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Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by nicholas1M7, May 9, 2007.

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    Sad feelings lead to sad thinking
    Impulsive feelings lead to impulsive thinking (something I am presently experiencing)
    Lazy feelings lead to lazy thinking
    [insert feelings] lead to [insert same thinking].
    Whatever is in us or whatever we feel we tend to believe in and as a result of believing a specific feeling, our thoughts are formed around that feeling and become our words and actions.

    It would seem that at birth we experience our true intended freedom of expression before society placed limits on us. We should never form extreme beliefs because, if you think of beliefs as walls, it blocks our ability to think freely and more impulsively. As those walls block our thoughts, they also block our reason and thus our action. Since all intended action stems from reason. A person who's actions can be trusted 100% should be 100% free as opposed to us. This is why we must try to control our natural physiological actions as opposed to having it effect us.

    We must view things as a whole as opposed to creating single labels for entire concepts. Such as the obvious, "bad", "good", "wrong", "right", and the not-so-obvious, "situation", "non-situation", "correct thought", "incorrect thought", "lazy", "non-lazy", "visualization", "non-visualization, "his", "non-his", "her's", "his". Because in pursuing these labels mentally, we set up yet further psychological walls that block thinking paths.

    The blank-slate assumes we have nothing of relevance in our brains, not only walls and their corresponding labels and concepts. But this is wrong (yes, I may use the word, but that does not mean I have to believe it myself, I only require that you believe it, as to believe is not just knowing, but shrouding in emotion and mysticism).

    Empirical reasoning (reasoning from experience) is believed in. We must believe in absolutely nothing. That way we begin to truly know and from that, reason, as opposed to believing then reasoning. We also need not shroud belief in emotion by just believing. We do that ourselves, not our hearts. Take 100% responsibility for your actions, and only then can we believe in ourselves. The ego is a creation of external and artificial stimuli. We should never feed it. By either ignoring it or completely driving it out, can we then become "altruistic" or non self-centric. At the present moment I have broken down some of those walls. The only way they will come back is if you put them back up yourself. Then you'll have a reason not to trust yourself.

    Now excuse me. I must attend to further things of absolute (and I mean absolute) necessity (even though everything is already a necessity of equal importance, to which we foolishly assign labels to).
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    This is pointless
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    Please use paragraphs, hardly anyone is going to read such a block of writing, edit now please.
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