Human doormat?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Gliks, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Gliks Registered Member

    How do you know that someone is a human doormat simply by providing a test?....a human doormat is a person who says 'yes' when they means 'no' ...just because they dont want to hurt someone else feeling...
    thanks for reading
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  3. Merlijn curious cat Registered Senior Member

    Welcome again Gliks,
    I would say theb most simple test is invite them (or have them invite you) and create the right atmosphere for a serious talk. Then ask something like: "what makes you happy?" or something. I guess you get the drift.
    If the answer is: "to serve others" you know what time it is.

    Aybody in particular you suspect is like that?
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  5. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Guess you have to be careful with people who agree in everything with you. At first sight you think, "Hey, that's a nice person, thinks exactly like me..."

    As some time passes by, you'll find that it is impossible that you both agree on everything. Every human is an individual with different feelings and his/her own, personal view on life. I think it is not always because they are afraid to hurt soemone elses feelings. It is also because they want to be liked, want to be part of your life, no matter what.

    If you are, for instance, a very popular person and the other is not, because of his/her introvert way of being, he/she can say anything, just to belong with you and your friends. Sometimes it results in a big disappointment, because the person in question turnes out to be completely different then you thought at first sight. It can happen that such an imposter is not that friendly at all. He/she can not always hide hm/herself behind the facade being held up. One time or another the truth will come out and then you can be surprised.

    If it is jealousy, then the final outcome gives a bad picture.

    The very first impression you get from a person is almost always the correct one. Trust your feelings toward other people in this...

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  7. Gliks Registered Member

    thanks for your reply guys..

    about feeling...i could say that a person is a human doormat but if only i m one of their friends....
    but howabout somone who you know but not exactly close to you..and what do you think about questions who can show a person personality .....
    because in my point of view ...if you gave someone a case study ..
    like this:
    one day you are doing your fav "action" , and then there is a door to door sales man/woman who insist you to buy him/her products....they act aggressively ...

    in that case study if you are a human doormat probably you will their product eventhough you dont need it you said "yes I ll buy one " just to make her/him go away....(they're being passive)

    now the problem is ...if you ask this question to somebody ...
    i believe that most of them will say "No, ill say no to that salesman" , though in the reallity it is not like that...

    so i need questions that can trick a person , so he/she can show their personallity about this human doormat..
  8. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Oh, ok.

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    What about: "By my means they can kill everyone who dares to shoplift. Send him/her to the death row, immediately...!"
    Or something like that. Shocking things you have to ask them or tell them and then watch the expression on their faces. Must be a real good imposter to not let show a thing then...

    BTW, any agressive salesman/woman I kick from the door, without hesitation. If once said, "No, thank you I don't want to buy anything from you", it has to be enough...
  9. Gliks Registered Member

    thats what exactly i was thinking of...
    we dont know that the person is passive (human doormat) simply by asking that salesman question ....
    coz they will give the answer just like what you ve said...
    a person can answer that question ...eventhough not in the reallity ... (it isnt you banshee..hehehe)...
    i want written questions to know the real personality of the person ....

    about your shocking questions... i need to be face to face with the person right.... but how about if you can see it simply by looking his/her written answers...

    btw thank again ...

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