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Discussion in 'Human Science' started by GRO$$, Sep 28, 2001.

  1. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    Banshee, I think you are sour at me because I prefer Belgian Leff lambic and not a Dutch Henineken lager.

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    It´s a matter of taste. We have different tastes, you love catastrophes, Apocalypse, Doom... I don´t.

    I have been participating in other forums where we discuss scientific, philosophical or political issues (and other lighter, more amusing subjects) and <font color=red><b>we quote each other as a basic rule</b></font>. This is done in the sake of clarity and speed, as a help to other people that has not been reading the latest posts, (if not, they will never know what we are referring to when we post an answer). That way the discussion is fast and smooth. Give it a try and visit <A HREF=""><b>"Self Service Science"</B></A>, an Australian board that is a beauty. I´m sure your views will be welcomed there. Those gay Australians surely need somebody to apply a touch of gloom. But you are the first person in years to have complained for being quoted! If you don´t like to be quoted, then don´t say things that deserve to be quoted.

    As an example, I´ll quote some people who like to be quoted. In fact, <b>they make their living by being quoted</B>, though their statements shouldn´t be quoted as something to be followed:
    <li><font color=blue><i>"The world has cancer, and that cancer is man"</i></font> - - - <b>Nicolás García Uriburu</b>, Argentine artist.
    <li><font color=blue><i>"In the future, only animals must remain in the planet; human beings are out of place".</i></font> - - - <b>Raúl Montenegro</B>, Argentine ecologist, vicepresident of Greenpeace Argentina.
    <li><font color=blue><i>"The enemy is not only man, but all human activities"</i></font> - - - <b>Paul Ehrlich</B>, world famous ecofreak.
    <li><font color=blue><I>"In case I were to be reborn, I wolud like to return under the form of a deadly virus for helping solve the population problem"</I>.</font> - - - <B>Prince Philip</B>, Duke of Edinburgh, owner of the WWF.
    <li><font color=blue><i>"Hunting and fishing are crimes that will be punished with dead"</I></font> - - - <b>Ronnie Lee</b>, terrorist from the Animal Liberation Front.
    <li><font color=blue><i>"The battle to feed humanity is over. In the 1970s, the world will undergo famines. Hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. Population control is the only answer."</I></font> - - - <b>Paul Ehrlich</B> in his book, <i>The Population Bomb </I>(1968), predicting widespread famine that never materialized
    <li><font color=blue><i>"If the world continues with business-as-usual policies in agriculture and family planning, a food emergency within a matter of years may be inevitable. Soaring grain prices and ensuing food riots could both destabilize national governments and threaten the integrity of the international monetary system."</i></font> - - - <b>Lester Brown</B> owner of <I><b>Worldwatch Institute</B></I>, Quoted in the <i>Washington Post</i>, September 26, 1989
    So don´t worry, I promise I will not quote you again, <b>ever</B>. I respect your whises to remain in anonymity. You will be free to keep whining and moaning your Apocalyptic lethany as long as you wish. Hope you the best of luck in your task of waking up people to the horrors of modern technologies and scientific advances that seem to be destroying Gaia, our sacred Mother Earth. (Geeeeezus!)

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    <b>"It is alarming the speed at which scientific morality is being lost"</b>
    Haroum Tazieff, french scientist.
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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    YOUR AVTAR ....he...he...

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  5. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Oh, now Banshee is Apocalyptic thinking...
    Ah yes, I see.
    Man, go fishing or something...
    Well, maybe you better don't, I hate fishing, such a pity for the fish, the hooks in their little beaks or whatever. You think fish don't feel pain?
    Be happy then you are not a fish...
    I am a pessimist, a real doom thinker, yes, all is dark and hopeless around me.
    Darkness follows me, where ever I go, darkness and tears, always on my pessimistic way....

    One day you'll be in the ditch
    Flies buzzin' 'round your eyes...
    And blood on your spirit...

    Have a nice day Edufer.

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  7. Edufer Tired warrior Registered Senior Member

    Banshee: I spent three years of my life living in the Bolivian Amazon jungle (1996-97-98), but have been traveling up and down the Amazon (from Venezuela in the North to Bolivia in the south, from Per&uacute; and Ecuador to the Atlantic), from two to eight month a year, every year, since 1970. I have been in contact with nature at its worst and at its best, as many people would ever dream to be. <b>I don´t enjoy fishing,</B> but I had to do it in order to survive. I had to hunt too, eadable animals (always refused to eat worms and ants as my indian buddies did).

    It all started when, as a journalist, I filmed and photographed a six month expeditio into the Amazon river, back in 1970, going downriver in a Zodiac. At the beginning I was alone (by partner couldn´t start the journey because he fell ill), then a Canadian student asked for a lift in a corner of the river. He kept me company for about 400 kms. I lived among indians, poor villagers alonside the big river, rubber seekers in the jungle, rich people in Manaus. I´ve seen them all, this beautiful species called MAN.

    I wish you could understand me. How it feels to be surviving every day --and I don´t mean during expeditions, but the hard an hopeless lifes these miserably people live in the jungle. Mother Nature is not benign, believe me, she could be our worst enemy, an all species have been fighting against Her since the beginning of Times. But if you know how to treat her, she could be your best ally and an invaluable friend.

    I care for people, I do care for Nature and the environment, I care for animals too, but there is a perspective you must have here. As the ancient Greeks, I do believe that <b>"Man is the Measure of things"</B>, man is the pattern against which other things must be compared. Doing otherwise would be suicidal. Putting down the human species would lead it to extinction. And that would be such a tragedy! I think the beautiful things man did through history, dwarfs the wrong and ugly ones. I think we have coped with all problems we had to face, and are dealing with the new ones as soon as they arise. We must have being doing something well, otherwise would have disappeared long ago, as Neanderthals and other less intelligent beings.

    I have an optimistic nature, in spite of all the misery and grievance I have witnessed or suffered. I fight back; I´ll survive as long as I can. When there comes the time to surrender my soul to our Creator --whatever it may be, I´ll do it in peace and feeling no repent, because I never harmed anybody in purpose.

    I see you work with the youth. We can learn a lot from them. And I hope you had the chance to travel and meet people of all cultures and social conditions. It might give you a new and more optimistic perspective of life. Don´t take my words as an attack on your ideas, as you are a human being free of thinking as you see fit. But I really wish that you could live a happier life, without such a gloom view about the future of mankind and the planet.

    Hope to keep hearing from you.

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  8. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Edufer, I know.
    Forget it, I studied for years, I know the history of South America and all the lost treasures of the Ancient Ones. Maybe I know a lot more then you think.
    You do not know me at all. This is the only thread of Sci forums where I will be the pessimist, yes.
    Because it is outrageous, the way humans behave...
    And then they are starting to talk about the Human Of The Future..
    Ok. But I may be as pessimistic as I want here, because humans bring that up in me. Not all, Edufer, not all.
    In this 'Future' thread, I am the pessimist.
    Don't you know what all these pretty, nice humans did to your country? How Europeans came and took all from the Ancient Ones. Who murdered a whole race out, almost.(one Race????)
    Yes I know a lot of South America and the Pyramids and the way they lived. I have to know that, because it is very important, all discoveries done there. But for me, the humans hadn't have to find these old Artefacts, because they ruin everything. Nothing is sacred in the hands of greedy humans.

    People who have to know about this, will know. In their own way they will find out. It is not necessarry to ruin all what the Ancient Ones have left for us...
    And I do not understand that people nowadays can't see how wrong they think. If they know about the way of living in peace with Nature, why don't they? Because they do not treat the inheritance from the Ancient Ones, well.
    People better start think, in stead of fighting and killing and being jealous of all another human has, material things. And material is the most unimportant thing I ever heard of. It is not the material things you have that shows your being rich, it is having a lot less but being happy with that what you have...
    If people start think this way, then I will stop being the pessimist on this one thread in Sci forums.
    Have a nice day, Edufer.

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  9. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Wow it seems like it's been awhile since I've been here.

    Banshee!! Don't send me pot! Noooo! I don't care what you say about it but I don't want any of it.

    Okay, about the masters of the universe thing.
    If there are no aliens in our galaxy then we have no competition. We will advance through the ages and forever, we will never stop evolving-nothing does and nothing will. You cannot measure intelligence kmuh because, at least on our planet alone we have billions of completely different types. We have insects, apes, plants (for chrissakes), you missed a lot. Not to mention humans. Humans are more different from each other than anyone could possibly imagine. I've always wanted to watch someone's life through their eyes for a single day just to see how differently they think and feel than me.

    We will never stop evolving.
  10. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Exactly, and those apes and insects were on this planet a lot earlier then humans were.
    So what does the human kind think? He/she can rule the world? Because humans think they are the only ones with thinking brains?
    I guess so. Maybe humans are wrong. And maybe humans should learn to have a little respect for Nature, for Nature will 'fight' back...
  11. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    The heart of the world-the amazon.

    It's being deforested.

    Nature responds with diseases released elswhere. What if the Earth itself is an entity and has a soul?

    Diseases are it's antibodies for IT'S disease-the human race.
  12. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Ok Shrike...!!

    Shrike, you say it very well.
    I have nothing to add to your reply. It is exactly what Earth is...
    And Earth tries to stay alive, so she tries to survive by wiping away the sick 'things' on Earth. And that are humans, yes, allright!
    You understand it well.
    The very simple truth, you are on the right way my friend, really the right way. And deforesting the Amazon Rainforest is so wrong. But humans won't be humans if they do not have something to destroy on their own behalf.
    You think very well Shrike, tell me how it goes on with you, please. I like to know. The more humans who may have ESP-abilities (some are more sensitive for ESP then others) the better.
    Let me know how you are doing, please, I like to know that, to hear what is happening with you, what you think and feel and what comes true or nearly. You do that please?
    You are on the right way.

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    Good job...Go on like this!
  13. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member

    It would seem that the current gene pool is the result of only a few thousand people.

    The last major volcanic erruption around 40,000 years ago destroyed most of the human race, leaving only a few thousand. I'll find the articles if anyone is interested. I posted the details in another thread some time ago but can't remember where for the moment.

    Certainly as we travel more and inter-mingle more sexually then naturally we will move increasingly towards common characteristics.

    However, genetic manipulation and customization may well move us in the opposite direction. Or maybe it will increase the pace if everyone chooses the same optimum characteristics.

  14. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Exactly Cris, Mother Earth throws the rotten 'hearts' from her back and defends Herself if necessarry.
    And that is the way it has to be, for the human race is on the way to destruction.

    So the time will come Earth shall be fed up with us and She shall erase what is causing Her so much hurt and pain.
    If only for the destruction of certain animals and Nature She is already very ticked off.

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  15. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Things don't seem to have changed too much, but I am adhering to your advice, banshee. I was bored a few hours ago and tried to move this thing on a table in front of me just by looking at it, concentrating, and envisioning it moving away. The second I gave up I felt a huge amount of butterflies in my stomach. Is that supposed to happen? The thing didn't move.

    I'd like to be able to read the minds of others with certainty, but I can listen to my feelings and be correct most of the time. It usually occurs when I'm guessing what's for dinner (heh).

    Any suggestions? Is there any way I can 'level up' to something better? I have no intention of using this thing for bad, I'd just like to know if people are lying, what they're thinking about, in order to better understand them. I'd really like to look into my own future, but I find that whenever I try to do any of the things described in the above my thoughts are clouded or 'corrupted (as I refer to it)' by my own thoughts about generally anything.
  16. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Shrike, you are to eager in wanting to have results so quickly.
    And Psychokinesis is difficult to learn.
    Try the telepathic contacts first, once that ability works well it is easier to go on with other ESP-abilities, because you know how to clear your head then..
    The butterflies can be a sign yes, that something inside you is changing in the right direction.
    Though looking into your own future is difficult for Psychics. They succeed most of the time better in looking into somebody elses 'future'.
    Telepathic feelings you can pick up from a person you know very well, if you open up and try to look in his/her eyes and then let your energy go to that person. Most of the times you can tell rather quickly how that person feels towards you.
    That is the easiest part of it.
    To really read what is on this persons mind, is much more difficult, it really needs time and practise.
    Try every day to relax (meditate), clear your head and think of wanting to contact one particular person. Best is someone close to you because he/she knows you well and shall be more able to feel you. It is really a good way to tell that person you will try to contact him/her during a day you choose and then, at the end of the day, you ask if the person has had a particular feeling or image of you. A clear feelng or image, he/she really had to think of you at once...You understand what I mean?
    Sometimes it is difficult to explain.
    But it takes time Shrike, it won't come to you in a forthnight.
    As I hear you speak of the butterfly feeling, I think you are certainly making progress here.
    Stay on this way, you are heading in the right direction.
    But be careful not to be to eager, for it will block you then.
    Stay calm and patient, try to practise every day, you are doing fine and you are going rather quick I must say.
    So you see, you think it takes so long, but it is not so.
    All things you told me are going quite fast with you, believe me.
    Stay on this way and do not force yourself, it will come to you, sooner then you think.
    Please be patient and careful, it will work out for you, but it doesn't come that sudden.
    If you want to know something, you can always contact me. Ok?
    Please do that, you are heading straight to what you want, but it really needs its time.
    I hope I have been of any use to you with this reply. If not and you want to know more or so, then contact me please.
    I will help you as much as I can, but one thing at a time and the telepathic ability is the easiest way I can think of to begin with.
    If that goes well, you automatically can go on trying other ESP-abilities. Because then you are opened up well enough and other abilities can come more faster to you.
    Hope I could help you with this reply.

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  17. Mr. G reality.sys Valued Senior Member

    It is statistically most likely that the future of Humanity is more of the same.

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  18. Counterbalance Registered Senior Member

    Originally posted by GRO$$
    What came before monkeys?


  19. Ana Registered Senior Member



    Didn't Issac Asimov write an essay on how man was the cancer of the earth?
  20. kmguru Staff Member

    Re: weeeeell....

    You know, you get cancer when your good cells have their own agenda and want to live forever. Did the late Asimov explained which specis is the good cells? It is more likely, he meant, some of us are cancers and others are good in harmony with nature...hmmm...
  21. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Maybe you better live in harmony with Nature.
    In the last 10 years brain diseases have become more common.
    There are more autistic baby's born and the mad cow disease was not only with the cows but also amongst Elks.
    Humans think mad cow disease was coming from the food they gave the cows, but Elks don't eat that food and even though there were a lot of Elks who died at mad cow disease in the wild.
    Cancer is becoming a common disease and so there are more diseases around which doesn't really belong here.

    A sign the Earth is fed up. The ecosphere is badly damaged and Earth is too polluted and there are to much destructive wars going on. It gets worse and worse.

    The message I have to pass, against my will, is that the human race within 40 years will be erased for 2/3 of the worlds population by an enormous Natural disaster.
    Only the ones who nurture Earth and Nature will remain.
    I post this message because it came to me and a lot of others like me and we were told to pass this through to as many humans as we can reach.
    So by the possibility to be called stir crazy, I give you the message for in this I have no choice.
    I never post 'things' that come to me in a different way then they come to you. Is there anybody else here who got this message too? One way or another.
    It would sure make me feel better, for I am not a fool and sure not crazy.
    But it makes me feel real uneasy to post this. I like to be here and don't want to be the laugh at Sciforums.

    I passed the message through to you and hope you will take good notice of it, for the Timekeepers have already decided that the human race has damaged Earth, Nature and the ecosphere to badly.

    So have your good laugh, I did my job. In this I had no choice.

    This is the end of my message. I will not get back at it.
  22. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    could you pm me and tell me exactly what the 'timekeepers' are, banshee. Maybe I should have a chat with them.
  23. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Shrike, I will send you a PM yes.
    I don't go into this message any further on Sciforums.
    I was told to pass the message to as many humans I could reach, that is the only reason why I posted it at Sciforums, for there are so many humans here, from all over the world.
    So it was the good place to post it.

    Taking the risk that everybody here will have a good laugh and think I am a fool or like MR. G. says that I am living in the past.
    Crazy, because this is about the future.
    The very near future.

    And that is it, end of talking about the message at Sciforums.

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