Is Guantanamo Bay a real version of Minority Report

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by andy1033, May 4, 2013.

  1. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    I am asking you lot a question. Do you think Guantanamo Bay is being used by the usa as a on going study into something like a minority report thing.

    They maybe just took sensitive people from middle east and put them there, and torture them with mind control techs. This may be leading to things like minority report in real life. I believe that the people housed there are probably sensitive people they picked up in those areas.

    They are torturing these people for americas gain, and they probably have done nothing wrong.

    So do you think Guantanamo Bay is being a torture camp for a minority report thing, with mind control?

    I personally do not believe that most people at gitmo did anything, but are sensitive people and had the misfortune or being targeted by america in those areas, as someone hated them.
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  3. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    Can you provide a link, one that is from authorized media, whereby they prove that inmates are being "tortured".

    Can you also provide who is being held there that were not captured in some way trying to kill American troops at any time.

    You make many accusations with your OP but fail, as usual, to provide any links to show proof of what you are saying.

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  5. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Well, there is no such thing as “authorized media” in the USA. There are credible media sources and there are others that are not credible (e.g. Fox News & Company, BrietBart, et al.).

    Andy does make a number of unsubstantiated claims and appears to suffer from paranoid delusions. However, that doesn't make him different from a number of American conservative posters in this and many other forums or anyone involved in the American conservative/Republican entertainment industry or any number of Republican/conservative elected officials. In particular, he does seem to be fixated on mind control. However, he does bring up some good points. One, we are being controlled, manipulated. But the methods of manipulation thus far are far more conventional (e.g. advertising) than the ones he envisions. Powerful individuals and corporations spend billions annually trying to effect our behaviors. That is very real as opposed to secret military bases using some nondescript machinery to emit secret mind control waves or psychics attached to computers.

    As for torture, I guess that depends on what you mean by torture. If force feeding people counts as torture, then there is proof of torture, because the government admits to force feeding Gitmo prisoners.

    “John Bellinger, a senior legal official in the Bush administration, says the new administration miscalculated how difficult it would be to close Guantanamo.

    "I think part of it was that a number of officials in the administration had come to believe that a lot of innocent people were being held and that they could be released," Bellinger says, "[and those] remaining could be tried in federal court and that all this could be done easily in a year."

    But Bellinger says the Obama administration quickly learned that it wasn't so easy to transfer some of the roughly 240 prisoners still held at that time to their home countries — or even to third nations.

    A review by the Obama administration found that probably only two dozen of the detainees could be successfully prosecuted in a federal court, because of weak or little available evidence. They also found that about 50 prisoners were deemed too dangerous to ever release.

    At about the same time, says Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, Congress began pushing back on plans to move some of the detainees to prisons on the U.S. mainland.” - NPR
    Last edited: May 4, 2013
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  7. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

  8. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    Well thank you Andy for your proof! I see that others here have come to your aid by providing a few links that are only unsubstantiated allagations brought out by the hysterical news media. I will agree that there are people being given food that they do not want but it is to save their lives, not to harm them. So where is helping someone live a bad thing?
  9. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    LOL, “unsubstantiated”, that is very funny. There is nothing unsubstantiated about water boarding or the forced feeding of Gitmo prisoners. Just because you don’t like what credible media sources have to say or the actual people who ordered the waterboarding and the forced feedings have to say, it doesn’t mean their acts are any less real. First you wanted Andy to cite some “authorized media” sources. And now when confronted with credible media sources, you label them as “hysterical” - that is too funny my friend.

    Two, I take it you have never seen someone be force fed. I have, it is not pretty nor easy for those being force fed. It used to be standard medical practice for those individuals suffering from dementia and other medical ailments. Folks suffering from moderate to severe dementia don’t eat very well. They eventually die of complications related to starvation. Now, the forced feeding of dementia patients is not routine as it once was. It is a cruel act. When my aunt was placed in that predicament, and I had to make the decisions for her, I declined to have her force fed.

    Now, the American government is forcing feeding individuals who have deliberately chosen not to eat. We allow the medically infirm to make that decision, so why not prisoners? You are also forgetting the part about being innocent. The government by its own admission is holding people in Gitmo who are innocent. Sticking your head in the sand and calling credible media sources “hysterical” is not going to change reality.

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