How our world could be.

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Stryder, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    The following I will put forwards as perhaps a plan for some fiction, but you might find that it airs a strange remenance to a possible truth be it slightly theatrical.

    The direction of theoretical physics suggests that one day mankind will change the perspective of not just the world but how we perceive the universe. One such point is that of parallel universes and how they can possibly be accomplished.

    The problem is that such parallels although could easily be created with the changing of an electrons position or moving an object in a room, some people that make such parallel worlds might have not been vetted over their Psychology, they might have developed some intense godlike feeling.

    Instead of just an electron being moved, what if someone famous was assassinated or something that made a great impact on a global scale was changed. If the point of the change was done, then the people doing the experiment might exist where someone gets shot while a parallel exists where they live and vice versa.

    The problem here is that difference catalyses a world where the people doing such experiments know full well that it’s completely different, so they feel that the world to them isn’t real and neglect that anyone has human rights in that universe.

    To them that world wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for what they did (Putting that thought in a gunman’s head), therefore they feel that they own that world and can do what they want in it and to it, and to anyone in it. Perhaps acting out like they are gods on their unreachable mount, picking their hero’s or victims.
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  3. monkapotomus tortured brain Registered Senior Member

    i'd move brittany spears electrons into my reality.

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  5. archwriter Registered Senior Member

    ...only if she promises never to sing again
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