Humanistic Behaviorism

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Asexperia, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    Something like that.

    Un saludo a ellos. I didn't take into account that they might be around here.

    PS: Tu nick esta correcto. I'm just kidding.
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  3. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    Now if you allow me, I want to classify these behavior principles:


    II. - We can have nostalgia,
    Without going into depression.

    VI. - We can dream awake,
    Without gettings illusions.

    XI. - We can love a person,
    Without going to idolize.


    VII. - We can be social,
    Without getting egocentrism.

    VIII. - We can have authority,
    Without going to selfishness.

    IX. - We can want money,
    Without reaching ambition.


    III. - We can be thoughtful, intuitive or creative
    Without going to extravagance.

    IV. - We can read much,
    Without going to think that we know everything.


    I. - We can have beliefs and ideologies,
    Without going into fanaticism.

    V. - We can believe in god,
    Without reaching religious discrimination.


    X. - We can eat,
    Without going to gluttony.

    XII. - We can have sex,
    Without becoming exhausted.
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  5. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    That's much better. They aren't to blame for being gay.
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  7. seagypsy Banned Banned

    I agree with Trooper, and Bells, you will have my full cooperation on this one.

    And to Siblia, Bells gave you the proper interpretation of my initial assumptions about you and what your professional title would mean, that you would understand homosexuality.

    IMO, homosexuality is not something to be supported or opposed. It simply is what it is and nothing more. Like having brown eyes, they are neither good nor bad, they are simply a trait that some humans have and some do not. Not something that makes a difference in the value of a person.
  8. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    That's something I should analyze well "to digest". It isn't a trait so simple, it's very complex.
  9. Bells Staff Member

    Actually no, it is not complex at all.

    You are either homophobic or you are not. It seems you are very much the homophobic.

    Why do they need conditions?

    You do realise you can't catch 'gay', don't you?

    You do realise they are human beings, just as you are a human being, don't you? They are exactly like you are, except they aren't homophobic like you are. They have the exact same rights that you have. Therefore, if they wish to adopt children or live within everyone else's "social sphere", that is their right as human beings to do so.

    They have done nothing wrong by being born homosexual. They are not doing anything wrong by being homosexual.

    Perhaps you should rethink your language and outdated and bigoted beliefs?

    Or do you 'equate deviant with immoral, bad, unacceptable? If so, why?.. And if you do find it harmful, how then, do you define harm? And are your beliefs based on your professional understanding and education (ie, you have claimed to be a psychologist) or is it based on your religious beliefs?'

    Do you choose to be attracted to the opposite sex? Do you choose to find the opposite sex more sexually attractive?

    Whether there are homosexuals who post here or not is beside the point. We do not allow homophobia on this site.

    If you think for one single moment that you can have a platform on this site to spout homophobia, think again. I will shut you down and and eventually remove you from here permanently before I give you the chance to do that. At present, you are borderline. Very very borderline and I am currently reviewing the complaints I have received against you to decide whether I should shut this thread down permanently.

    So I would strongly suggest you rethink how you post on this site.
  10. seagypsy Banned Banned

    Sibilia, with all due respect, please consider your own words above and how your posted beliefs about homosexuality conflict with how you defined balanced behavior.

    I almost went ballistic on you for your remarks, but noticed this nugget of hope that maybe you can be made to understand. I have little faith in humanity, maybe you can restore some of that. Maybe not, we will see.

    Bells, I apologize for butting in at this point. If I am stepping on your toes, you are free to delete my comment, I won't complain. Otherwise, I am going back to biting what is left of my tongue.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2012
  11. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    I am not homophobic, and to avoid any inconvenience I reserve comments about homosexuality.
  12. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    I am creating a new blog called Humanistic Behaviorism:

    In this blog We continue developing this new vision of Psychology.

    You can visit the blog now. Without homophobia.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 9, 2012
  13. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    Geez what a copout. That sounds like reserving the right not to testify on grounds that it may tend to incriminate you.

    Straight denial, dude. Bummer.
  14. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    This thread is not just for homosexuality. "I have the right to remain silent to avoid being used against me". I'll just talk about the main theme. Dude. :cheers:
  15. seagypsy Banned Banned

    I just know I am gonna regret this but,

    He has the right to hold whatever religious bias he chooses as long as he does not falsely present those biases as field supported concepts. I am still curious where he intended to take the thread before his bias was sniffed out. If he can disallow that bias to affect true professional concepts he posts here, there is still potential to learn something.

    No one sheds bigoted views just because others tell them to. Often it takes many many personal experiences to open their eyes. My sister used to be very religious and held many homophobic views. Until her son came out. Now she is a strong supporter of gay rights and a strong critic of religious dogma.
  16. Asexperia Registered Senior Member


    "Trait is a scientific concept that summarizes the behaviors that people perform in different situations and occasions. Traits are constructs that help describe individual differences. According to Eysenck are provisions allowing describe people and predict their behavior.
    They aren't observable, but they are inferred to observe certain facts (behaviors). Thus, an arrangement characteristic behavior is expressed in consistent patterns of operation over a wide range of situations. It constitutes a continuous dimension along which people are placed".

    Neutral (N)

    a) Extravert: Sociable and friendly.

    b) Introvert: shy and quiet.

    Positive (+)

    c) Studious or diligent: outstanding in the group class, gets good grades, because he likes studying, reads a lot.

    d) Decent or polite: Meets the standards and norms of harmonious human relations, not rude.

    e) Peaceful and quiet: It relates to the lymphatic temperament, emotional stability, he projects an inner peace .

    f) Serious or formal: he/she is responsible and his/her word is law unto him/herself. He/She Knows the difference between moments of solemnity and of jovialities.

    Negative (-)

    g) Delinquent: It's violator of the laws established by society.

    h) Aggressive: It's mad, sometimes become uncontrollable.

    i) Astute: It's deceiver, enjoy cheating, either to hide a wrong action or to carry out a criminal act.

    j) Sexmania: the exaggerated obsession with sex.

    Other traits, but less common, are:

    a) Creative: It provides new ideas, that they can be artistic, intellectual, religious, etc.

    b) Thinker: It speculates on various topics. It always finds an answer to his/her questions.
  17. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    Not from me! You made made a fan out of me the first time I noticed your post.

    I think if Sibilia were truly expressing a religious stance I wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. For example if the message had been one of compassion, mutual respect, and human dignity I would have been an instant fan of his. I think what Sibilia is expressing goes beyond a religious bias into a kind of religiosity that tries to justify bad thought by subjecting it to a formula that pretends to be religious. I was actually itching to go into that a little more with him, like the way you might dig a splinter out of your thumb.

    I also was interested in this since it's a novel topic. At first I thought "bestiality" was mangled English, deriving from some Spanish idiom unknown to me. I was more struck by what seemed to be a Pollyanna view of mental health - too sterile and idealized, excluding anyone living in the real world, under duress or struggling in any way. I was getting ready to ask him whether he had any clinical experience just before all hell broke loose. At that point I was assuming he was in another line of work and maybe had only majored in psychology.

    So true. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first, but when he lined up all those bowling pins, I couldn't resist rolling the ball.

    Wow. What a huge transition. It sounds like she found God in her son, in herself, and in her new world view.

    Not in reference to her, but to people in general: isn't it funny how we can perceive people at a distance as threats, and kind stand back barking at them, almost like a pack, but then when they enter our personal sphere we are equally capable of regarding them with compassion? It's as if self-perception is a function of the physical distance that separates us from others.
  18. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member


    There's an elephant in the room.

    This to me is absurd. People are by definition unpredictable. People who think they can predict others' behavior are probably planning to steal their wallet or worse.
  19. seagypsy Banned Banned

    I wish he would just post a coherent thesis so that we at least understand the goal of the thread. He could have copied a page out of the dictionary to the thread at this point and it would have been just as informative.
  20. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    There's something quirky about this even if the homophobia gaffe hadn't come up. I like the idea of a behavioral thesis of some kind, but what we have here seems way oversimplified and vague.
  21. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    If we know the person we can act depending on their behavior. Even that is what I do in this thread. I anticipate what the forum members may or may not write.
  22. Asexperia Registered Senior Member

    That's your personal opinion, which is very subjective. It's a mental projection.

    You can not even talk about yourself. I asked you by private message about your profession and you didn't answer.
  23. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    You mean like chess?
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