independent study, conservation violation and dark energy

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    This is not just a post reporting a science news article, but I get into an informative discussion below, something that appears to be appreciated by members here.

    An independent study that links energy conservation violation with dark energy, very similar to my own investigations. How do you define the leakage of energy in a universe? I claim energy doesn't leak from the universe, but a lot of it went towards a rotational property of the universe which has since decayed.

    for more information on my own approach, take a look through

    Conservation violation can also explain the problematics of a Wheeler de Witt equation and could solve the problem of time!

    Let me explain

    Does conservation exist in relativity?

    The short answer, is yes and no. The long answer hits snags and complicates the discussion and whether there is a conservation or isn't, becomes tenebrous.

    First of all, what does the physicist mean when they talk about energy conservation? In regards to general relativity, this may be discussed in quite a number of ways, one of the most popular explanations of conservation principles, comes from Noether's theorem.

    Neother's theorem is about continuous translations over spacetime. To do this with energy, however, to see how it conserves, requires its conjugate of time. Now this is a big issue for cosmology, because... there is no global time in general relativity.

    See, the way in which evolution happens in general relativity, is not actually generated by a time variable. Such an evolution, actually depends on difficult mathematics called diffeomorphism invariances which in a way, attempt to shuffle space coordinates freely. Thus, physicists say, motion is generated by a symmetry of the theory, it isn't actually a true time evolution. We will come back to this: The absence of time is taken on as a special feature of a quantum gravity equation known as the Wheeler deWitt equation.

    Well that's interesting isn't it?

    However, things only become complicated when I begin to tell you that general relativity contains two kinds of conservation equations. The most obvious one, is the de Sitter space solution of Friedmann's equations for cosmological expansion. Many physicists consider the general statement of the Friedmann equation as a conservation principle, which wouldn't be far wrong, because the equation does indeed conserve energy as the universe expands, which in previous work I have stated, was always an unfounded assumption.

    Such a conservation happens because the universe is generally modeled as an adiabatic system (which means, it is a system which has no energy or heat that enters or leaves the system). This brings me back to the Wheeler deWitt equation (WDW) because in many ways, the resulting quantum gravity equation which Wheeler needed help quantizing back in the 60's, is a type of statement about conservation as well. It is no surprise, a universe with no internal changes would give rise to a static equation such as the WDW equation. You can only get change (and thus) perhaps a sense of time, if there was in fact some kind of conservation breakdown in a universe, such as an energy conservation breakdown.

    So the jury may be out on this one, time may exist, energy conservation might exist, but equally, both could be a persistent problem for physics - general relativity doesn't actually make a statement in itself about conservation, only that it doesn't possess one. Whether one takes this to be the case of it being absent, is left to the reader.

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  3. SimonsCat Registered Member

    And while I say it was unfounded by Friedmann to assume this, it probably wasn't all too unfounded, because it was generally believed that the universe is a closed system, so if the universe is adiabatic, how can energy enter or leave a system? Truth be told, we no longer need an outside to a universe to actually vary the energy inside of it.
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