Is God a mathematician ?

Discussion in 'Religion' started by Ted Grant II, May 19, 2017.

  1. Ted Grant II Registered Senior Member

    Newton was a very impressive chap who was the co-inventor of calculus and a lot more.
    At last we had a grand theory of everything (kinda) that convinced many that God was/is a mathematician, slightly better than Newton.

    So they looked in the Bible to try to find "evidence" to support this notion.
    "Go fourth and multiply" perhaps (sic).
    Some have found a value of pi in the Holy Writ, although, with not many decimal places.
    How about the book of Numbers ? That seemed promising.
    The name certainly put me off the book, as numbers are hard
    (read it - it's actually rather good fun and a little scary).

    Sadly, the Bible, or any other Holy Book is stony ground as regards mathematics.
    You will not find any proof of Poincare's Conjecture or Fermat's last theorem.

    Perhaps, when God was dictating the Bible, he knew the scribes were not up to it.
    However, what he could have said was something like this...

    "I've got some very useful information for you, to save a lot of time.
    You may not understand now, but write it down for later.
    The Earth is like a big ball and curved space-time keeps it orbiting around the sun.
    The sun is just another star in one of many galaxies in a finite but bounded universe.
    There is something that I will call "electricity". It's the movement of tiny charged particles.
    If you move a copper wire in a magnetic field, electricity will flow in the wire.
    I know that sounds complicated and esoteric, but work on it and you'll be amazed.
    By the way, lightning is electricity. If you attach a copper wire to the top of my house and
    stick the other end in the ground, the lightning will travel harmlessly into the ground.
    That will protect my house from damage during storms.
    Don't bother trying to cast out demons. It doesn't work.
    Disease is often caused by tiny little animals, not demons.
    Try making instruments to magnify small and big things.
    Do not burn anyone who disagrees with your opinions.
    Think about what I've told you and if you have any questions, ask !"
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  3. Michael 345 Valued Senior Member

    Funny that

    For a long time after the lightening rod was invented churches resisted having them installed on churches

    It took many years for scientists to convince the clergy to attach a lightning rod on the spire of St. Bride's Church in London, even though it had been destroyed by lightning several times. This resistance prompted the following letter from the president of Harvard University to Benjamin Franklin

    "How astonishing is the force of prejudice even in an age of so much knowledge and free inquiry. It is amazing to me, that after the full demonstration you have given, that they should even think of repairing that steeple without such conductors."

    The complete article is well worth reading

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  5. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Is God a mathematician ?

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    Maybe God is math, ergo abstract?
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  7. DrKrettin Registered Senior Member

    The Stoics believed that Zeus was the concept of rational thought, pervading the universe, so God is maths not far from the idea.

    Where John 1.1. states "In the beginning was the word", the Greek has "EN ARXH HN O LOGOS". Christians choose to translate LOGOS as "word" but it more commonly means "rational thought", so John starts off with Stoic beliefs which I think are perversely translated. In that context, "word" makes no sense to me, but "rational thought" does.
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  8. birch Valued Senior Member

    and this is the current block. physical illness can be caused by other parasitic animals but spiritual parasitic beings/entities can also affect you. this is what isn't seen physically.
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  9. Michael 345 Valued Senior Member

    Not seen because non existent

    If these non existent entities are affecting you

    it's all in your mind

    Non existent god does the same affecting the mind

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  10. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Indeed. I recall reading somewhere that Christianity is thought by some to be the product of Judaism combined with Greek philosophy. Can't recall the details.
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  11. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    No, the universe doesn't run on math, math describes the universe (imperfectly).
  12. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    You may think your religion is more sophisticated than mine, but still in the book of Genesis prokaryotes created the Heavens and the Earth in like 4 billion years.

    So suck it!

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  13. river

    Imperfectly to say the least .
  14. danshawen Valued Senior Member

    If G-d's reason were limited by the kind of self consistency characteristic of a symbolic system of logic,

    If the universe G-d is supposed to have created was incomplete in any sense of the word,

    If the infinite mind of a G-d needed a symbolic language to break down infinity into chunks managable by finite minds,

    Then G-d creating the mind of a mathematician would be pretty difficult to impossible with only those meager tools to work with, designed as they are for mathematicians with finite minds.

    So, the correct answer to the question "Is God a mathematician" is NO.

    That proposition for the mind of G-d would not only be a downgrade from omnipotent, omnipresent, and also omniconsistent as well as omnicomplete at the same time.

    And the final brick:

    If G-d was a mathematician, Gödel has already proven his existence to be a fraud.
  15. Michael 345 Valued Senior Member


    Just take the example of Adam and Eve

    Adam was created

    Number 1

    But you cannot do anything with a single one

    Enter Eve

    A slightly different 1

    Now you have 1+1=2

    You also have 1 into 1 equals another 1

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  16. StrangerInAStrangeLand SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member




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