I want people to die.

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by alexb123, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    At least, you've tried to analyse.

    a.) When I say, heterosexuality is unnatural, I don't mean male-female sex or sexual desire is unnatural. You should have known, you've read many of my posts that are now merged into 'heterosexuality is unnatural'.

    Yes, men do have a sexual attraction for women. But they also have a sexual attraction for men. What most men do not have is an emotional attraction for women and the capacity and need to have relationships. To put it in words you can understand.

    b.) This sexual attraction for women is way to exaggerated by the society. When you block men away from their sexual need for men, they become totally dependant on sexual need for women. But most of the time when men show their interest in women, it is meant to buy them power or it is an assertion of their power/ social masculinity, and does not correspond to the actual intensity of their opposite sex feelings.

    c.) Pornography, whether on internet or in person has a tremendous 'social masculinity' value for men. I don't buy the fact that men are ashamed to look at or possess such pornography. Certainly not in the west. Even in my society, where most men do not have access to internet, most men proudly use porn as a power statement (which foreshadows the intrinsic value of such porn, which is undoubtedly there!). It's a great 'bonding' thing when men meet. And a great way to show that you have a sexual interest in women (iin my country there is no heterosexual identity).

    Men may want to hide pornography from parents and stuff, but that is hardly a problem.
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  3. URI IMU Registered Senior Member

    >> Therefore the more people that die the more chance we will ALL have long-term. >>>

    sorry to say the Earth is way past the point of no return.

    Therefore if you are Christian, be prepared to meet thy maker

    if you are a realistic person

    LIFE can never die, and YOU (a genetic formula) will therefore never 'die'...

    so stop worrying

    I lament that WE can not go on and keep on growing after seeding, and LIFE here could be a perennial super-organism instead of, as it appears it will be, and annual super-organism.
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  5. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Just give a thought to why a person is forced to go through so much trouble to be 'heterosexual', when 'homosexuality' is acceptable in the west. He can easily be gay, move to a gay neighbourhood and live happily --- if 'gay' indeed represents all needs for same-sex bonds. There is enough in the west of 'gay' to last one lifetime.

    You'll agree that the sexual drive is very strong in human beings, perhaps the strongest after hunger. Then what forces that man to go against his nature, suppress his actual needs and pretend to be heterosexual. I'm sure you can understand that it won't be the easiest thing to do.

    Perhpas, gender orientation is much more important than sexual orientation, and a much more basic need than sexuality.

    Perhaps you can appreciate that 'social masculinity' is indeed a matter of life and death for naturally masculine gendered men. So much so that they will even go against their strongest drives to achieve/ maintain their 'social masculinity'.

    What you've presented is an extreme case, where the man had perhaps an exclusive need for men, and he actually 'came out'. The thing with most straight men is that THEY CAN ALSO DO IT WITH WOMEN, and they use it as their hanging point on the 'straight' identity --- by exaggerating and building on it.
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  7. Present BAMF Registered Senior Member

    yes but at this time it's the masses, (the lower class) that allow for humanity to continue its progress.

    the common folk are the machine that keeps us thriving. they work the less glamorous jobs that keep humanity progressing towards a time where there will be no difference in the quality of life of the rich and poor.

    and until we reach that apex of humanity where there won't be 'rich' or 'poor' (rather foolish and wise)the lower classes will continue to be essential.

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