Is "Education" Good for Our Children?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by TruthSeeker, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. leopold Valued Senior Member

    hmmm . . . are you sure you are being factual and true?
    teachers do not, as a rule, punish creativity.
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  3. sreeja Registered Member

    Yes education is essential for our children.But i cannot have the opinion that it meet their requirements ,needs etc.Our education consists of number of limitations.
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  5. Makaveli Registered Senior Member

    Well education is filled with flaws, we recognized that. But we must understand that we live in a credential society , so to my fellow students slowly accumulating school debts , get you credentials.

    I agree with the thread started however what happens after I drop out and become an entrepreneur and it fails? It might be wise to do both. Follow your dreams as well as have a safety net open to whatever comes along.
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  7. curioucity Unbelievable and odd Registered Senior Member


    In worst case scenario, I even think that education is more like obedience school than any way to bring the best of men. But that's worst case, because there are still some things I'm thankful for about school.
  8. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    That's what I'm doing. But most people would have to accumulate a lot of school debt instead of useful debt, like business debt. :shrug:
  9. Makaveli Registered Senior Member

    Truthseeker , what type of business are you involved in? And did you attend college ?
  10. sniffy Banned Banned

    Ha, education is wasted on the young!

    State/government education appears to be about (trying to) teach the brats the rudimentaries; reading, writing, arithmetic and how to get along. It's a one size fits all situation but it is relatively cheap. Unfortunately one size does not fit all and if you spend any time at all with children you can tell which are 'away with the fairies' and not suited to the system (quite a few!). But you know there are parents/guardians and other family members who should take some responsibility by encouraging their children to think, make their own decisions (within reason) and ask questions. Lots of them.....
  11. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    I'm an accountant. I have a diploma.
  12. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Yes, education is essential. If what you take from it is how to be a good employee, that's mostly your own fault.
  13. USS Exeter unamerican american Registered Senior Member

    I can definitly see where you are coming from, but children need to be educated since it is not like they will know what they want to do when they get older.
  14. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Huh??? You're talking about my profession here. The highest-quality non-military software on earth is videogames, and that's where those kids are concentrated.
    Yes indeed. They require so little of it that they're being automated. A hundred years ago agriculture was so labor intensive that it employed all but about 5% of the American population. Now it only employs about 5%. (And it's not because of imports, we're still basically self-sufficient.) Moving from place to place? Who does that any more? I have a computer and a telephone at home and I do most of my work here. In fifty years most people will only travel--locally or long distance--for socialization and recreation. Building houses... okay. But even that line of work is becoming less labor-intensive due to technology. Prefabricated building components, etc. We will always need a certain number of people to do hands-on physical labor, but their percentage of the population will continue to drop. "Knowledge work" will certainly predominate as the rest of the world catches up with the post-industrial era. Toffler was not the only person who saw that coming thirty years ago. All of us in I.T. knew what microcomputers were going to do to civilization within a couple of years of their introduction. Not the details, but certainly the trends.
    Nice clip! Thanks for turning us on to it. I didn't realize he was still working. Anyone who's read Toffler's first two books and my posts will see that I embrace his paradigms.

    Children still need formal education because much of education is history and it is still true that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. We do have to be wary of filling their heads with "obsoledge," but much of it is not so much obsolete as introductory. Every day we see the disastrous results of two generations of Americans not bothering to take arithmetic seriously because they had calculators: they are "innumerate." The whole sub-prime lending fiasco can be succinctly described as mathematically invalid products supplied to innumerate consumers by innumerate producers.
  15. Makaveli Registered Senior Member


    Is is possible that the knowledge you learned about business was obtain from the accounting aspect? If it wasn't for your experiences via the accounting rout would you be as prepared and successful ?

    Im not attacking , its just there are sides to every argument.
  16. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    And the secondrate stuff, that the kids did while thinking about video games, is running our corporations, designing our infrastructure, doing our books, processing our words, etc.

    It's as if we were driving cars designed by gearheads whose real love was racing them - - - wait a minute - - -
  17. Carcano Valued Senior Member

    I'm not quite sure what Toffler's message is. Is he advising that all the people who make the world go round just stop what theyre doing and live in a little virtual cubby him?

    Incredible his contempt for those who put bread in his mouth and a roof over his head...or sew his arm back on when he gets in a car accident.

    The clothes he wears are made by people too...he just cant see them because they happen to live on the opposite side of the planet.

    I have slightly less than ninety clients and I cant think of even one who can work entirely from home. They might do homework on their computer, but they still have to engage flesh and blood, bricks and mortar encounters with their boss, co-workers, students and customers.

    Few of them shop online...I do more of that myself, and they are FAR more mobile than the average of fifty years ago...esp. air travel for both business and pleasure.
  18. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Part of it. But there is a lot that the schools don't teach. And hose things they don't teach are crucial to your success as an entrepreneur. You see... they don't train you to become an entrepreneur at college, they train you to become an employee. Of course, I knew I could use my academic knowledge to succeed as an entrepreneur. Specially as an accountant. I chose accounting because it helps me create an abstract picture of any business and understand what the numbers mean. It's like I'm able to see how everything fits together. That's why I chose accounting. Well, one of the reasons. The other reason I chose it is because I want to erradicate world poverty, and I thought knowing a lot about how money works could be helpful.

    Sometimes academic knowledge is even distracting. But it does help, yes.

    No, that's fine. I like your questions.

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  19. takethewarhome midnatt klarhet Registered Senior Member

    There were things in my career as a public school student that were certainly lacking, but in light of those things, I feel that I was lucky as I had a chance to learn from some really brilliant teachers and also from some of my fellow students.

    If I have a vendetta with the education system, I would have to say it'd be about the way that some students aren't able to reach their full potential due to other [shall we say.. less-gifted individuals] getting in the way, disrupting things, discouraging others [the list could go on]..

    Whitewolf: 'For the love of God don't educate your children!'

    So.. what? You'd rather give rise to ignorant and morally bankrupt heathen children, especially in this age when education is everything? Right.
  20. Lord Hillyer Banned Banned

    Is education good for children? yes.

    Schooling? no.
  21. takethewarhome midnatt klarhet Registered Senior Member


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