Humans are robots

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Teddybot, May 22, 2009.

  1. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Wit-out 'em actualy definin it... som of the thangs that lots of people seem to "feel" that consciousness is... is an entity unto itself (such as a God-givin sole) which is seperate from the biological body an dont necesarlly dye when the body dyes... i dont thank consciousness esists in that regard... i thank consciousness can seem magical (not biological) to lots of people simply because its mysterious to 'em... i thank consciousness is meerly the "biological-effect" caused by the biological input from our biological sinses.!!!

    The mor complex the sensory imput an brane to process that imput... the potential to use that imput in various ways increases.!!!

    Humans have evolved to a level of complexity which allows us to comtimplate the idea of consciousness... but humans in general are only on the verge of understandin that "consciousness" is biological.!!!

    “ Under the rite circumstances... trees coud also evolve in complexity to reach the level of bein able to ponder ther actions as we do.!!! ”

    “ No i ant certan about anythang... i thank people who are certan about thangs fall wit-in the relm of havin "beleifs"... such as... "im certan that my lovin father in heaven is my savior".!!! ”

    I ant certan its true... what i mean by "beleif" is... when somone thanks sompitn is true in spite of a lack of evidence or in spite of evidence to the contrary.!!!

    “ As far as mind body unity... i dont thank thers such a thang as mental-illness... as if the "mental" is seperate from the body.!!! ”

    I thank the idea of "free-will" (makin unnfluenced choises) is jus anuther beleif i dont have.!!!

    I dont understan the pont you'r makin... mayb its cause i cant emagine a circumstance in which "free-will" occurs.!!!
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  3. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Touch taste sight smell an hearin results from our brane organizin the input from those individual sinses... the level of "consciousness" we have is the result of our brane organizin the combined input from our sinses.!!!
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  5. Teddybot Intelligence replicator Registered Senior Member

    appeal to fabrication fallacy

    This thread is started based on facts not beliefs.

    Google 'Neuromorphics Lab' it is the first link.
    Click the research link.
    The resulting intelligent agents, both virtual and robotic, differ from their predecessors through their ability to adapt and learn from sensor data by using computing architectures whose design is inspired by models that have met the test of fitting difficult biological (behavioral or physiological) data.

    Delusion is stronger than facts.
    Let the rationalizations begin...
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  7. starlight Registered Member

    Humans may be robots. We have a DNA code in all our nuclears, we have a replication of cells, scheduled from the heritage of both your parents, with an automatic copy and a sequence of development and a pick on that development. All is under developement but we do not see it. It happens like a usual day. Each day you learn and you remind and your knowledge develops. This DNA nuclear replication is sometimes affected with inconsistent or irregular copies which we call cancer. Off course we are not mecha, as we are biological with a brain made of millions of neurons connected via synapses and kind of electrical links and frequency. Three sentences cannot describe the complete explanation. When we try ourselves to create robots we are limited to re-create human functionalities in a degradation mode with only electronical, mechanical, bionic technologies. We are not able to copy a human brain, cause we do not have the knowledge and the technology to make it. Generally animals, insects, humans have a cell (DNA) replication program. If we are robots we are one of the most evolution, picking our energy from several sources, with unknown complex code that make us alive. We do not know the reason we are created. We may not supposed to know it. Why?
  8. haygill01 Registered Member

    Robots are created in the form of humans. Why compare something so simple (as a robot) to something so complex (as a human)?
  9. starlight Registered Member

    Why?....I may have some inputs

    What is the definition of a robot from a human point a view ? something that cannot be compared to humans, something with functions, automatic functions, complex functions, used for fun, in the industry, factories, at home, labs, to perform specific tasks, mono taks, multi ones. However humans try to re-create the human functions, by developing programs like ASIMO....including the voice, the walk, able to serve a coffee .....

    But it is our view, the human view.

    Look at ourselves, you wake up, run functions, feeds yourself with energy, use this energy to make it, to do it, see, think, do, then stop the functions and go for another cycle until the shut down at the end of your livecycle.

    Your initial DNA combination has created you as unique, from the start to the shutdown. Are we sure as human that we can define ourselves as a human, the most intelligent of the Universe?

    Are we sure that when we say we are human, complex, we couldn´t be the most developed robot that has never been auto-generated. You are right that we are too complex, all our functions are too complex, loading oxygen, transforming food, getting inconsciousmess and consciousmess, deciding in sequence or not, in a normal mode or degradation, but working together to make the see, think, do happening and your brain reading these words.
    Can you think that even of the most complex we have, we are a sort of robot?

    Why not considering humans as the most developped evolution of a kind of "robot" type compared to normal robots, animals that human define. We define these type of robots. Who is able to say that we are not the most developped robots ? not humans.
  10. Gravage Registered Senior Member

    The definition of a robot: Hasta la vista, baby.
  11. Gravage Registered Senior Member

    So, no, humans are not robots.
  12. river

    Do robots though have psychology ?
  13. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

    interesting topic.

    the human body is obviously a machine for the brain,

    cybernetics is very interesting.

    a question i have is,
    why could we not be a form of a carbon based(organic) robot's as a experiment from a higher level of beings.IMO,anything evolved would be something beyond humanity.they would have the capability to do this.

    just a thought i have a times.
  14. krash661 [MK6] transitioning scifi to reality Valued Senior Member

  15. wellwisher Banned Banned

    One way that humans differ from robots is we have two centers of consciousness. These can be called the conscious and the unconscious minds. We also have two sides of the brain, but we can have conscious control of one at a time. One will parallel the other, but the other will do this more at an unconscious level.

    For example, if I jumped from behind the door and scared you, your unconscious mind will react first (jump and scream) then your conscious mind becomes aware and may get mad at me. This dual perception is why it can get embarrassing. The unconscious might yelp along with the jump. The ego or conscious mind is trying to act cool. The ego realizes the awkward embarrassment, and has to explain the yelp away to save face. This can be done by shifting attention to me.

    The value of two centers of consciousness, which is a simple way to create intelligent machines, is the difference between the two POV, requires compromises. This can result in new applications neither was programmed for; yelp forces an ego-centric necessary which would not be needed if one had not unconsciously yelped in public.

    Self awareness is the ability to differentiate these two centers. In the example of being scared, self awareness would notice the quick fear reaction, as well the after the fact defensive reaction, as being two distinct things. I got scared and I then tried to diminish the public impact of looking silly, therefore I am.

    The reason for two center of consciousness is similar to reason we have two eyes instead of one; 3-D vision. One eye sees 2-D because it looses the z-depth perception, associated with self awareness.

    Machines and robots are not conscious, nor do they have intelligence. This means all those things that humans do, that is the same as what machines or robots can do, do not constitute consciousness or intelligence. Machines can memorize facts and reason. This is not intelligence or else this alone would make machines and robots intelligent. What puts humans over the top, with the same tasks, is the second center of consciousness. This creates an internal potential or difference in POV, which then requires the application of memory and logic to build a bridge; stereo-optic.

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