Is anybody here bi or gay?

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Less Than Zero, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Less Than Zero -1 Registered Senior Member

    If so speak out and be heard, I have a lot of friends that are, but I'm not. I was just wanting to know if they would feel comfortable here.

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    I wanna know because they proclaim it on every forum site that they are on and get mixed feelings. So even if you're not tell me what you would think
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  3. Aborted_Fetus Bored Registered Senior Member

    I am a 21 year old male, and I find the idea, sight, and reference to any kind of intimacy with another male nauseating.

    Hey, if that's your kind of thing, I have no problem with it, but I really don't want any part of it.
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  5. Naomi [oxiglycodextrosium] Registered Senior Member

    In here? Considering how closeminded many of our members are, don't expect hearty cheers or e-cards.

    But then, I'm guessing the level of peabrained conservatives on this forum are pretty much average for a big forum, so I guess your friends would be comfortable here as well as any other place. At least this place isn't a Christian forum, right? See, I'm straight and you don't hear me gaybashing. There's one already. Encouraging, right?
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    (Does a lack of a title make this titless?)

    A poll that is still open and recording votes since July, 2004, currently offers the following breakdown:

    Among voting posters,
    • 9 gay (10.7%)
    • 62 heterosexual (73.8%)
    • 11 bisexual (13.1%)
    • 2 other (2.38%) who would have complained if there wasn't an "other" option on the poll​

    Voting in that poll remains private, however, so there's no risk to the closet.

    (I'm bisexual, by the way. Just to make sure I actually answer the topic.)

    • • •​

    I'm just curious how you feel about lesbians? After all, many homophobes, while they are like you nauseated at the notion of two men together, do enjoy the good ol' twin-sisters-with-tongues spreads in Hustler. (And, of course, also the non-incestuous dyke spreads in that and other similar magazines, videos, &c.)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2005
  8. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    I dont mind homosexuals.
  9. Jinoda Registered Senior Member

    I'm not gay, but I don't mind people that are. Although I too can't--or rather, don't want to--imagine myself with another man :/.
  10. ReighnStorm The Smoke that Thunders Registered Senior Member


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    I'm female and no I'm not a homosexual. The only problem I have with this is it would have been better for them to just join instead of announcing it first. It kinda gives a preconceived idea about your friends before a first impression could be made. Alot of the hot topics on this website are based homosexuality. I think things good get pretty ugly in here, but hey the more the merrier.
  11. Chatha big brown was screwed up Registered Senior Member

    LOL I don't have anything against homosexuals.However there are some repulsive ones. A lot of great men and women were Homos. What I don't understand is why it is okay for women to be homos but very wrong for men. I think these people are people who do things their own way just as heterous do theirs. All in all I think they are childish, at least sexually.
  12. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I do not care if someone ist bi- or homosexual, there are worse things, like being a christian or something like that...
  13. Naomi [oxiglycodextrosium] Registered Senior Member

    Ah, but here's the catch.

    As long as they sneak in here one by one, and don't openly wave around their sexuality like a flag, or mention that they came to Sciforums at your (Less than Zero) prompting and just post like normal people, we'd never notice.

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    Tricky, tricky, yes? If they're smart, they'd do that to avoid the preconceived ideas. They're fine as long as they aren't announced as the "folks Less than Zero introduced to SF".
  14. bbcboy Recovering christian Registered Senior Member

    You know the old saying... 'There's always one'?


    And the thing that gets me really angry is acceptance. I know this may sound like a contradiction but the problem I have with people being so vocal about their acceptance of my sexuality is that those same people seem to assume I in some way NEED it or that other Gay people need it.

    How would it seem if I started each thread on straight relationship issues with.
    'I don't mind straights but...'

    Yes I can see the arguements around 'Society's stigma and its overcoming' and 'Hasn't the gay movement made life easier for us all?' just as well as I understand and RESPECT those strong enough to say they hate me. (while I know these people to be small minded enough to post such an opinion without ever saying so much as hello!)

    When will you guys realise we are all just people, all just trying to get along, all just hoping to get thru life without fucking it up too much!

    I am gay.
    I do not dwell in a closet or any other bedroom furniture for that matter.
    I work in a prison amongst all manner of life's drudge they do not scare me.
    I do not feel the need to be proud is it irrelevent.
    I do not feel the need to be accepted it is beyond your duresdiction.
    I do not require your understanding because I am an individual and not a minority.
    You are not my keeper, you are not my judge and you are most certainly not my conscience.

    Apart from all that I'm having a lovely day and absolutely nothing around me is pink!!

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  15. My Sexy Blue Feet Out sunbaking, leave a msg... Registered Senior Member

    My friend is gay and personally i don't care. Sometimes you get someone who thinks that they are better than a straight person, or like they should be treated better than someone more average, and that's annoying, but that's just like race, religion, gender.
  16. duendy Registered Senior Member

    ohhhh...u po sweet thang. come over here sweet sweet boy, and let me stroke you some
  17. Tezcatlipoca's Hat Used Registrar Registered Senior Member

    As I'm sure I mentioned elsewhere on this forum, I am a lesbian.

    (Although there's an excellent chance I've mentioned it other places as well. Thanksgiving dinner 1997, anyone? "Dad, could you pass the sweet potatoes? Oh, and by the way, Amy's not my roommate, she's my girlfriend. Dad? Oh, great. Somebody get the defibrillator!")

    I try not to let my sexual orientation become the primary definition of who I am, but it's difficult sometimes to escape the boxes in which others would like to place you, especially since I am a latina as well as a lesbian. There's this assumption that I'm at home watching Ellen en español when I'm not out salsa dancing with a fruit basket on my head. Sigh.

    That said, I bear no one any ill will, regardless of politics, creed or religious affiliation. Well, except for that one guy in accounting who keeps leaving me pamphlets on the evils of homosexuality, and I only dislike him because of the way he usually tosses them on the desk when I'm out, so that they land in my tea or knock over my cup o' soup. It's like a drive-by proselytizing.

    "Vrrrrroooooooooom...."Repent, sinner!....oops!" <SPLASH!>"

    I admire his persistence, but he's got to work on that aim of his.

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  18. Jinoda Registered Senior Member

    I don't mean to quote you specifically tezcatlipoca's hat, but you are just the last poster.

    I think the strangest thing is that everyone talks about being accepting regardless of one's "creed" or "religious affiliation", but Christians seem to be the most hated group of people around (this forum included; see Dreamwalker's post above).

    If you can be sexually attracted to someone of the same sex, then surely I can believe in the existence of God?
  19. Tezcatlipoca's Hat Used Registrar Registered Senior Member


    Hey, I believe in the existence of God, too. I hope I didn't imply that I didn't (or that belief in God is a bad or erroneous thing!). No, no, I'm very pro-God, and, come to think of it, Pro-Jesus, even though my friends in the Mexica movement say Jesus is a white man's religion and I should cast it off. Like the baby bird who imprints on the first thing she sees, I was indocrinated as a tot. It is nigh-on impossible for me to even conceive of ditching God and Jesus, even if it does piss off the old gods. Tezcatlipoca's just gonna have to be content with the "shout out" in my user name.

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    I don't hate Christians, nor do I think Christianity is a bad thing. While I am most inclined to check the "spiritual but not religious" box on survey forms, I think that if I were to embrace an organized religion, it would be Christianity. Given the strict and highly selective interpretation of Christian texts by most (?) Christians, however, I find myself excluded from that option by most of that faith's followers.

    Really, I think the problem that most people (at least those who have problems with Christianity) have with the religion (and, by extension, its adherents) is the perception that the tenets of the faith are capriciously and self-servingly applied by some (and let me stress this: some, not all!) Christians. Most of the Christians I encounter on a daily basis are great examples of lives lived by the tenets of their faith, but it seems to me that the most vociferous ones, the most gratingly intolerant and willfully ignorant of "Christians" are the ones who get not only the most attention, but who also remain the longest in the minds of their "foes" as examples of what a "Christian" is.

    Please note that I'm not applying this definition to you, Jinoda, as you clearly had no malevolent intent with your post. I apologize if I was unclear in my earlier post.
  20. Naomi [oxiglycodextrosium] Registered Senior Member

    Speaking of creed, has anyone tried meditating to a mala? There's something very comforting about sitting in silence with a necklace or bracelet of large wooden beads in your hand. Feeling those beads is so soothing.

    If you're a Christian, you have your own in the form of the Christian rosary. Using it might be very calming. Especially if you're an Angry Conservative Christian Vigilante(TM).
  21. bbcboy Recovering christian Registered Senior Member

    Isn't it funny the way gay/straight forums always get around to religion?
    You guts are free to kneel in front of who you want.
    For me Brad Pitt gets it every time!

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  22. Yorda Registered Senior Member

    This is a place for discussing 'intelligent' things. If you want a boy or girlfriend, go out. What your sexuality is, what sex you are, what you look like, what you do, what you want, what you are, doesn't matter. If you want to feel comfortable, don't talk about yourself. If someone's talking shit, don't comment it, just ignore it. Don't repeat a thing said.. only what you've observed.
  23. Jinoda Registered Senior Member

    Yeah err, sorry about that, it was just fresh on my mind, and whenever I say I'm a Christian people automatically assume I'm an "Angry Conservative Christian Vigilante™"

    Oh, and I never meant to direct anything at you tezcatlipoca's hat (that's why I mentioned that you just happened to be the latest person to say the whole "creed, religion, belief", thing).

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