"I'm not afraid of anything"

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by shana, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. shana Registered Member

    Nah, everyone IS afraid of something (even all you macho guys out there). But, maybe we don't need to be afraid of anything. People only fear what they can't explain, such as death. People fear death, that's what all fear is based on. People are afraid of ghosts, because ghosts are dead, and we don't want the same fate. People fear hights, because the fear of falling and dying. People fear people with power, because you don't want to ge hurt, do you??

    Everyone's probably been told this hundreds of times, but face your fears, you have nothing to be afraid of. Live every day like it's your first, enjoy and experience everything with all your senses (if possible). PLEASE EVERYONE HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
    Go somewhere with good friends do something ridiculous, and laugh until you hurl, man!

    have a great time!!


    even though i don't know everyone in the world- I LOVE u ALL!!

    *the only thing that makes me happy is seeing everyone else happy, then my life is complete*
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  3. JEHOVAH Realize &amp; announce truth. Registered Member

    sHANA, THE sNAKE cHARMER>>>>>>>>>>.......

    Tried three times so far, to respond to this.................god knows i've tried!

    hmmmmmmmmmmm......scratches t_ass_a....... Ask Mr. Boris. The only way to the center of the tootsie............pop!

    live long & spread your genes/////////
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  5. jimtranspersonal Registered Member

    Actually I'm responding to your question regarding 6th sense. Actaully the development of psychic abilities have been documented for hundreds of years with many spiritual practices (meditations). Our western culture tend to look at this as strange but it is something that all of us have to varying degrees. Mnay cultures don't see any great mystery to this but just something that is normally to be experienced and cherished.
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  7. AUSSIEABORIGINAL Abnormally original Registered Senior Member


    So what is your question....Sir? Can you be more specific?

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  8. xfilesfan Registered Member

    well my worst fear when i was a youngster was going to sleep and not being able to wake up, i always thought if i went to sleep i would never wake up.

    But now my worst fear now is knowing a asteroid could smack into us and kill us all and we wouldnt even see it coming until it would be to late to do anything. But its not like it consumes my life or anything.


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