Ige Age Within A Decade

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Canuckanuck, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. Canuckanuck Registered Member

    This article, written by Dr. Robert B. Gagosian (President and Director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), describes how with a little global warming, we can very realistically expect a global ice age within a decade's time.

    Extremely interesting reading!

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  3. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    ige age? the age of ige?

    Anyway, i know what you mean. An ice age isnt so bad. We would only lose everything north of new york. Move south (or north if you are in the other hemisphere)
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  5. Canuckanuck Registered Member

    Lol! Ige Age... It took me a couple re-reads of your words to figure out my error...

    While only areas north of NY would be wiped out, that's a rather undesirable outcome for most Canadians...

    Funny, it reminds me of something my first-year geology professor suggested. That to cure our problem with storing radioactive waste from our nuclear power plants, we just line up the drums along the Canada/US border, and wait for the next glacier to come by and sweep them all south!

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    Seriously though, I wouldn't like the new ice age too much because my severe addiction to motorcycling would be hampered. Well, the snowmobile makers would be happy!
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  7. UberDragon The Freak at the Computer Registered Senior Member

    I think it would be neat if, when the glaciers move across the land and destroy everything that it rolls over, our government (or Shadow Government) carved out a network of caverns into the ice and for thousands of years the human race lived in the glaciers. That would be so cool!!
  8. Canuckanuck Registered Member

    Cold beer forever!
  9. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    The link does not appear to work at the moment.

    An ice age does not just happen overnight. And ten years is not even overnight, in geologic terms - it's more like the blink of an eye. Does the author envision glaciers marching rapidly south, or is ten years the start? And how do you define the beginning of an ice age?

  10. shinobi Junior Member Registered Senior Member

    The link is working now.

    Here's an extract:

    When I say “dramatic,” I mean: Average winter temperatures could drop by 5 degrees Fahrenheit over much of the United States, and by 10 degrees in the northeastern United States and in Europe. That’s enough to send mountain glaciers advancing down from the Alps. To freeze rivers and harbors and bind North Atlantic shipping lanes in ice.

    And when I say “abrupt,” I mean: These changes could happen within a decade, and they could persist for hundreds of years. You could see the changes in your lifetime, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be confronting them.

    And when I say “soon,” I mean: In just the past year, we have seen ominous signs that we may be headed toward a potentially dangerous threshold. If we cross it, Earth’s climate could switch gears and jump very rapidly—not gradually— into a completely different mode of operation.
  11. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    Glaciers have been known to mave at walking speed for short distances but more often go at a few feet a day.

    An Ice age may start in ten years but it will be 100 before anyone notices. (unless you are in for northern canida or by the rockey mts: glaciers also grow from mountain peaks)
  12. xandrique moniqueface Registered Senior Member


    At first I thought this was going to be frightening, but I learned that it is really boring and long...

    This part kind of worries me though. What are we supposed to do about this? I can't even imagine how we could prevent it.
  13. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    100 Mb of information doesn't mean the information is correct

    not so long ago one guy had 1000s of images to prove that a Cosmic confederation of planets of Light powers exists
    for the others- I'm talking about Martin here
  14. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    They are experts because they have read the works of others? Wouldn't they know more by conducting research themselves? It is you who came here boasting of your 100meg "proof" - why don't you link to it and we'll have a look.

    :m: Peace.

    By the way, it's spelled "Oeschger" - let's hope your proof pays more attention to detail
  15. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Well... pick any one of your suppositions and run with it.

    :m: Peace.
  16. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    I am not going to plow through web pages. You said you had proof, so you can certainly supply specifics. Where is the proof from your hard drive? This is not a class homework assignment for me. If you are not interested in discussing this in a straightforward manner, don't expect addition participation from me.

    I attentively await your decision.

    :m: Peace.
  17. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Not really, as the members here would certainly cross-check what you posted.

    I did, in fact, access the site so I don't really understand that part of your post. What I am saying, is: post your proof. Post your graph and explain why you feel it supports you position, including other relevant data. We can then read and do our own investigation as to its level of accuracy.

    :m: Peace.
  18. NileQueen Registered Senior Member

    I believe that appetizer was too rich for this party

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  19. Slacker47 Paint it Black Registered Senior Member

    solar power is the way.. my teacher was telling me that energy conservationists were planning on using trash for energy resources.... i dont see how that would help considering that amount of pollution. Go with the sun
  20. Eman Resu Registered Senior Member

    Not sure just how an Ice Age happens or what it entails but one question piques my interest: IF an Ice Age means that all of the available frozen water (glaciers, etc.) were to melt, flood the planet and subsequently freeze over how much would that raise global sea levels?

    Maybe we need to start building some immobile submarines disguised as houses ...
  21. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    Back to the topic

    Well, it seems that, as usual, somebody starts a topic about “chewin-gum” and then somebody starts discussing about “pianos”. And, what is much worse, everybody gets caught in the attempt to destroy the other guy’s posts, trying to make the guy look as a fool. Let’s go back to the beginning, please.

    What the president of the Woods Hole Institution is saying, can be summarized by: “1) Global warming can trigger an Ice Age.
    2) If we want to avoid the ice age, then we must cool the atmosphere.

    As a cool atmosphere is characteristic of ice Ages, we can expect an Ice Age onset if the atmosphere starts cooling more than usual. It has happened before, with the so called “Medieval Little Ace Age” (1250 AD-1840 AD, give or take a few decades).

    As Earth climate warmed between 850 AD to 1250 AD about 2°C above present temperatures (without the Apocalyptic events predicted for our present warming), it seems quite plausible that a warming can lead us to an Ice Age, at least, a short one as the Medieval Ice Age. But, who knows for sure? As warm periods follow cold periods (being the cold ones much, much longer than the warm ones), there seems that these changes in climate are <b>something natural</b> –hence, <b>unavoidable</b>. As Alfred Neumann (MAD) says: <b>“What, Me worry?”</b>

    A step further, the current hype about Global ]Warming, is about the catastrophic consequences the <b>warmth</b> will have on mankind, not the <b>cold</b>. So now comes these people saying, as Chicken Little: <I>“The sky will fall if we keep warming the Earth”</I> Who’s warming the Earth? <b>WE?</b> Are you nuts? Where are the proofs, the evidence? Computer Models are the evidence? Satellite measurements tell otherwise. No warming trend –just a slight cooling trend.

    Of course, the guy at the Woods Hole have an axe to grind, and that is <b>more money (government) for research</b>. Politicians are stingy, as we know (not with regard to their own spending, of course) but for giving money away that could be of public benefit. They only way to make them open their pockets (pardon me, <b>OUR pockets</b>), is to scare them enough. The old trick of putting a gun on someone’s skull saying: “gimme your wallet”.

    So, at the end of the long, long and boring article, here comes the truth: <I>“One of my colleagues at Woods Hole, Terry Joyce, put it this way: “I’m in the dark as to how close to an edge or transition to a new ocean and climate regime we might be,” he said. “But I know which way we are walking. We are walking toward the cliff.”</I>

    If he doesn’t know where he is standing, how can he tell in which direction he is heading? He is in the dark, he said it… Nonsense.

    Good. The old trick of the gun pointed at our skulls. But, as this could not be scary enough, the author adds the cherry on top: <I>“To that sentiment, I would add this: We are walking toward the edge of a cliff—<b>blindfolded</b>. Our ability to understand the potential for future abrupt changes in climate is limited by our lack of understanding of the processes that control them. Maybe over the edge of the cliff, there’s just a three-inch drop-off. Or maybe there’s a big, fluffy bed full of pillows. My worry is that we are indeed approaching this cliff blindfolded. Are you comfortable and secure with this scenario?”</I>

    <b>Yes, I am.</b> His <I>“lack of understanding of the processes that control them”</I>, does not deter him from scaring people with the Global Warming scare, trying to push an idiotic Kyoto Treaty that will have really catastrophic consequences on mankind. But they don’t care, as long as they get the money for research (and food, clothes, rent, SUVs, holidays in Bermuda, etc); they don’t care if the poorest countries and their starving people go to hell. <I>“We’ll be better off without them”.</I>

    And do you know why they don’t care? Because they know global Warming <b>is not happening</b>, on the contrary, the reverse seems to be occurring. And because they know about this, they are anticipating the events: <I>“See, we told you that if we kept warming the atmosphere, an Ice Age would develop”</I>. <b>Bullshit.</b> They recognize their ignorance and build all their scary stories on top of that ignorance. Luckily, there still are people and scientists with brains, that are not fooled by these scaremongers.
  22. Hesomagari Registered Senior Member

    Who said that the message about ice age was a recent one?

    Anyone here read The sixth Winter by Douglas Orgill & John Gribbin?

    It was written in 1979.

    He also wrote Forecasts, Famines and Freezes, Galaxy Formation, Astronomy for the Amateur, Our changing Universe, Our changing Planet, White Holes, The Climatic Threat, This shaking earth etc...

    and has been saying this ( about the coming ice age) for decades.

    Not to mention Hammaker and Weaver, though they were silly in trying to "predict" a year or time.....

    And there are quite a few others over the decades that no-one listens to, because its not the "in" thing to do. Global warming rules....

    After all, anyone who thinks a little differently from the party line, has got to be totally stupid, right???

    Just like Marconi was. To all his peers, the elite, and eminent scientists of his day.
  23. Hesomagari Registered Senior Member

    Staying on topic.

    Topic heading.

    Have you read "The Sixth Winter (Orgill & Gribbin) or The Survival of Civilization" (Hamaker and Weaver).

    If so, what are your thoughts on the science behind them?

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