Hp Vs Dell - Good priced gaming cpu

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Makaveli, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Xelios We're setting you adrift idiot Registered Senior Member

    Well if you buy one from Best Buy chances are it will conk out after a year. Or you can build it yourself and with the money you save on "extended warranty" and parts you can easily replace whatever might break.

    If you can figure it out then building it yourself is the way to go. Plus you learn some things about the components in your machine, so if something does break you at least know enough to tell what it is and how to replace it.
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  3. andbna Registered Senior Member

    Build it yourself is the only way i would go for a gaming desktop computer (or for any in that matter, as the companies usualy never put anywhere near the amount of RAM needde for most 'casual' use computers... 128MB will NOT run Windows to any extent god damnit!)
    You say 1100$ buget, will you need to buy stuff like monitor, keyboard+mouse, printer, and can you salvage a case and powersupply perhaps?
    You should be able to get away with 150-200$ for a decent mobo, and then ~150 more for the CPU (an athlon 64 5000+ will last you a long time, im running a 3000+ and its able to provide all the resources my games demand... Flight Sim X is a tag laggy sometimes though) ~200$ more fore a GeForce 8600 or ATI equivelant
    and then ~200$ on RAM (4x256MB, get a mobo that allows that)
    about 800$ total
    The rest you can spend on anythin else you need (case, power supply, network card, mouse&keyboard, monitor etc... but i usualy try and salvage those things) And then theres Windows if you have to buy a copy....
    All prices were from quik looks on newegg, could be off. And perhaps poeple would like to refine the sudgestions, just thought they would be a good starting point of reference.

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  5. Makaveli Registered Senior Member

    Thanks everyone for your propt replys... im acctually going to just build my own with my cousin. He acctually builds cpus and he even told me not to go through dell nor hp and he will just build it for me. Nice guy , also he helped me pick the specs all from new egg (it went over $1,100 lol)

    o well i work non stop and im always on the cpu so ill fork up the 1600 for it..
    thankx every1
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