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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by birch, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    that's not acceptable to me. my writing is not up to my own standards even.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member


    society. she makes a good point. she has a fair amount of subscribers for the type of content and i've seen good quality channels that have barely any.

    furthermore, the youtube creators that have the most (millions) subscribers are really of zero substance. i mean absolutely nothing of real value or even slightly educational. it will be something completely vapid and ridiculous but get paid huge amounts of money.
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  5. birch Valued Senior Member


    is it just me or does everyone have men (99.9 % of the time) popping up and come up to you whenever you happen to be alone somewhere scaring you half to death asking you some unnecessary question? oops, my bad as i was parked somewhere. i guess that was my fault for minding my own business. he sticks his head in the window staring at me and even put his smartphone in my passenger's seat without asking (because the window was open) so he could light a cigarette. unbelievable.

    note to self: make sure the car windows are up and lock all doors even in the middle of the day.

    i just put myself in the other's shoes and i would not go up to a stranger unless i was dying and couldn't dial 911. i surely wouldn't as a male go out of my way to bother a female by herself as a total stranger. it is also rude because i was alone. i wouldn't even go up to a woman in her car as another woman to bother her unless it was an absolute emergency!

    what is wrong with so many males??? there are a ton of males out there it seems who have no manners at all. they are completely inappropriate and don't care to read anything about the situation or how they might be pushy or inappropriate.

    i have never had a woman do this to me ever!!! most at least have some idea of basic propriety or outlandish impropriety.
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member


    even with the five videos i posted with people who have various issues with the world, though they are all mostly decent people, i can tell that this guy of that group is a very good person. that's if you know how to read people but that said, evil people also have that ability also (the ability has nothing to do with what your values are), it's your motive and intent in this world.
  8. river

    So birch , what is your motive and intent is this world ?
  9. birch Valued Senior Member

    i dont know anymore. i used to have a plan and now i forgot it since it got crushed to death beyond recognition. i don't even remember what it was.

    probably existing for my child now.
  10. river


    You do know
  11. birch Valued Senior Member

    ok, i'm not into the haiku or yoda speak. but carry on. thanks.
  12. river

    You are a good person , birch . Had a rough go to begin your life , to say the least , but deep down you are a good person . And I hold firm to this .
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  13. birch Valued Senior Member


    See. Educated (obviously considered intelligent) but still scum and crazy.

    This is why you dont really know who you are dealing with in public and that goes for online and even those who appear most normal online or in public too. This is because their main aim is to appear as non-distinct and conventional as possible. Yep, that includes even this forum. This means just statistically there are more than likely some members or occasional posters who are very, very bad people. And it most likely is not the ones who are ridiculed based on their postings in fringe or have offbeat interests either. That can be harmless and does not indicate an evil person. you also can't tell just by the heated debates and name-calling. in other words, there are not necessarily outward signs. sometimes, you can tell if someone is a jerk but detect a really bad person online especially but sometimes in person as well, not always the case. especially for most people.

    This is why society is a scary place and ultimately you have to be on guard and have your radar up at all times. Also dont trust titles, money, status or even people considered 'normal' as that has nothing to do with whether a person is a good or terrible person. The whole world is like a ruse you have to figure out continuously. Oh good people are out there. But on the outside you arent always going to be able to tell who based on the extremely superficial. You treat people with civility and basic respect but make no further overestimations or underestimations.

    I would just waste them, bullet to the head and be over with. People like that just clog up the world and taint it more, damage more people into society than what they contribute to it..
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  14. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    You missed out religious up to the eyeballs
    I am NOT saying religion made them that way. The pope is religious passed the eyeballs but he seems OK

    But religion is certainly a factor

    Watched a little of the misanthropist. My take on this type of person is while they observe reality and feel helpless (they are) to do anything about it (reality) something within them (? what) rejects that

    There was mention he used to go to nightclubs but learnt (note learnt) to hate them. I would spin it not learnt to dislike nightclubs but HIS participation in the nightclub lifestyle

    This fits in with his feeling helpless about not being able to do anything about the bad world and having fun while the bad things are happening

    So he feels bad about himself. The answer he comes up with is to paint the whole of society with the bad brush

    People are killing people - bad (because killing people is intrinsically bad)
    You are having fun - bad (because other people are killing people and that's bad)

    The misanthropist is in a loose / loose situation not wishing to belong to either group
    Solution - withdraw from the world

    The way I understand cause and effect is that any of the wars going on around the world (individual or collective) has NO affect on me having a good time in a nightclub (or anywhere else)
    And vise-versa. Should it? My take NO

    Imagination a world where we ALL took the misanthropist view. We would ALL withdraw from society. How would that work?

    My fix. Do what you do according to YOU

    Those who kill will kill, those who go nightclubs will go nightclubs


    Fight the good fight for fun. We will will because the other way does not work

    Neither does throwing up your hands "It's all to hard. I dropping out"

    News flash - you can't drop out of REALITY

    (Steps down - puts soapbox away - going for coffee)

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  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    you took the quote and applied it to the wrong person.

    you misunderstand. they aren't dropping out of reality. they are dropping out of some aspects of society.

    you misunderstand again. they are not participating in some aspects of culture or society because it does not align to their values.

    just as well, if everyone was a conformist, nothing would change. just because some participate in all aspects of society does not mean they are braver or better. it just means the status quo fits them.

    in fact, some people who have higher values will not be participating in all things status quo. some people it's due to personal taste, some because some aspects of culture are inferior or trashy or too vapid for them. it's not necessarily a bad thing.

    don't take it personally if you like to drink or go to nightclubs. it doesn't mean you are a bad or immoral person. but i understand his point of view also.

    i used to go to nightclubs when i was younger, but mostly because that's what my peers were doing. i realized later that i did not really care for it and it was a rather empty experience most of the time, to me. different strokes for different folks.

    why they consider themselves a misanthrope is because on a scale of pros and cons, status quo just does not fit them is all. they are just trying to be true to themselves and pretending to agree or like something when you don't is not positively growth-oriented either.
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  16. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    Sorry. This was in your post
    See. Educated (obviously considered intelligent) but still scum and crazy
    I didn't look for
    See. Educated



    The status quo is reality. As I mentioned they (my take) see themselves in a no win / no win situation. Their answer is as quote myself "withdraw from the world -AND - "It's all to hard. I dropping out""

    just trying to be true to themselves - fair enough
    and pretending to agree or like something when you don't - no one is asking them to do so (except perhaps within their mind or social pressure - peer)
    is not positively growth-oriented either agree

    On the last point I would suggest, enjoy what it you enjoy PLUS engage with reality and - fight the good fight. That I think would be positive growth activity

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  17. birch Valued Senior Member

    i was referring to the people in the link provided in the same post.

    i'm sure they are in their own way and one would be not participating in whatever they disagree with, thereby not further encouraging it in society.
  18. birch Valued Senior Member

    i'll be completely honest with you about this though. he does have a very valid point though. it just indicates that he has more of a conscience than most. honestly, if more people did feel bad about having frivolous fun while others are suffering then the world would be better because people (numbers equal power) would change or improve it.

    i would say that especially for the very filthy rich billionaires (and some millionaires) as they seem to spend just to be overly extravagant or decadent. i personally don't see their lifestyle as enriching as it's overkill and garish. for those who have the power and money to literally change the way society can be, it is rather obscene, even repugnant but not to mainstream values and views.

    i don't include the likes of bill gates, elon musk etc though as i see them as having much more higher visions for society (improvement) and sane (realistic, aware or grounded to the world at large as a fellow human being) rather than just greedily accumulating money to live like some full leech, wasting money depravedly and to flaunt your wealth for ego.

    but considering only one person cannot without cooperation from others, then you are right as of present reality. you should not feel guilty about what you cannot change.
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  19. river

    The thing is that , the common people for the most part are good people .

    What distracts from this , is the actions of the rich and super rich .
  20. birch Valued Senior Member

    yes and no. you don't know the numbers among the 'common' people how they would utilize abundant resources if they had it. if they would make a better world with it or just do the typical mainstream thing remains unknown.

    a typical mainstream example would be, imo, the ridiculously wasteful and meaningless decadence of the likes of Dubai. the 'common' view is that is something to achieve, when it's actually not noble, beautiful or really that visionary at all. it's just a mainstream compounded extravagance of what money can buy.

    don't get me wrong as i am not saying one should not enjoy some perks and higher quality of living that wealth affords or that everyone deserves the same amount of wealth but there should be some moderation and consideration as well as to the larger picture of society and how you can improve it, not just use people under you especially if there is a way to improve lives overall.

    everyone's idea of a utopia is different. just as my late mother's idea of a utopia (what she called heaven) was literally streets made of gold with encrusted jewels and all types of physical decadence imaginable as well as power. i thought that was quite lame but that is a very mainstream view and that is complete materialism when that alone is quite empty. there was no talk of higher standards, ethics, respect, love, fair-play, compassion, light etc and all those things that truly make a more beautiful environment and world.

    a beautiful society would praise and value highly education, arts, and ethics as well as innovation that improves society and the planet as well as raising standards of living for everyone. why this is positive is there are less disgruntled in an ethical society where they also may believe they must either oppress or be the oppressed which just creates a cycle of misery for humanity.

    some people literally have no 'vision' or at least not a better one so when they come upon wealth, nothing truly revolutionary, improvement/change in the world/politics/society or good comes of it except the mainstream spending and materialism.
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  21. StrangerInAStrangeLand SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member

    Misanthropy is the general hatred, dislike, distrust OR contempt of the human species OR human nature. A misanthrope or misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings.

    The misanthrope does not necessarily hate people, tho that may often be.
    I count as fortunate those who realize certain things about human nature & greatly dislike those things. Also the people who manage to greatly resist or overcome very negative aspects of human nature.
    Hate is part of human nature yet it is also sad & negative to hate people rather than only those negative & sometimes even horrible conditions of human nature.
    Theists claim to hate the sin yet love the sinner. I do not see much evidence they actually do that but the claim is very similar to how I am. I hate how many people think, talk & act yet I cannot hate people.
    For the foreseeable future, we cannot get rid of negative human nature & must do what we can to have a better society & protect each other but I hope we can do what is necessary without hating each other.
    A good beautiful society would not hate people.
  22. birch Valued Senior Member


    I dont hate people as much as whatever may be responsible for the design of such a system or progenitor of life.

    What's peculiar is i cant think of anything more disgusting and harrowing than this blood and guts way of life. Besides the other ways it degrades life especially mentally, emotionally and spiritually or the universe will create scum/counters to pull that down. It's absolutely low and heinous.

    The worst thing i've noticed is how utterly simultaneously fake and deceitful life is at the same time calling it or considered natural.

    There are people who seem to think everyone is good or its circumstantial. Im getting to a point to realize that they may be counters (soul progeny of demiurge) because i have studied people and there actually exist truly evil souls as in literally that is their makeup and they are not all despots in the limelight either. They can be everyday regular people. They are not victims, or suffering or have any more lack than anyone else. It is literally just what they are, values and how they operate. They are the most dangerous and truly the most 'natural' as in the real deal and citizens of this plane. They know the whole deal is built on predation in any way you can, even the most despicable, lame/perverted and (because) it does actually work (dirty secrets and its not just the usual talked about crimes). of course, while using or keeping a facade. That is not niche but true society if you remove the covers or layers.
    It is not being evil or cruel to call out scum because there is a lot of them.

    And it does not make you a bad person to notice it because those who dont either dont have the ability (sometimes i can see right through a person especially in person and it is often disturbing how unbelievably filthy some people are and not as a victim but by their own inclinations), desensitized or the same, actually. It can be so bad, you feel raped and molested just by noticing because its so offensive and hideous. It goes beyond just hate of people but seriously makes you question life itself here and very angry such lifeforms exist.

    One of the reasons i knew that film about the exorcism of emily rose was a true story even besides its advertisement was some key details and one is she said she would see demons inside others and become paranoid. Heh, thats the sanitized one dimensional version because human devilry is much more despicable and even more contemptible because it is filthier and more ignoble due to the perverted, unfair things it will easily do in relation for the most shallow egoistic, selfish or even meritless motives.

    For instance, i know this man whose only interest in me is because he wants to feed off my inner strength and he has very denigrating/demeaning perverted thoughts. If he were to be able to get me as a partner as he lusts, he could squeeze the juicy bits until it was a prune. Thats to empower himself. This is not a relationship or aboveboard motive, its opportunistic. It is literally gross and evil people do not feel shame because they dont have to question a low system that allows it and nature allowing it is all the justification they need in their world. He does not actually like me but wants me like a parasite. This simultaneously with the usual facade and game that he has genuine motives.

    we live in a physical world where intentions and motives is by default shrouded behind a physical cover and playing the game as if its all normal and aboveboard. Thats how it is! The truth is people are often not what they seem or will not have the so-called normal or acceptable/ethical motivations society tries to paint people generally with as if all people have healthy motivations and intents at all times or towards everyone with this fake veneer society has as if everyone is truly human and aboveboard and thats not the real case. Lifeforms are very fluid and dangerous/perverted in their motivations and that part (soul/consciousness) does not color inside conventional social lines just because society assumes and expects others do based on notions of decency or sensibility. Society just pretends it does as long as you can keep it undercover.

    And for those who excuse it when it comes to humans, then animal welfare can be used as an example of how hauntingly and disturbingly horrible nature is. How many cases are there of strays and animals out there suffering? So many you cant save them all. Besides blaming humans, there is a much larger looming question of how such a hideous and indifferent to cruelty system could be allowed to house life.
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  23. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    It can be reasoned everything is natural

    To be unnatural would be something which goes against the laws of physics

    It is only humans which place concepts some place along a sliding scale of whatever is being considered

    Humans are natural and while stuff they produce is not found in the classic natural world surely being a product of something natural automatically qualifies it as being natural?

    It does in my book

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