IF Nazi, Germany .....

Discussion in 'History' started by R1D2, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Sorcerer Put a Spell on you Registered Senior Member

    Excellent. One less.
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  3. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    We would all be living under fascism now. So... nothing would change.
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  5. Arne Saknussemm trying to figure it all out Valued Senior Member

    I think you're on to something there, Spidey. It's like years ago, all the pseudo-intellectual stuffed shirts were saying that The Soviet Union and The United States would become more and more alike. I think they assumed America would become more socialistic, and the Soviets more democratic. Woohoo! Their prophecy came true, but in ways they never imagined. Russia is dominated my organized crime, Mafia in head to toe Armani and a shadowy capitalism thrives. Meanwhile these United States have become utterly fascistic in a way that does old Uncle Adolph proud.

    And let's not forget George Orwell, and his '1984'. He is not as popular and well known as he once was. However, in his native Burma he is still renowned and referred to as 'The Prophet". There's something to think about.

    n.b. 1. Although Eric Blair (Orwell) is a Caucasian, British citizen, he was indeed born in Burma. 2."Myanmar" is the name the ruling junta of Burma came up with to placate a large ethnic group in that country subsequent to their slaughtering a good deal of them.
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    We would not have Godwin's Law of Internet Discussions.
  8. Killjoy Propelling The Farce!! Valued Senior Member

    I have it on good authority - from somewhere in the back of my mind, frankly, but that's neither here nor there - that the end would have looked something like this:

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