How smart are you? Take the IQ test.

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by AUSSIEABORIGINAL, Aug 10, 2002.


Do you believe that IQ tests are an accurate measurement of intelligence?

Poll closed Apr 17, 2004.
  1. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  2. No

    76 vote(s)
  1. Deja vu Registered Senior Member


    Actually Madonna does have an IQ of 140. She seems to flaunt this almost as much as Sharon Stone flaunted Mensa membership (come to find out Sharon never was a member, according to Mensa). Madonna's IQ of 140 was not recorded on some internet test, either. It was supervised. Scary huh? Actually if you think about her career, a 140 IQ does make sense. She isn't stupid by any means.

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  3. bentheogen Registered Member

    intelligence has nothing to do with success. you can choose to lead the life of a whore in a capitalist gangbang, or you can choose otherwise.
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  5. lowefly Registered Senior Member

    IQ isn't everything! I can tell you this because I was tested back when I was in junior high at 148 and then again a few years back and had dropped to 146. I have done nothing with my life of any real value other than work in my dad's wrecking yard. I love to read about science and politics but have done nothing other than read. I didn't do anything much in school except cut class and stare out the window.

    I was told that I was in the top 2% and that I should be putting it to use. Well schools and parents should allow you to move ahead and not hold you back because "it would be a difficult adjustment"

    Well enough bitching, I am planning on going to college now that I'm in my thirties. Dad has finally retired and no longer needs me. I can't wait!!!!! Yahoo FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I kind of lost my point....ha ha ha! The point was use what you've got and make the best of it no matter what or how long it takes!!!!!
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  7. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    bentheogen ...

    Agree whole heartedly.

    One of the brightest guys I've had the good fortune to know
    worked as a battery assembler ... He composed, and published,
    beautiful poetry in his native tongue (Russian).

    Was he a 'failure'? I don't think so.

    Take care

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  8. snakeovich Registered Member

    has anyone taken the test for exceptional intelligence?

    in the IHIQS they have a test for exceptional intelligence
    it says that gifted people only score average on it.
    I got a 138 on the Ultimate Test but only a 105 on my first crack at the exceptional one.
    Can someone else try it and tell me what they got, was the first one a fluke or am i just a normal dude

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  9. One Guest

    scored 138 on the ultimate test... 135 on the emode test and 140 on the national IQ test on tv (aust) Not too bad for a factory worker!

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    Does seem kinda high tho...:m:
  10. DefSkeptic Registered Senior Member

    Some interesting information for you guys-

    85 - 114 Average Pupils at junior high school
    115 - 124 Above average Pupils at senior high school
    125 - 134 Gifted University graduates
    135 - 144 Highly gifted Intellectuals
    145 - 154 Genius Professors
    155 - 164 Genius Nobel Prize Winners
    165 - 179 High genius
    180 - 200 Highest genius
    >200 "Unmeasurable" genius

    Name Nationality Active as & Comments Adult IQ

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe- Germany Poet/Writer. Universal genius.* 210

    Emanuel Swedenborg- Sweden Religious writer. Universal genius. 205

    Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz- Germany Philosopher/Mathematician, etc. The greatest universal genius together with Leonardo da Vinci.* 205

    John Stuart Mill- England Philosopher/Economist/Political theorist 200

    Blaise Pascal- France Mathematician/Physicist/Religious thinker 195

    Ludwig Wittgenstein- Austria Philosopher 190

    Bobby Fischer- U.S.A. Chess player 187

    Galileo Galilei- Italy Physicist/Astronomer/Philosopher 185

    René Descartes- France Philosopher/Mathematician 180

    Madame De Stael- France Woman of letters/Novelist/Political Philosopher 180

    Immanuel Kant- Germany Philosopher 175

    Linus Carl Pauling- U.S.A. Chemist - Double Nobel Prize Winner 170

    Sofia Kovalevskaya- Russia/Sweden Mathematician/Writer 170

    Thomas Chatterton- England Poet/Writer 170

    Charles Darwin- England Naturalist 165

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Austria Composer 165

    George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)- England Writer - Close friend to J.S. Mill. 160

    Nicolaus Copernicus- Poland Cleric/Astronomer 160

    Rembrandt van Rijn- Holland Painter/Etcher 155

    George Sand (Aurore Dupin)- France Writer 150
    Last edited: May 28, 2003
  11. c'est moi all is energy and entropy Registered Senior Member


    this one wasn't too bad
    didn't understand everything as I should cause it's in english
    got 122
  12. DarkEyedBeauty Pirate. Registered Senior Member

    Who actually had a Psychology class here? Your IQ doesn't change.

    Mine was 129, which I don't believe. I actually had it tested when I was 16, and it was 137. I'm not leaving my IQ to a website. That's stupid. But honestly, IQ is not accurate really.
  13. yesemina Registered Senior Member

    Oh man. I got a 116 on the Ultimate IQ test, 136 on emode. Blah. Neither are that great.
  14. SoLiDUS OMGWTFBBQ Registered Senior Member

    What's the highest score possible on Emode ? When I did the
    test (half-assed and having not slept for 24hrs), I got 135 and
    my friend who got tested with two standard deviations over
    the average, got that as well... must have to do with "correct"
    answers according to their twisted logic on some puzzles...
  15. kazakhan Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    I didn't cheat:bugeye:
    I just noticed this, seemingly I've gone beyond the scale:bugeye:
  16. iggit Registered Member

    Don't take offense at the options of why it is a wrong result.

    It is showing the second level of testing, which means you would have had to take it twice to get that response and it was only taken once... so it figured you either cheated or used someone elses number or entered your own number on the first try instead of the second try.... so it doesn't count...

    It is an intelligent program itself.. programmed in APE and although it is intelligent, it does not have memory so it can only make deductions based on your process and not learned from previous experience. The net is far too slow to process the memory it would use if it had any.
  17. kazakhan Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    I'm not offended

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    Just found it odd, I also didn't enter my number 1st go either, so is it just meaningless until I do it again with the number?
  18. iggit Registered Member

    First time measures long term process.
    Second time measures short term process.

    It is quite accurate when performed as the instructions dictate but it is an intelligence test so it has no instructions on taking it just what can be deduced from the 'questions'. If you can call them questions.
  19. kazakhan Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    I just read the instructions

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    Will try again later....
  20. Rose_Guce Registered Member

    IQ test

    Hey guys! Cool forum.

    You may also want to try the online IQ test I just took.
    The site says that it was taken by more than 400,000 users and was prepared by PhDs.

    They also provide other tests such as the Jobs test which identifies an individuals job profile, an EQ test and a General Knowledge test.

    Comes with a small fee though. The test + 20 page personalized report costs only $6.99

    You should try it. Report proves to have an added value.

    URr of the site is:
  21. chuck u farley Registered Senior Member

    an 8???!!!

    I scored an 8. A goddam 8. I hate that shit when I score 8. So I sent in my 600 dollars. Screw this!!
  22. Martian Registered Senior Member

    do we care?

    there're so many ppl who think IQ test is meaningless

    I have to point out that there is no such meaningless thing which ppl do care very much. notice that no one has yet come up with score around 80

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  23. DarkMadMax Registered Senior Member


    I found this test extremly scewed. It favors techinical education too much ( - about 10 question were on pure knowledge of elementary geometry and kinematics ) . -worst test imho. I scored pretty high , despite being unable to solve most patterns (dodecaedr "select impossible figure" imho is pure crazy stuff - you should think incredibly fast to solve 6 like those under 30 minutes) and inabilty to solve word puzzles (usually this is my strong part in tests in my native language) - only because the "object" oriented puzzles("physical puzzles") are stuff I did in high school.

    And some questions are impossible to answer if you are not native language speaker
    (.e.g: board fish gaze - find a word which when added to first 3 will make 3 new words - In IQ tests in my native language I was doing those things easily ,but in english it just doesnt connect for me at all).

    I took total about 5 iq tests ( 2 in my native language, 3 in english ) But after all those tetsts I have damn feeling that after some training you can score a lot higher. - especially on pattern recognitions. Some of tests are incredibly scewed towards native language speakers ,some towards technical education .

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