Is it Clinton, Bush or is it Obama? Memorex SOSDDemocrat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Buffalo Roam, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. keith1 Guest

    Let us keep track of how long it takes the allies working together to resolve the endgame with Qaddafi, and how long it takes Bush to resolve the endgame with Bin Laden.
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  3. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    Obama in his own words.
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  5. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    Sorry, but it takes boots on the ground, not missiles in the air to reach any end game.

    No one has yet to win a war with air strikes alone.
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  7. keith1 Guest

    Wrong. Tunisia and Egypt.

    Wrong. Obama/Pakistan unmanned drones.

    By bringing in drone command centers to the revolutionary forces (in Benghazi), those who know the territory/lay of the land (of downtown Tripoli), can guide the drones down the streets and to accurate targets in downtown Tripoli.
    This will evolve into a PC screen/joystick war.
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  8. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Yeah that was a good one too.

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  9. Ganymede Valued Senior Member

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  10. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Good question Ganymede, I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that Republicans now control the House.

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  11. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    But the Democrats are still stalling in the House and Senate.

    The Democrats forgot to pass a budget for 2011, ( actually they didn't want to have to go on record because of the up coming election) remember that, and they are still blocking the passage of a budget for 2011.

    So, why should the polls change?
  12. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Just how is it exactly that Democrats are stalling in the House and Senate mr roam?
    Ok blame Democrats for failure to pass a budget bill last year...fair enough. Now why should Republicans not get blamed for failing to do the same thing? They have a majority in the House. They have almost a majority in the Senate. Why are Republicans not able to negotiate with the Democrats in the Senate and get a spending bill mr. roam?
  13. Pinwheel Banned Banned

  14. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    Read the papers, watch the news, do a Google search, use just a modicum of rational comprehension and thought.

    Senate Rejects GOP's Plan for $61 Billion of Budget CutsBy Elspeth Reeve Mar 09, 2011 The Senate voted down the House Republicans' budget bill that would cut $61.3 billion from the federal budget for the rest of the fiscal year on Wednesday afternoon, Politico's David Rogers reports. Not a single Democrat voted for the legislation,

    Because it was the Democrats job to do so last year, you know pass a budget for up coming fiscial year 2011, because the fiscial year ends Oct. 31, 2010, or are you that bereft of knowlege on the way our Government is suppose to function.
  15. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    LOL, yeah.

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    Now how about you taking your own advice.

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    Why is it you didn't have a problem with Republicans these last two years for opposing virtually everything the Democrats tried to do - even if Republicans tried to do those very same things before Democrats favored them.

    After more than two years of silence while your Republicans blocked virtually every piece of legislation moving through the Senate (requiring super majorities to get anything passed), now you want to complain that not a single Democrat voted for a Republican piece of legislation. Oh the hypocrisy is too much. At least Democrat's didn't use the filibuster. They allowed an open simple majority vote - something Republicans have not done these last few years.

    And since you are the resident self proclaimed Constitutitonal expert, show me where in the Constitution that says the Senate is a rubber stamp for the House? It doesn't.

    It is the duty of the House to pass a budget that will be passed into law by the Senate and signed by the president. Show me where does it say in the Constitution that the president and the Senate are subservient to the House? You had better pull out your pocket version of the Constitution mr. roam, because that is not what the Constitution says.

    I have already agreed with you mr. roam. Democrats did not pass a budget last year...shame on them. Now your Republicans control the House. It is now their duty to create a budget for this year. And shame on them for not doing so. Unfortunately, all the Republicans in the House seem to be capable of doing is blaming the Democrats for not creating a budget for this year. But they are gone and your boys and girls have the ball.

    Frankly, I think the Democrats were quite shrewed in not passing a budget for this year. Because it really puts your boys and girls on the line in the House. And thus far they are dropping the ball at every opportunity. In fact, one could reasonably conclude that they were playing a round of Hot Potato rather than trying to create a budget.
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  16. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member


    So, the problem is the Democrats, and their failure to properly conduct the business of the United States.

    So now how about the Democrats who where voted out of power get out of the way and get a budget passed, a thing that they ran from, because they didn't want a record of their failure to take action before the election.
  17. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Get over it mr. roam. The Democrat control of the House is history. Now Republicans have control over the House and if Republicans, as appears to be the case, cannot put together a budget then they nor you have any business blaming Democrats for their failure.

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    Democrats did not want to pass a budget because they did not want to give Republicans a sword to chop of their heads in the last election. Now Republican heads are on the chopping block, and not suprisingly, they have no more will to pass a budget than the Democrats before them.

    Republicans have some problems now, no longer can they just sit back and oppose anything the Democrats try to do in Congress. Now they have produce. And they appear to be incapable of producing a budget or anything else. So they resort back to what they do best; blame anything and everyone else for their failures.
  18. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    joe you are really funny, you know that, the Democrats don't offer a budget, they don't pass a budget, they don't even bring it up for a vote before the election, and you say it is now all the Republicans Fault?

    You usual state.

    So, their sworn duty is to do the business of the United State, and that means passing a budget for each fiscal year.

    Now the Democrats had control and a majority in both Houses, and the Presidency to sign any budget they delivered to the Presidency, and they didn't even present a Budget Bill.

    The reason that your precious Democrats didn't want to pass a budget bill was the $14+ trillion national debt, runaway deficits, and trillion dollar increase in entitlements would have been on paper in writing for the Voter to see, it would become public knowledge, in a voter atmosphere that demands cutting the Budget, reducing the Debt, and eliminating the deficits, and yes as you just have admitted;

    Because they were the ones with the control of Congress under which the debt ballooned to over $14+Trillion Dollars on Their and Obamas watch.

    Yes, the Republicans have a problem now, it is the Democrats who now are blocking any attempt to pass a Budget that should have been passed last year, by the Democrats, the problem is that the Democrats insist that even though the Voters took the power away from them, that every thing is suppose to reflect their social spending priorities and agendas.

    No joe, it is you who exhibit the best of the Democrats as you spin this as a Republican problem, and wish to place blame on Republicans for the Democrats failure to pass a budget, and now want to point fingers at the Republicans who didn't have any control of the government, when the budget was due, remember when this budget was due, it was under the Control of the Democrats and Your precious Democrats at the time this budget should have been passed controlled the House--Senate--and the Presidency.

    Now who was incapable of producing a budget? Actually a better question is who chose not to produce a budget?, The Democrats, and even today they choose not to allow a budget to be passed.

    Sorry joe, this is one time the Problem and it's consequences are squarely on Obama and the Democrats, they chose as a campaign strategy to not produce a budget, and then to block every attempt to fix the Democrats chosen election policy of not producing a budget.
  19. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Why is John Boehner's House of Representatives always on vacation? They are on vacation right now (while we are at war and our president is securing trade deals in South America).
  20. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Apparently reading comprehension is not one of your strong points mr. roam. Is it? Where did I say it was right for Democrats not to pass a budget? I didn't.
    Yeah when you and yours start spouting off all that right wing whacko nonsense for which you are famous there just is no making sense of it for the rational coherent individual.

    Ok then why have Republicans failed to produce a budget?
    You seem stuck in the past mr. roam and not able to comprehend the now. As I said previously it was bad Democrats failed to produce a budget. But we both know why they didn't. It is the same reason Republicans who now control the House have been unable to pass a bill. If they do they create political enemies with in their own parties. And in the case of Democrats they give Republicans another chance to whack them over the head by pass ing a bill that no one is going to like.

    Both sides are being silly mr. roam. Both sides don't have the political guts to cooperate and demonstrate leadership on the matter mr. roam.
    And where did that 14 trillion dollar debt come from mr. roam? Which party was it that passed the biggest entitlement expansion in history mr. roam? Since you don't want to be honest about it, let me answer it for you. It was your precious Republicans mr. roam. - one of those minor details that keeps bitting you in the ass.

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    The drivers of the nations debt and deficits mr roam were 10 years of wars; years of unfunded tax cuts; and entitlement expansions, all constructed and passed into law by a Republican House, Senate, and signed into law by a Republican president. Those long term structural changes to the budget have committed the nation to decades of future deficits and debt...all the responsiblity of the Republican Party and its financial backers. And did I mention the economic disaster that Republicans left Democrats when voters ousted them in 2008? No I didn't. And that economic disaster was historic in and of itself requiring huge sums to mitigate the disaster.

    So your attempt to weasle out of blame here for yourself and your Republican/Tea Party friends is disingenuous to say the least. The reason the debt and deficits are so high mr. roam is not because of the Democrats, it is because of 8 years of "deficit don't matter Cheney" Republican adminstration in Washington and Republican committments to enriching both themselves and their financial sponsors at the expense of Joe taxpayer.

    Republicans handed the Democrats and unprecedented debt and committed deficits for decades and now you want to blame the Democrats for your transgressions. There just are no words to adequately express my contempt. At the very least you and your Republicans could admit your mistakes and apologize to the nation. But that ain't happening, is it?

    You have a strange way of looking at things mr. roam. This last election Democrats maintained control of the Senate. If the citizens were so angry with the Democrats and so supportative of Republicans as you would have us believe, then the nation would have handed both houses to Republicans and they didn't.

    Like I said many times before in this thread, how is what the Democrats are doing any different from what the Republicans were doing when the rolls were reversed? Not a damn thing mr roam, it is startling that you cannot see the blatent hypocrisy.

    In one ear and out the other as my mother used to say, but I will try it one more time mr. roam. Show me where I absolve Democrats for failing to pass a budget? You cannot because I have not - again one of those frightening details that keeps bitting you in the ass.

    Now it is the responsiblity of the Republican House to produce a passable budget...something they have repeatedly failed to do. Instead they get people like you limbaugh, levin, et al to offer excuses for their failures instead of doing the nations business.

    Yes Democrats did punt on the budget issue for political reasons. Republicans opposed everything the Democrats did...gee doesn't that sound familar. Now the shoe is clearly on the other foot mr roam.

    Now the responsibility for the budget is squarely in the hands of Republicans in the House. Unless Republicans in the House are willing to admit that the task of drafting the nations budget is above their capablity and they want to surrender the House to the Democrats, then Republicans had better stop squealing and step up to the plate and produce a budget.

    As said many times before, Democrats are not doing anything different than what the Republicans did when they were the minority. It is funny to watch you try to spin this mr. roam. At the end of the day poop is still poop. Republicans have a responsiblity that they yet again seem incapable of fulfilling.
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  21. quadraphonics Bloodthirsty Barbarian Valued Senior Member

    That would be "was," even accepting your framing.

    They did. There are no Democrats who were voted out of power currently serving in the US Congress - those guys all went on to other pursuits. All of those Democrats who are currently serving the Congress? They were voted into power.

    But still, that's a pretty ballsy line to take immediately after your party spent two years pursuing unapologetic obstructionism after having been voted out of power far more decisively than anything that occurred last year. Indeed, it's only because so much of the government remains in Democratic control - to the contrary of your characterization there - that House Dems have any incentive to do anything except stonewall everything the House GOP pursues.

    Meanwhile: doggedly pushing budget proposals that you know full well that the Senate will reject out-of-hand is not a serious attempt at governance. It's political football.
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