Is Jesus a perfect person?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Saint, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. arauca Banned Banned

    Controversial in what sense ?
    According to the gospels it seams very composed person and firm in his position . He had a purpose and he accomplished what was expected , and his teaching did not die survived for 2000 years , even you have some interest in his teaching then to criticize Him. Can you compare His life style and teaching to your ?
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  3. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Arauca,
    First: I am not even advocating there is or was a Jesus.

    If we take the Bible literally though then Jesus was far from "composed".

    Did he not go on a rampage through the marketplace (located at a temple) overturning tables and cash boxes. This "composure" you speak of does not seem (The correct spelling of "seem") like it comes from the same Bible as the rest of the world has viewed. There are a few such instances where "composure" is not in character.
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  5. arauca Banned Banned

    First there cannot be a market place in the temple yard, did you read also what He said to them, He was cellos of what they have done of the house of prayer.
    If you would be in his place , what would you do ?
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  7. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Did Jesus help beggars in Jerusalem?
    Helped the homeless people, orphans, widows?
  8. jayleew Who Cares Valued Senior Member

    The current consensus (vast majority) among historians both theist and atheist is that there was a man called Jesus who was crucified. The divinity and the why he was executed is controversial, but seems to me based on what I read on the subject, is that he was a martyr and that the Emperor Nero pinned arson on the Christians for large fires that burned a lot of Rome, including Roman temples to their gods. Jesus was not the only one executed. The Christians were persecuted/tortured gruesomely during this time. Nero needed a scapegoat for the fires that were burning Roman temples to keep the peace.
  9. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    Please provide evidence for these assertions or this will be considered "preaching, propaganda, proselytizing, and/or evangelizing."
  10. river

    According to Gnostics jesus was a militant jew leader
  11. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    The idealized version of a good human is so subjective that the only answers you will get are opinions.
  12. river

    The idealized Human is a Human being that makes Humanity above all else

    Which is not subjective , but a truth
  13. entelecheia Registered Senior Member

    He punished the poor vendors o' the Temple. It was the first time he saw the vendors in the House o' God? I dont thikk so. I always see vendors o' fetishes in the doors o' my church, i feel compassion, tenderness, not angry at all:shrug:
  14. arauca Banned Banned


    If you would follow the story you would see Jesus was more then once in the temple , but before crucifixion he apparently have seen the latest abomination set by the high priests at the temple by allowing vendors into the court of temple.
  15. R1D2 many leagues under the sea. Valued Senior Member

    We don't know each other. Hello. My evidence for those assumptions only come from some book. Not trying to preach. But have you read a book that seems to claim what I wrote? Or some of it? I can't seem to recall the name.

    preaching[ pree-ching ]
    1.*the act or practice of a person who preaches 2.*the art of delivering sermons. 3.*a sermon.

    4.*a public religious service wit with a sermon.
    1.*of, pertaining to, or resembling preaching a preaching tone of voice
    1.*to deliver a sermon. 2.*to give earnest advice, as on religious or moral subjects or the like. 3.*to do this in an obtrusive or tedious way.

    I was not delivering sermons. As for pertaining to, or resembling preaching a preaching tone of voice, you can't hear me speak. I was not trying to give earnest advice, just a opinion I read somewhere as on religious or moral subjects or the like. I was not do this in an obtrusive or tedious way.

    And I say good sir if I did bring forth any solid evidence for assertions that you claim I could get a fraction point and or ban so don't bait me.
  16. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    I like the way you said that. And that goes for about 99% of the threads that have so much trouble distinguishing fact from opinion. Folks tend to forget the difference between objectivity (especially the scientific method) and the zillion ways they will replace it by subjective methods, and especially bias.
  17. rodereve Registered Member

    No, he's mentioned in the Qu'ran as well. and I'm not sure what standard you would measure him as good or moral. By the ten commandments, yes he was good, but that's like measuring an Alien's worth by the book of scientology. And he's not mentioned often in the bible, but I am almost certain that none of the writers would depict their savior as anything less than perfect. If the bible is the only source you take from, then it would have to say he's perfect, because he's supposedly the son of God, and to say otherwise would be a contradiction (not like there aren't any in the bible). But if you took other sources, you might be lead to believe Jesus was just a man. Also, there was several Jesus' in history, and many people claiming to be the messiah also having disciples and a dedicated following lol
  18. entelecheia Registered Senior Member


    I have no idea why men were selling cattle, sheep and doves in the Temple, and others sitting at tables exchanging money.
    It was authorized by High Priests? Was a tramp?

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    High Priests or Pharisees only had respect for Roman Temples?
  19. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    What do you think they did at the temple anyway? They made burnt offerings of animals.
  20. Jan Ardena Valued Senior Member

    No he wasn't, his perfection came when he reflected the will of God, who is defined as perfect (from our perspective).


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