HUMAN BRAIN AS CPU(Speculative Estimates)

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Rick, Nov 19, 2001.

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  1. kmguru Staff Member

    Google please. These days, I do a memory dump since Google is so handy. I just keep a few metadata in my head. Too much stuff to store. There are two types of knowledge. One type can be assimilated from books or raw data, the other only by doing such as riding a bicycle or doing a painting or playing a guitar. Most people get confused between the two.

    The reason I bring this up is because I am pissed. In between my postings, I do a lot of consulting work in highend Information Technology and Project Recovery (that someone screwed up). I got a call this morning to fix a project that this company spent $1.2 million that does not do anything. They wanted someone to come and fix it for $10,000. On top of that they want a programmer and not an architect. I was trying to explain that if you want your painting done like sixteen chapel, you hire a painter and not a paint manufacturer. I tried another. If you want to build a beautiful building, hire an architect and not a plumber.

    He said, what is the difference. I gave up.
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  3. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    sometimes they want all, I know.

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    in my free time I help people to tweak their pc's for mximum performance(members of my Taekwon-do federation mostly, I'm qite lazy to do self search this year, maybe when I enter university, I' ll start this for real) (lnstall the new drivers, bios tuning, put in new hardware, format, lost data recovery and such....) for a little peso of course

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    one chick wanted to access her pc by her cell phone
    she had Siemens S35i with possible internet connection. I couldn't persuade her tht by WAP you can not access computers by ftp.
    we had a little "struggle" and in the end she said that I was incompetent and tht smone else would do it for her

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  5. Rick Valued Senior Member

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  7. kmguru Staff Member

    Reverse engineering your brain....that is a good thought. Consider this statement:

    "Brain activity imaging information will be quite valuable in helping neurosurgeons repair damaged brains more effectively - or perhaps even eventually offer information workers new thinking techniques. "

    Sounds logical. I wonder if we can use the same technique like putting the computer inside an MRI machine to reverse engineer the computer? We can find the Windows swap file in some memory area, we can find those program files under a folder. What if the brain uses RAID 5? OR if they are naturally encrypted so as not to cause interference with background EMF? Data packets anyone?

    Oh! the fun of monkeys learning to type.....
  8. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I did start messing around trying to write a fictional piece on the subject of the human brain as a CPU.

    It was simple, Some dodgy company with roots to markets in more than one country starts to develop equipment to merge with the human brain.

    The equipment works on two levels electromagnetics and high frequency sound, between the two they manage to find away to hook to people and communicate with them. The people don't even have to be on the companies ground, but within distance of the companies matrice of antennas that dot the land, and transponders hired from the communication companies.

    The abilities the people have from being hooked to machines is the ability to render in 3d, or just think of a diagram to a theory and print it out.

    They also find that having the brains on the computers increases their Cycling capacity (As in CPU cycles) of their whole system. They don't need to build extra computers that could take up ever increasing space but just increase the number of brains looped into their system.

    They begin to parallel process human beings, but there are costs to this voyage of discovery. The parallel processing has a habit of dumping information out faster than it's suppose to breaking the entrapy barrier.

    The People they hook to find themselves forced into hospitals, to live out the rest of their lives as a CPU's to their mainframe. Their only means of escape is to die from tumours and other disorders caused by the universe morphing on their shoulders (like the weight that Atlas was made to bear in the form of their brains shrinking to the density of matter being increased through parallel superpositioning of electromagnetic flux.) or at the hands of their suicidal tendencies transposed to ease their suffering by one of the companies staff.

    If it wasn't bad enough that the company was causing such problems amongst the populous with people becoming scitzophrenic and injuring themselves and one another.

    It was found that some of the company employees had infiltrated from racially intolerant factions to cause uprisings and chaos in countries they despised. Such countries had been found easy to manipulate through their understanding of matyrdom.
    It was found that conflicts started between countries or people, were done due to the understanding of these racial intolerants:

    To have the race they choose waring with themselves was fighting a battle that they would have not had the manpower to commit to themselves.

    The continued press of these battles would cause negative understanding about the people and increase the racial intolerance, thus increasing the people that joined their underground network.

    Although this all continued from this one company, no government or group would stand in their way. As if any attention was drawn to them, the corrupt people of the company would connect to the people that were being called upon to investigate and manipulate them not to.

    Elections were being rigged in turn for favours of being left alone, even people would be found mysteriously dieing from ailments that didn't exist previously, but no one would bring a meter in to check for the background electromagnetic levels.

    One person wanted to make the stand... And try to gain assistance, but found corruption at every turn... He now is left fighting that ongoing battle, to try and free people from the Slave trade of the 21st Century.
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