i need phsycological help..

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by NMSquirrel, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    i know how that reads..but that is not my question,that is another issue..

    what i am looking for is a psychologist/psychiatrist whichever applies, to validate some premises/observations i have..
    i think i have some valid arguments for why ppl do the things they do..

    what i am truly looking for is someone to help me write a book..a co-author..as i am not a psychologist, i only have my observations, and my thoughts/observations are disorganized..i need a professional psychologist,to help with the details, as a professional would know more of the data and references than i would..
    i have written most of my observations here on sciforums and tend to get criticized by the nonprofessionals which does not help me to clarify/condense/expand my observations.

    most of what i observe i do not think is new or created by me..it is just a different way of thinking of things,

    the biggest observation is discussed here starting at post 18

    the other is peppered throughout sciforums it involves
    4 states of being:

    also can be thought of as:

    the popular way is:

    i think everything can be broken down into these four states..
    but like i said..i am an unprofessional and need someone to work with me to put these observations into book form so it can be understood better..

    any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated..(sorry for the caps as most of the critisism i get are from unprofessionals and not very constructive)
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  3. Mystical Sadhu Registered Member

    Categorization can be a valuable utility in breaking down contributing factors into objectifiable parts. Once done, we must reintegrate them into a singular whole also. One of the most debilitating degenerative factors in our Western culture is that the disintegration remains constant, concepts are objectified, and eventually become remote, heterogenous, and people develop a xenomaniacal disposition to reintegration into the singularity of their being, and consider their being wholly isolated from the continuities of the Universe, and responsibilities to each other we all carry.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
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  5. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    thats alot of big words..
    but if i get what you are saying..

    we can't focus on any one state of being..we must give all equal consideration
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  7. Mystical Sadhu Registered Member

    Hello Squirrel, that's not what I said, though that is important also.

    I identified the need for concurrency between "whole"istic and attention to the individuated parts of an observation or matter(s) of existence.

  8. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    being able to focus of the whole, while still keeping attention on the parts?

    thought that is what i replied..?
  9. Mystical Sadhu Registered Member

    The way I phrased it involved including what is relevant, when not all things are relevant all the time, despite being "listed", and have relevance in different degrees from time to time as they morph through time, place and person, thus, they do not always have "equal consideration", though should be balanced as per time, place and person, uniquely.

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
  10. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    they are all relevant..and the only way i can think of explaining the relevancy is to point out ppl who focus too much on just one aspect of mind,heart,body, and soul..

    the professor type who knows all there is to know but fails in the other areas of their lifes.
    women..some gays,ppl who value their emotional state of being above any logic
    ppl who spend way too much time at the gym.
    bible thumpers,

    when we are young we tend to focus on our emotional state of being, IE how we feel..
    as we get older we focus on our physical state of being, IE how we look.. then comes the mental aspect IE school,college, etc..
    then the spiritual comes..

    of course this is a loose analogy as all are susceptible to the influential ppl in our lives directing our attention..

    the equal consideration is needed to achieve the balance..

    and i tend to see them as a chart..

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    and yes..there is no one single spot that every person should be in as what is needed can be situationally dependent..

    lol..i started out trying to argue with you and ended up seeing you were saying that which i was trying to explain..lol
  11. answers Registered Senior Member

    Mate in all honesty, there has been so much research done in psychology and there are so many theories, the only way you can possibly hope to write a valid theory/hypothesis of your own is to become a psychologist.

    And please make sure your theories are falsifiable, so much crap non-psychologists write is just unfalsifiable rubbish.

    (By the way I've studied psychology for 3 years and am a psych research assistant and also a counsellor - going onto honours next year).

    Let me put it like this, non-psychologists writing about psychology make heaps and heaps and heaps of mistakes with their theories.

    Qualified psychologists writing about psychology make heaps of mistakes with their theories.

    Psychodynamic theories are pretty rubbish according to research findings, cbt is better. Then you have to deal with errors in thinking, then with research you have to deal with confounds etc...

    If you want to come up with your own theories. Do a 3 year psych undergrad, then 1 year honours, then do a phd based on the theories you have come up with, once you have compared those theories to the relevent existing research. Then operationalize your constructs and do the relevent experiments and data collection, then statistically analyse your results and publish your study and get it peer reviewed.

    That's the right way of doing it...
  12. answers Registered Senior Member

    By the way Mystical Sadhu what the hell are you writing? Do you randomly pick words out of the dictionary and then type them out and then post a response?
  13. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    the key words here are 'on your own'

    not sure what you are refering to (falsifiable/unfalsifiable).
    i would understand this better if you switched those two words around..ie make sure your theories are unfalsifiable


    i realize thats the process..im 48..i'll be dead by the time i get all that done..
    thats why i ask for help..my goal is not to change the world..its just to share my observations and make some money to retire..
  14. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Look in the self-help section of the bookstore, and you will find a dozen books that try to reduce psychology to a system of simple symbols. It's absurd.
  15. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    i know not all self help books are credible..and even fewer of these are written well enough to sell..and even fewer of those make lots of money..(dianetics)..

    my concern with writing a book is to make enough to retire..(1 mil will work)
    to increase the chances of doing this..one..write about something you know..two..get some professional to help..

    i appreciate your input..i am not looking for advice..but a volunteer (per se)

    although your advice is creditable and appreciated..
  16. answers Registered Senior Member

    Type a quick summary of your theories and I'll give you feedback.
  17. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    hmmm..i have been so focused on elaborating i did not think about summarizing this..here is an attempt..

    most of the worlds problems stem from worthlessness and the struggle against it,this worthlessness we feel, is rooted in our state of being or lack thereof, our state of being is not a single state but a combination of four different states mental,emotional,physical,and spiritual, any focus on just a single element of these will open us up to feelings of worthlessness, or to put it a different way, feelings of inadequacy, a feeling that we are missing something in our lives.

    There are many examples of types of ppl who are incapable of focusing on all four aspects of our state of being. Psychiatrist, psychologist,hospitals and religions, just to name a few are filled with ppl who can only focus on fewer than all 4 aspects of their state of being, these example are the extreme cases, but each of us lack in one or more of these areas to one degree or another.


    this is just off the top of my head, as i said, i haven't given it much thought to summarizing it..thanks for that..
    granted it may need some editorial comments as far as form..as i have never published anything(duh)..or even remotely written anything scientific..( i don't think instructions on how to load a printer count..)
  18. answers Registered Senior Member

    Unfortunately you have it backwards and completely wrong.

    Feelings of worth and self esteem are a result of success, not a cause of it.

    For example:

    "One of
    the first major studies of this type,
    which is still respected and discussed
    today, tracked 1,500 10thgraders
    from all over the country as
    they moved through high school
    and beyond.8 The study’s authors
    found that students’ self-esteem
    rose after getting good grades and fell after getting bad grades.
    In contrast, they did not find that people’s grades improved after
    their self-esteem rose, nor did they find that people’s grades
    dropped after their self-esteem fell. In other words, good grades
    were the horse and self-esteem was the cart, not the other way
    around. Many other studies with younger children have reached
    the same conclusion.9
    If self-esteem is a result, not a cause, of good schoolwork,
    then enhancing self-esteem is a waste of time in the pursuit of
    better classroom performance."

    Source: http://imaginefirestone.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/RethinkingSelf-Esteem.pdf

    So your idea that "most of the worlds problems stem from worthlessness and the struggle against it", is backward.

    Furthermore the idea that high self worth results in less problems in the world is completely wrong.


    "Other experiments further show that when pairs of strangers
    have a get-acquainted conversation, people with high selfesteem
    aren’t liked or admired more than are people with less
    self-esteem, and sometimes they are even viewed more negatively.
    Nevertheless, they think that they have made a better
    impression on the other person, as compared to people with low
    And so, overall, self-esteem doesn’t make people nice or popular.
    Instead, people with high self-esteem run a greater risk of
    thinking “Wow, they really loved me,” when others are actually
    thinking “What a conceited jerk!”"

    "Alcohol and drug use show similar patterns. Either there
    is no link to self-esteem, or high self-esteem portends more
    and earlier substance use.22 People with high self-esteem in
    particular seem to downplay the risks associated with alcohol
    and drugs, just as they downplay their own risk in sexual

    A quick point to make about that paper I posted a link to, they argue that "Narcissists are not self-haters masquerading as selflovers." This is wrong, there are new measures in new research showing that they do have low self esteem but masquerade as selflovers. Furthermore the study they refer to with prisoners can't claim anything about narcissism because it didn't utilize these newly developed measures of narcissism.

    Anyway make sure you read this: http://imaginefirestone.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/RethinkingSelf-Esteem.pdf
  19. answers Registered Senior Member


    I really encourage you to study psychology. You say you're 48 years old but that's not too old. If you start studying now you can begin research in an area of interest and start writing on it by the time you are 52years old. You would be able to conduct research and write for the next 30 years.
  20. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    i didn't read the whole article..just the title..and i agree with it..

    i am gald you said that..it let me know, how it was sounding..

    I wasn't trying to sound like it was a self esteem problem, actually in essence it is a self control issue..

    worthlessness and the struggle against it..

    ppl feel worthless and they do things to other ppl to keep from feeling it.

    like the boss who has to act like he knows everything,and if you correct him he goes ballistic..

    like the users here who get told they are wrong, then they go on an emotional tirade..

    i am not suggesting we console their emotional state of being to keep their self esteem up..
    I am suggesting that we educate them on why they feel bad when someone tells them they are wrong(makes them feel worthless), it is my hope that if more ppl know the hows and why's of those bad feelings they can do a better job of controlling those feelings..

    to many ppl in this world seem to equate wrong with worth.
    it starts in the home with parents, then schools, then the workplace..
    if a mistake is made,the person is made to feel worthless. IMO this is wrong

    IOW johnny 2+2 is 4 not 5, what is wrong with you?
    or johnny 2+2 is 4 not 5, how stupid can you be?
    or johnny 2+2 is 4 not 5, you are a failure...
    (this is what school does with the grading system)
    or johnny 2+2 is 4 not 5, your fired for making a mistake.

    hmm..i guess there is alot of similarities to the self esteem issue..but can you see i am attempting to voice a control issue?
    (i went back and read that whole article)

    i am not a fan of the 'feel good' aspect of this..i am a fan of truth..

    johnny 2+2 is 4 not 5, this is how you do it...

    if johnny continues to feel worthless, he must understand that it is not the teachers fault that he feels this way..
    there is a point that a person HAS to take responsibility for his own sense of worth,and not look for ppl to blame..

    i have met a few proactive worthlessness types..IE it doesn't matter what you say to them,everything makes them feel worthless..
    (hell,i may even qualify for this one).. one has to understand why they feel worthless in order to have any control over it.its not a blame issue..its an identify issue..
    IE i am feeling worthless because what you are saying, reminds me of the time when someone else said that to me and told me how worthless i was because of it.

    so it is not (necessarily)the persons fault who is right in front of you that you feel this.

    anyway..i think i am rambling..thank you for the input,would appreciate more.
    i can see how this can be a self esteem issue..and it is closely related (maybe enough to count)..
  21. answers Registered Senior Member

  22. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    this would fall under the physical state of being..


    again mental


    this would fit into all four..mental emotional physical and spiritual

    desire is emotional, but i think this qualifies more for mental..
  23. answers Registered Senior Member

    Can you please show me the justification for your classifications of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual?

    I've never ever in all my time in the field of psychology seen any evidence for an aspect of a person to be classified as spiritual.

    Your distinctions don't make sense to me, can you please justify them.

    For example mental processing covers everything...

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