I don't know which catorgorey that this fits..... My theory Of heaven And Hell And...

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Tristan, Sep 29, 2001.

  1. v|i| Registered Member

    I differ

    Personally, I believe that humans reproduce to live and live to reproduce. The sole puporse of human life is to keep the race alive, and we keep the race alive to live. It's one huge paradox, and not nearly as complex as some people think it is. Bringing in other dimensions just makes it more complicated, and some scientists believe that the 10% of the brain thing is a myth. Again that is just my opinion.
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  3. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    SeekerOfTruth explained it very well, the matter of the existance or non existance of time. He sure can write it down a lot better then I do, but I do agree with him in this matter.

    The human race is supposed to keep themselves alive, but they are messing up rather quikly. For they prefer material luxury above having more love and understanding for other humans.

    All the envy and hatred in this world. Some humans are so crazy, they see the neighbours have a new car or something like that and oh man, they should have another ( even more beautiful and powerful) themselves...for instance.

    Scientists haven't been able to discover other Universes, so then they don't exist....Yeah, yeah.

    And we do use more then 10% of our brain, but some humans I am beginning to doubt if they use only 1%.

    Not anyone particular at Sciforums. Most members here use a lot more then the simply 10% that is mentioned in this thread.
    You can tell by all replies in only this thread and other threads of course.

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