[IMPA] International Military Peace Alliance

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    This Idea of IMPA I have never heard as a working name in politics. I am much of a novice in the realm of politics. I do sort of believe that the decrease in language differential has brought difference and success. Perhaps if politicians worked simply with the subject of language differential militancy's of social and political regard would achieve greater evolutional position. What is a 'social militancy' one might ask, social militancy is what the government is providing for the people and awareness of corporate influence.

    Heah ha word origin interests me mill grain and make beer,
    millions of people
    interest, teaching international association...
    hee hee the great wars of reducing language differential..,

    what is language differential one might ?ask.. such sounds like human, integral and cultural sciences.

    what are others positive opinions or ideas of political evolution/progress, anyone think IMPA is a neat idea? for [IAP]-international armistice peace
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