How to Invite Discussions To Other Threads

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    Some tips for linking/inviting discussion elsewhere:
    (for anyone not sure how)​

    Invitations to other threads can be most helpful and appreciated. The more you invite digressions in topic to more appropriate threads, the more you advance the quality and clarity of content here at SciForums. This habit has also been scientifically proven to improve your reputation, health, mental focus, intelligence, longevity, sex-life, after-life, and more (depending of course on what you believe).

    Linking to other threads can be done in several ways:
    (underlined links are live below)​

    For more tips on vBulletin posting, see How do I format my posts and messages?

    If entering tags, formatting posts, and such details make you want to scream, then please consider simply stating the subforum and thread name where you would like to take a conversation:
    "Let's go talk about Julian Assange's sex life in Free Thoughts, Mate" for example. It's much better than

    1) no invitation at all, and far more socially evolved and acceptable here than

    2) "threadjack"- aggravated off-topic posting (a capital offense here).

    The benefits of polite invitations to appropriate venues of discourse are manyfold. You are cordially invited to make invitations, whenever you wish to digress from the topic of a thread, as expressed by its originating author in any thread's Opening Post. A perceived digression can become a valuable opportunity to survey the full breadth of venues here at SciForums, to find the best context in a current or new thread, where a seemingly solitary "aha" moment may light up many minds.
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    I'm sorry that I was so uninviting.

    On review I can't read the bloody thing meself.

    Kindly redirect yourself to something more stimulating.
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    You did well.
    What I would like to learn is the art of multi-quoting. :)
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