jesus reveals he is the Morning Star in Revelations 22:16.

    Lucifer claimed he would ascend into heaven and be like the most High - so did Jesus. But Lucifer would descend into Hell - that's where Jesus allegedly spent the first 3 days following his crucifixion.

    Lucifer caused the earth to tremble and shook kingdoms - there was a great earthquake when Jesus died, and the religions established in his name have certainly shaken kingdoms.

    In these passages, Lucifer is blamed for making the world a wilderness and destroying its cities - the same has been done by the followers of Jesus.

    Lucifer does not open the house of his prisoners - Jesus himself is said to hold the keys of hell and death, and has no plans to ever let his prisoners go free.

    Lucifer is cast out of his grave like an abominable branch - Jesus is descended from the abominable branch of Jeconiah and is also cast from his grave.

    The resemblance is rather eerie, I think. Has anyone else here ever noticed this?
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  2. Medicine*Woman

    Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History!

    M*W: I've heard this theory. I believe there is a secret doctrine co-mingled in the Bible. The "Morning Star" is Lucifer. Most people don't know or accept this, though. They believe Jesus is the Morning Star. I'd like to hear more about this, because I believe it was Lucifer who also inspired the Bible and inspired the creation of man-made religions to take the focus off of his adversary--God. Jesus, on the other hand, was just a puppet of God, not in reality, but in the Biblical writings.
  3. Raha

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    First - who was the "Lucifer"?:

    As it seems, he was just some babylonian king. Nothing more.
  4. Michael

    Michael 歌舞伎

    I think the Mandeans have something to say to that effect.
  5. Nehushta

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    Ah yes, but which Babylonian king? Can you name him? Or was this "King of Babylon" perhaps the archetypal pagan savior godman from which the new and improved savior godman, Jesus, was created?

    I might also point out that the word, "Babylon" comes from "babel," which means "confusion by mixing," and what is Christianity but a confusing mix of monotheism and polytheism? "Babylon" was also often used as a code-word for Rome in biblical times, and who has been considered to be the ultimate "king" of Rome since about the fourth century C.E.?

    There is another rant in Ezekiel 28 against the "King of Tyre," who also bears a striking resemblance to the savior godman, Jesus. Please note that "Tyre" means "rock."
  6. Nehushta

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    See also Revelations 22:16, where Jesus confesses that he is the "bright and morning star." A revelation, indeed! :eek:
  7. Medicine*Woman

    Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History!

    Interesting, isn't it? So what do you think will happen to all the Xians?
  8. Jahiro

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    It will be ERASED by G-D and G-D alone, and you shall see it with your own eyes

  9. Medicine*Woman

    Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History!

  10. Nehushta

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    Well, Jesus does claim to hold the keys of hell and death...but then, 2,000,000,000 lemmings couldn't possibly be wrong - could they? :rolleyes:

    Something about a wide gate and a broad path comes to mind...
  11. Nehushta

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    Re: Re: Is Jesus Lucifer?


    Thanks for posting the link. I checked out that webpage, but this is all I found regarding their teachings about Jesus:

    John the Baptist is central in their teaching, as a representative for their faith. Jesus is also central, but he plays a totally different role than in religions like Christianity and Islam, and is a false prophet, almost depicted as evil.

    I'd have to agree with them on the false prophet thing, but I'd like to have seen something a bit more indepth on that subject.

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