I don't know which catorgorey that this fits..... My theory Of heaven And Hell And...

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Tristan, Sep 29, 2001.

  1. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    My theory of Heaven and Hell And human Origin.

    Ok lets start off by saying that we can't comprehend any other dimension than the third. Example: Try to comprehend 2 dimensions Length and width. Ok easy right? Wrong. Even if it's 1 atom high it still has height and therefore is 3 dimensional. Ok, Ok I understand that there are a few problems with that example but that is the general idea. So lets get to the point on that note.

    Earth has just exploded with life. Sea dwelling animals start to becaome amphibians and soon there are land animals. Next come Chimps and Apes. Now lets say there is a forth dimension. And lets just real quick describe beings from this...4th domension. Pure energy, No really "form". Why? Because we can only describe them in a 3 dimensional way since we can't comprehend a 4th dimension. In Cosmos Dr Sagan explains that when you travel toa different dimension you are not perfectly represented. Thats like trying to show me as a 1 dimensional figure. hehe I would look really wierd. Alright now that I have explained that...... Something (that I really am still pondering about) is special about the third Dimension. So, These beings are able to interdimensionaly travel. They come to earth and say "Shit, We gonna die since we aren't perfectly represented we are "decaying"". (Sarcasticly but serious) So they go up to a chimp , Which is actually the smartest thing alive, Prick it in the ass and create something that will evolve much faster that the chimp is. Now they don't create a perfect human right away because thay couldn't for some reason. So they just lay the foundation and speed it up a bit. So now we have neandrothals and The other dudes 9can't remember name. Now these beings of energy enter the body and are why we are we. They live in our heads. They are us. We are them. And so we go through evoulution and create a name for them. And what else besides Spirits, souls, angels, ect. God? (sarcasticly but serious) Oh he is just liek King and master of the civilization in the forth Dimension. or maybe that guy who literally created us. Now lets go into my second part now that we got the basis down.

    Ok, Ok you think I am crazy right? Well

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    . Hmmm I wonder why we only use 10% of our brain? That makes no sense. I mean if we never used the other 90% it would have evolved right out of the picture. So now we say They wanted us to have large brains becasue originally they used all of it. But , But! Being in the 3rd dimension so long they deterate more and so we are left with 10%. Oh, Mind you that they have no rememberence of the 3rd dimension when in a human. So we play out our lives ina mad quest for knowledge ...... The key! When we die they simply say oh shit time to go home and record what i have learned. (Hey explains that wierd portal or bright light people see when dieing or having a near death experince. Ok so they come back and enter a human host. now maybe I should change the word host. That kind of implies a parasite or something. I mean if i am right , Thats US. I mean you and me. You know they say that human beings are just bodies and that our true selves our our spirits , Exactly what i am saying. And just as there are good and bad people on earth , there are good and bad people in the 4th dimension. Heaven And Hell exist in the same place as each other. So we only use 10% of our true intelligence. These 4th dimensional beings are trading 90% of there intelligence and themselves , litereally, to be in the third Dimension. Which brings me back to Why? Knowledge. After you learned everything you can in your dimension go to another. Animals, insects and other less intelligent beings don't thirst for knowledge. They exist. chimps and apes. They just exist and live. How are our souls and minds even connected to them? We as intelligent beings are knowledge thirsty. my theory applies to aliens to. But animals and insects don't have sex for the hell of it. They are trying to reproduce. We have sex becasue it feels good. Think about it! Animals and insects and everything besides humans are 3rd dimensional beings to the Core. But humans and aliens who explore other worlds, They are truley unique. They have souls. They have what religion calls souls or spirits. Now I know, i know I am still working on filling in the holes. But you have to look and see that even our primodial instincts are nothing compared to animals. WE Like to have sex, they do it have babies.

    That is the result of hours of deep thinking. Didn'y really know where it fitted beacasue it includes religion cosmoslogy physics, ect. Comments welcome. I WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINION!!!

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  3. MuliBoy psykyogi Registered Senior Member

    That´s quite sensible. Can stand alongside most other theories.

    Only thing I have to add, many animals have sex for fun too

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  5. Merlijn curious cat Registered Senior Member

    Be glad that we "only" use about 10% of our brain capacity. How does it feel if you have been thinking for some hours? You are tired. Imagine what it must be like if you would actualy use full capacity?
    Also, brains process information. In short evrything in the line of perception-action coupling (extremes included) is done by the brain.
    If your entire brain would be active, none of the informastion would be left. It would just be an entire field of white noice on all senses. Now, we wouldn't want that, would we? no chances of survival left!
    Also, all your muscles would contract and you would die, unable to move.
    There also some other, leess lethal problems, but I think this will suffice.

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  7. machaon Registered Senior Member

    brain use and 10%

    I feel I would being doing the members of this forum a disservice if I did not point out the origin of this "10% theory". There was once an experiment being conducted in which up to 90% of the brain was removed among a group of mice and they still behaved somewhat normally. That does NOT mean that humans use 10% of their brains. That does not even mean MICE use only 10% of their brains. It simply means that the brain has many redundant systems and can still function even after a large part of it is damaged or removed. Think of the 10% theory as sciences version of an urban myth. LOL. Nature is rarely that wastful.
  8. Merlijn curious cat Registered Senior Member

    thank you for this very useful information. I really did not know that, and I am a cognitive psychologist.
    Still my story holds. Most of the neurons are not active at any given time (unless you're in BIG trouble).

  9. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Didnt read the little article but I can tell you this

    I dont believe in heaven or hell. When you die you go back to God. How does God punish.....well during life ofcoarse. People always get what they deserve at the end.......notice how I say what they DESERVE. You might be nice but that doesnt mean you deserve a Ferrari. Sure there are and always will be bad people but lets just face it, we know if there was a Hell then the likes of Hitler and Napolean would be suntaning down there right now.
  10. KalvinB Publicity Whore Registered Senior Member

    Actually Dolphins are the only other animals that have sex for fun. Watched a video in biology on that.

  11. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    KalvinB ....

    You might want to check out Frans de Waal's 1997 (I think) book "Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape"

    Sheds a whole new light on primate (and possibly human) sexuality.
  12. machaon Registered Senior Member


    If I am not mistaken, dolphins, chimpanzees and humans are the only animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror. I would think that such recognition would indicate the same level of self awareness that we enjoy. Dolphins and chimps may not have a preference for pepsi or coke but they certainly know that "I" am "me". As for language learning ability, show me a human who can echo locate or screech exactly like a chimp and I will show you an intelligent species. Sex for fun? Do you mean we do not have a monoply?
  13. Captain Canada Stranger in Town Registered Senior Member

    Any thoughts on how this whole crisis might have developed if both the trrorists and US adopted this attitude? The Afghanistan orgy?

    Sounds like a good idea to me...
  14. MuliBoy psykyogi Registered Senior Member

    All american troops now have rubberhelmets

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  15. CounslerCoffee Registered Senior Member

    My favorite writer Kurt Vonnegut, i think had the best explination for how the universe and god came about. So here it goes, and il summerize it because if i didn't then it would take a long time.

    He says "In the beginning there was absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, but nothing implies something as sweet implies sour, as man implies woman and drunk implies sober."

    Summerize the Devil and God
    The first something to be implied was god and god was a man, so for there to be a man there had to be a woman, so satan came about, they implied each other. So satan was a woman and god a man. Since they were so weak that ment that strong had been implied so they had power, since they could do nothing, it implied that they could do *something*. (following me here?)
    God created heaven and earth the earth was dark so light was implied. God created water and all these other things including men and since he had created man woman had been implied.
    But satan was like "Im not going to help him do this, what is he nuts" And since then she tried to undo all the things that he had done, but she couldn't.

    God had created man and woman and the garden of eden, but adam and eve had nothing *NOTHING* to do. So satan took an apple and filled it with all sorts of knowledge, instructions on how to make music, sing , dance really crazy, imformatin on certain plants that were smokable, how to be real sexy, and how to yell god###### when they stubbed there toes. Satan gave a serpent the apple and the serpent gave eve the apple and she bit into it, then she handed it to adam and he bit into it, and then with nothing else to do they screwed and the human race came into excistance.

    "All Satan wanted to do was help and she did in many cases"
    -Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake

    So there you have it, debate it all you want but to me it makes more sense then what you said. Sorry.
  16. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Chagur, I know Bonobo the Ape.
    I have seen a whole story about him on Discovery.
    Great what he can do isn't it?

    Makes you wonder, why aren't we a little more like Bonobo?

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    By the way, the 10% is very little brain we use.
    Most humans have forgotten what is in the rest of their brain.
    They should try to get that back and we have our ESP abilities back, which each human posesses.
    So let's go for it, explore your brain dear members of the Sciforums.

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    And if you do, you can all go to the post Psychokinesis, haha.

    Tristan is referring to Carl Sagans book, he does know a lot this Sagan, but not all, off course.
    Who knows all? We use just 10% of our brain isn't it?

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  17. Rush Registered Member

    The 10% thing isn't correct - the origins have been mentioned here already, since then it has become a throwaway line, an abused notion and some ppl speak it as a gospel truth.

    The idea about dimensions... well I dont have a problem with the concepts on one, two or three dimensions. It is generally accepted that the 4th dimension is time. Further physics hypothesises the existence of many more tiny dimensions (most likely 10 or 26 in total) and it has even been proposed that these can be made large enough to see with the naked eye.

    I don't think there is much room in this for the idea of extra dimensional enitities!

    Any concept of heaven and hell or a creator/god will have to include a rock solid idea about physics/reality - this is not an irreconcilable difference... its just that so many of the religous ideas that really appeal to some ppl have nothing to do with reality

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  18. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    i think of Dimesions as Length, Width, Height. and technically we already posses time so how could that be a 4th dimension. Without time there is nothing.
  19. SeekerOfTruth Unemployed, but Looking Registered Senior Member

    Actually Tristan, time is irrelevent in several of the theories on the universe and in physics.

    There is even a very smart professor in England who believes there is no such thing as time. There are only infinite "nows" and our perception of time is just the consequences of our consciousness traveling between "nows".
  20. Rush Registered Member

    Interesting idea Seeker. I believe certain tribal beliefs are similar. They belive that there is no tomorrow or yesterday, that the same day is eternally recreated. They live constantly in the "now"

    I can see this as a great way to live, not worrying too much about past mistakes and not worrying too much about what the future might bring...

    However this Professor's theory doesn't explain why our perception of time is one directional, does it?
  21. Benji Registered Senior Member

    Time exists, if i boil a kettle it takes time for it to boil, if i turn the hour glass over it take time for the sand to get to the other side.
    Time, i belive has to be another dimension of sorts, there are probably more dimensions then we could ever count its just living in 3d we can and could never see them.
    Time is the only constant thing i have observed so far in life, it never slow's down, speeds up or stops, there is nothing humans can do presently that affects time, we can only alter our perception of it.
  22. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    The word Time is an human invention to have control over for instance a working day and so they know when they are free for the weekends.

    But time is relative and doesn't really exist. As a matter of fact, humans should live like other mammels on Earth and eat and sleep just when they feel to do so. As the Ancient Ones did.

    In Space there is no time at all, it is all made up by the human race because they 'civilized' themselves.

    There are a lot more Dimensions then the 3 humans know off but cannot see. The Universe is not just 1, there are several Universes. Most humans don't know this and because of all the scientific theories they believe what they are told by this scientists.
    But it are just theories these scientists have, no proof what so ever.

    They say a Light year is so and so long. Only by their own measurements which they made up themselves. They have to do something to have an idea of what is going on in the Universe which they want to explore so terribly bad.

    How good and strong these theories about the Universe and 'travelling' to other Planets may sound, it is all invention by humans. It is not for nothing they can't find life on other Planets because they can't 'travel' far enough to find a Planet with a life form on it.
    These are situated in a whole other Universe, far beyond this one in which we live.

    We certainly are not alone...there is a lot going on Out There, they just can't find it.
    And I think that is a good 'thing', because the human race is not ready for this, not in a long run.
    I don't expect they will find one of these Planets it is too far away.

    But there are much more Dimensions then just the three humans know off for certain. This just faded away out of humans thoughts because of all their material thinking and wanting to have inventions for everything which makes good money and is useful to keep them busy.

    But this human race is overdue now by all their wellfare and having all material 'things' they love so much.
    We have mountains of butter and oceans of wine, it was the greatest show on Earth, but that's over....

    The human race should better stop amusing themselves to death and pay some more attention to eachother and listen more closely to their Inner feelings and Earth. Perhaps we can live in balance with Eart, Nature and eachother then....but I am afraid the human race won't get rid of all the luxury they have now.

    Just do their jobs, interfere and argue with eachother and in the evening sit before their tv's.

    No feelings left, no thoughts to think...
  23. my_notebook wild hamster Registered Senior Member

    Very interesting. I think this is a hard theory to disprove.

    I tend to agree because if you imagine something that can truly experience the fourth dimension then it would see all the "nows" at once, just as a three dimensional critter (like us), looking at a glass of water, sees "all" of the 2-dimensional cross-sections at once. A 2-dimensional observer would have to view the glass in a series of frames, and over time would get a sense of the object as a whole.

    Because of memory we get a sense of time, and we tend to view it as a directional movement, or passage, because that is the way we experience it - one "now" at a time.

    Life, it seems, could be defined as a movement between "now"s. What else is it? If the "passage of time" stopped, we would cease to be. I check my watch therefore I am.

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    It seems likely to me that if the fourth dimension does exists, it does indeed negate our 3-dimensional concept of time as a mono-directional movement, because it is likely that time experienced as a whole is quite different than time viewed frame-by-frame.

    Just as we cannot see inside an apple, we may indeed see a detail in the "now" that a "4-dimensional" being is blind to. But by the same token they would comprehend things which we can only guess at. It all depends on your point of view..

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