Is freedom of speech (or any freedom for that matter) a bad thing?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by GRO$$, Oct 2, 2001.


Should I be allowed to and should I make a web site like this?

  1. Yes, you should (and allow others to) voice your (and their) opinions. Go for it!

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  2. No, this is wrong and you should not be allowed to make a site like this.

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  3. You should be allowed to do so, but it is morally wrong because it might hurt people's feelings.

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  1. GRO$$ Registered Senior Member

    Little story to start this idea with:

    I am, at the moment, am a Sophomore in HS. I had an idea some time ago about making a web site where people could express their opinions about teachers, classes, school sports/teams. After some debate about a site of this sort, I have been laughed at by some, thought a loser with too much time by others, encouraged by one or two, and discouraged on several grounds.

    Two of the most important discouragements have come from the school administration and... my mom

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    The school administration pressed the issue legally, pointing out that if i insult the school or any teacher in any way on the government can step in and bring down the site. I have send a letter to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), but have not gotten a response regarding the validity of this yet.

    My mom addressed the issue morally saying that teachers are very hard workers for a wage lower than a lot of other professions and so should not be insulted by ignorant teenagers.

    It is obvious that freedom of speech is a good idea, to an extent, but can cross the line. All i want to do is to allow people to express their opinion... Would this be crossing the line?

    Another thought: Absolute freedom is chaos, so is freedom of any kind bad?
    We have been taught from our earliest age that freedom is good, but is it? Keep an open mind

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  3. Alien Registered Senior Member

    I think freedom of speech is very important.
    I also think that one must be careful not to
    defame anyone although mostly this has only applied to people such as celebrities or someone who would be greatly damaged by defamation. If you post your opinions about a school or teachers who work there on a site
    it would be no different than putting the information in a book. You should be able to have a site to express opinions about a place that you attend. If the school takes down the site sue them. The government has shown us in the past that they can act outside the constitution and unfortunately cannot be sued
    atleast not very easily. If what you talk about is the truth and you are not making allegations against innocent people then you have the right to do so. People do it all the time. Don't let the school or big brother scare you after all they have not taken the firearms away from us although they would sure like too but its the Constitution which protects us it makes this country what it is.
    Good Luck and remember most great people were critisized and discouraged like Albert Eistein being told he was stupid and wouldn't amount to anything.
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  5. GRO$$ Registered Senior Member


    Thanks for the encouraging thought

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    I think i will start that site... i have always been questioning everything and challenging teachers. I like to bring up the example of the Big Bang, how i always argue in class that the teacher should not teach it as if it were fact because it is just a theory and has many flaws... hehe

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    I like to think myself a rebel i guess

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    About the web site though, i mean, if people can say whatever they want, they may say things that will hurt others and that they do not really mean...

    and finally... 21 views and 1 post and no votes? gimme a break guys... if u too lazy to reply, at least vote... gosh

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  7. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    Although ...

    I don't think this subject is appropriate for 'Science & Society' ... but I'll stick my $.02 in anyway.

    Speech is always 'free' ... I have yet to have anyone collect payment before letting me speak.

    It's the consequences, after one has spoken, that can be a bummer at times.

    So ... go off to the forest and talk to a tree ... or out in the desert and talk to yourself. Just don't decide to express your thoughts to someone else unless you're damned sure the person is of like mind (especially if the person can have a direct influence on your life).
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2001
  8. GRO$$ Registered Senior Member

    In other words...

    In other words suck up to the poeple taht are above u... i hate poeple who think like that. You must rebell against autority, test its integrity, try to prove it wrong. If its right, then you wont be able to. If you are, good for you.
  9. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    GRO$$ ...

    No, not 'suck up' ... just be circumspect.

    Getting your ass kicked or having someone try to kick your ass because of your taking an unpopular position, and voicing it, has nothing to do with sucking up. Already a number of people have been chastised, lost employment, or been publicly demonized for expressing an opinion contrary to the inane rhetoric of Dubya.

    I guess you're too young to have experienced the madness of the late '60's and early '70's and the public's response to 'long-hairs' and 'peace-nicks'. Not too different from the public's response to the Freedom Marchers a decade earlier.

    Again, "It's the consequences ... that can be a bummer at times."

    So long as you realize what the consequences may be, and are willing to accept them ... go for it!

    POI See
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2001
  10. GRO$$ Registered Senior Member

    Don't be different'?

    Are you saying its bad to be different and not follow the crowd? Excuse me, but I would much rather be Giordano Bruno and be excommunicated and burned alive for heresy than the other 1,000,000 teachers of his time that SUCKED UP, or, how did you put it... be circumspect... lol. I?m sorry, but they are now nothing but ... well, NOTHING. not even a memory of them remains. They died like Bruno, xept they were forgotten after 50 years of their death. Bruno will be remembered for quite awhile still...
    Yes.. but what about those that did follow rules and were famous? Well, they really don't stay that famous for that long... lets take the most famous person in history... Jesus... he was not very well accepted by society, or at least not before his death...
  11. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    Are you saying its bad to be different and not follow the crowd?


    I suggest you re-read what I have said.

    Essentially: If you're going to shoot off your mouth and express an unpopular opinion be aware that there may/will be consequences ... and be willing to accept them ... even if it means getting your ass kicked.

    Otherwise, discuss it with someone you know and trust ... or go and talk to a tree.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2001

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