"Intuitive Cosmology"

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by DW Robertson, Apr 7, 2000.

  1. DW Robertson Registered Member

    Hi all-

    I'm a writer on a variety of topics, including both cosmology and humor. I've read through enough of the board to see great interest in cosmology, interests similar to my own now thirty years strong.

    Ironically, those younger thinkers who ponder the nature of the cosmos are making many of the same mistakes all thinkers make. They don't realize just how short their lives are.
    At fifty, I can tell you, all your lives are very short indeed, as has been mine. All our lives are so short, in fact, I cannot begin to understand where the idea that with age comes wisdom.

    Our lives are so short there cannot be enough time to gather much wisdom we should accord to age. Wisdom comes from humility, the humility of having made many, many mistakes.

    I've written a book entitled "Intuitive Cosmology, Some Predictions" this past year. It is based partly upon my own experience making mistakes and partly on the mistakes made throughout the history of this science, and there have been plenty. I've observed from these mistakes and their consequence, it is possible to feret out some of the mistakes current cosmologists are making today, and, even to provide insight into the truth we all seek.

    My book is no doubt pseudoscience, mere speculation by an author who carries no academic or scholarly credentials in cosmology, (I a got a "B" in 1968 in the one astronomy course I took with Professor Ira Saltzman at UMass/Boston, and from there I never took a degree.) Still, you might find it interesting, thought provoking, or simply humorous.

    It's a quick read, in which I predict, 1) that in twenty years the known universe will be a trillion-trillion times larger than it is today (with the historical perspective in mind this is a good bet), I also predict the existence and nature of the black matter missing in our universe, (this matter is known to exist but has thus far been undiscovered. It amounts to as much as 98% of the matter of the in the universe) I also predict the route that this science will take over the next ten years, (it will become a search for the limits of electromagnetic waves, (e.g., how short they can be and how long they can be).

    Anyway, the book is for sale $5 with a money back guaranty and is available only in digital format. That means I send it to you as an email attachment in MicroSoft Write format, almost plain ASCII and easily imported into most word processors. (I actually send it before you pay. So, that's a pretty good guaranty.)

    You can find "Intuitive Cosmology" at the following YahooAuctions web page: http://auctions.yahoo.com/user/dwrobertson_2000
    along with some of my other works.

    And for those who like to read humor, my own web page, "Maine Before Dawn - Maine's Best News Source" is at: http://www.geocities.com/mainebeforedawn/

    My very best to all of you. Keep expanding your minds. Cosmology rules!

    Don Robertson
    Perham, Maine
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  3. paul defourneaux Registered Senior Member

    Dear Rob,
    I have read your topic and find your predictions to be quite accurate.Have you by chance ever read the Urantia book?They speak of many of the same things which you talk of.The dark matter which you discussed does exist and in very large quanities.It is properly known as dark bodies of gravity.They help to regulate this universe we live in and all the others also.If you wish to know more go to www.urantia.org .Or you can write me at www.machiaventa@aol.com .
    There is much I would like to discuss with you in the future if you have the time.I have posted three topics on this site and only had a few responses.Check out general astronomy,The answer to all your questions about the universe.There are some good links I posted in the response section to the post.

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