How to save the Earth ?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Futurist, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Eman Resu Registered Senior Member

    I think the "superior" species has already evolved into human form. It's easy to tell which species is which ... those that have will survive while those without will die trying to obtain what the haves have (all the while participating as a slave in the global economic game of THIS life).

    When you can afford the "prescriptions" that fend-off the diseases of tomorrow you will survive. When you can't ... you won't.

    Advice: If you're male - find a rich one. If you're female - find a rich one with superior genes.

    Then again, isn't that human biology and evolution in a nut-shell?

    Now tell me ... who ISN'T sick of it all?
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  3. BatM Member At Large Registered Senior Member

    Survival of the fittest. Now you're saying that economics will determine who is "fit". What if the "price" is too high? :bugeye:
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  5. Eman Resu Registered Senior Member

    The price is definitely high. The only thing worth living for in this life is life itself. It seems obvious that the "fittest" in any culture survive. Think of the modern push toward capitalism as a culture. Those that survive are the intellectually savvy ones - whether it is at the top of the "cultural" order or at the bottom. The guy at the top has it through bloodline. The guy at the bottom has to prove it with intellect and smarts. When HE gets to the top the idiots there will soon find themselves licking boots unless the fortune that their ancestors amassed is far too great to swindle ...

    If you can't make it then your current life will lead you to another culture that appreciates living and the 6 senses or straight to the grave.

    I like capitalism ..... but with age has come the wisdom that it is meant for the young who are filled with greed. I'm still waiting for the utopia ...
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  7. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    Whatever works is good. Whatever dosnt is bad. The system needs no looking over as the bad dies out gradually.

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