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Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by Xmo1, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Xmo1 Registered Senior Member

    If I'm looking for information, and what I get is an advertisement I immediately click on the little x. Why? They are adding connections to my network slowing down everything else using bandwidth. Most times 90 percent of the page is useless. There is so much garbage on the page that it does not work properly, because it's continuously waiting for new ads to load. The page pops up and down making the material unreadable. Businesses who do this -- you are toying with your future. If your revenues are trending down, if your page views are trending down - this may be the key reason. There are plenty of sources for information today, so people are not tied any one source. No one has time for this crap, and I encourage everyone to use the little x on the browser.

    The same thing happened with 'TV' aka network programming. 10 minutes of content - 20 minutes of commercials. They convinced themselves that what they were doing was the right way to go. Now it's not much more than a babysitter. When I became literate enough to recognize how they manipulate the language, images, and sounds to convey a message that has nothing to do with their content I stopped using televised network programming (years ago). I won't stop using the Internet, but I don't use, wsj, christian science monitor, cnn, and just dozens of other sources that I used to hold dear (as truthful, informative, and available). So neither do I view their advertising, or buy their products and services. You want to wrap your business with your fantasies - be my guest, but I for one am finding other sources.
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Yup. It's a fine balance between getting your attention and pissing you off. Such is advertizing.

    It always advances slowly. Once you get used to a certain method, they'll change it up.
    Nowadays, I tolerate (barely, loudly, but still tolerate) ads during my TV program that fill a third of the screen with jumping, hopping logos and characters.

    They make their money while they can. A disruptive technology will come along soon enough to put them out of business if they do not change their techniques to the next way to get our attention.

    And remember, there's always the subscription option - it's a win-win. They will be only too happy to take away all the ads, if you will just give them your money directly.
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