How much does it cost for you to obtain your drivers license in your country?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Free_Matt_417, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Hell, how could you forget the hospital bills for you being born?
    And getting your tonsils out?
    And braces?
    And all those dates with Mary Jane Rottencrotch?
    By the time we're all through, the bill should be in the millions.
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  3. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    In Latvia it's around £200,
    I don't have a drivers license though, no need for it, because I'm living in the center of our capital city and can get anywhere I need through public transport.
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  5. Free_Matt_417 The CIA took my baby away Registered Senior Member

    yer, in australia its much harder and more expensive (as you can see) to get your license. Our legal age for everything is 18, and we can start driving at 16 working towards our full license, which takes 2 years. in that time any road violations can cause you to loose your license and start again...all over again
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  7. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    jeezus! 2 years to get your licence and you have to start ot 16? here it takes 18 months to get a full licence if you sit a defensive driving course, and you can get your learners at 15. you still get the same 100 demerit limit as everyone else, and you only need to resit from your learners if you get it taken off you for dangerous or reckless driving.
  8. G. F. Schleebenhorst England != UK Registered Senior Member

    Same in the UK. For the first two years of having a full license if you get 6 points (roughly equal to two speeding tickets or two minor offences) you have to go back to a provisional license (you can only drive if accompanied) until you pass the test again.
  9. Gondolin Hell hath no fury like squid Registered Senior Member

    I got my learners when I was 15 and got my license a year later. I think it ran me about 50 US.

    I agree that it is ridiculously easy to get your license here in the US. I drove around a quiet neighborhood, came back to the courthouse, went inside and got my license. No wonder we have so many wrecks.
  10. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    thats another thing. licence tests only seem to test your driving ability in the city where you dont drive more than 60kmph, when most of the fatal crashes which occur are on the open road. so those of us who live in rural areas and have a lot of experience on the open road but not much in the city, will fail our tests, despite the fact that we are less likely to cause a crash.
  11. pilpaX Registered Senior Member

    In Estonia,
    when I got my licence back in 2003 it was 320€ (412$)
    Now I have heard its 450€ (577$)
  12. Genie Registered Member

    70euro here in ireland

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    35 for the license and 35 for the lesson to get it.
  13. lotec Registered Member

    Norway is expencive...

    In Norway a drivers license will cost you US $3-5000.

    We have probably some of the most comprehensive (and expensive) driving schools in the world.

    To get a license to drive a moped will cost you several hundred US dollars. Probably close to a thousand. That's 10 times as much as when I took it 15 years ago.

    A typical situation is:
    First you will need a four day basic driving theory class. And first aid.
    Then you can drive together with your parents or anybody else that is over 25 years old, and has had their drivers license for 5 years. (A teacher at a driving school har 3 years of education to become a teacher btw.)
    Then you have to drive with a teacher until you are qualified to take the exam. The driving include driving at night and on a special track to learn winter driving. The track is usually made of asphalt and steel covered with oil and water. Slippery...
    You have to pass all this, and pass a written test as well.
    Then you can go to the DMW and get another test (one written and one that requires driving several kilometers where they will ask you to stop the car in a hill and see if you can use the clutch good enough. They will ask you to drive in a city and on the highway. They will test your parking skill and much more.
    If you pass you will have a drivers lisence in Norway.
    Oh.. and if you take the license on a car with automatic transmission - you are NOT allowed to drive a car with a manual transmission.

    If you want to drive a truck or a bus you will need a lot of extra theory and extra driving for this. If you take a bus and drivers license at once it will cost you $7-10 000. You will need a car license first. And you must be 21.

    We also have a drivers license for a minibus. That is a car/bus capable of driving 10-16 passengers. It will usually not cost more than $1000. You need a drivers license first.

    When I took my license we had a traffic safety pack included (mandatory).
    After a 10? day theory course and an exam we could start to drive. We had to drive in all possible situations - and after 6 month (after we had received the license) we had to take another round of driving hours including driving at night and driving on the slippery track to learn to drive on ice etc.
    My parents paid for it. It cost about $2500. I had no chance to pay for this. I was a student living at home. My allowance was $15-20 a week.
    I didn't have money for a car either... I still drive a shitty car btw..

    Oh.. and in Norway a ticket for speeding can easily cost you $1000.
    And if you drink and drive... big mistake. The fine will be about 1/12 of your income during a whole year. So if you make $12 million, your ticket would be $1 million... Bill Gates would even feel the pain of his mistake.
    And you will loose your license for up to 2 years. And if the alcohol level is above a certain level - you will have to wait for 2 years and take all the theory and driving again. Many people in their forties to sixties will have trouble to get a license again because the rules are much stricter now than it used to be. Some will have to pay $10 000 to get their license back. They need many hours of extra theory and extra driving. Some give up.

    I see that this year they have stopped quite a few people from Poland and Lithuania (working in Norway) because they had been drinking and driving. They are probably not used to so sticked rules. They are overrepresented compared to their number. The police will always have a breathalyser with them. The limit is lower in Norway than what they are used to.

    I think that the license is to expensive. It cost about $95-115 an hour - and a lot of hours are mandatory. It prevents young people to take the license in the first place, unless the parents can help them out financially. The price will also reflect the car they can afford after paying for the license. They get old and not very safe cars. And it doesn't help we have among the worlds most expensive cars either. $20 000 is the cheapest car you can buy new in Norway. A family car will cost you 2-3 times as much.
    I wanted to buy a VW Caravell. It's a car with room for 8 people and a 2,5 liter 130 hp diesel engine. It is also 4x4 since it is helpful in the winter. But when I heard the price I was shocked. It would cost me over $120 000... and it's just a regular car (just a little bigger). No luxury and absolutely no race car. The state don't want to many drivers on the road because of the pollution. So cars and fuel (over $2 a liter) are expensive.

    But the driving education has resulted in very few accidents so I guess the comprehensive courses are OK.
    I believe people should take a refresh course every 10-15 years. Then we could weed out older people that can't drive for shit and paid $4 for the license that took 10 minutes to get.

    Since the state pay for school, medical treatment and so on for everybody they have calculated that a traffic death cost the state almost $3 000 000. The state have invested in a person by giving them an education, free dental care and free medical services form they was born, and it that person die - they can not work and pay taxes, buy goods and pay VAT and so on. And they have to pay for the police, the ambulance, damage to property and everything else.
    So safety is taken very importantly. But it has a price (like everything else).

    You can drive in Norway when you are on a vacation with most drivers licenses from western countries. You have to be 18 years old. You have to be 25 years old to rent a car in many places.. or at least pay an extra fee.
    If you come from most countries in Asia, Africa and America you can not drive a car here. You may be required to take a mini driving test, and then get allowed to drive - but people from many countries are not allowed to drive here.

    But we have problems every winter when people from warmer countries drive large trucks here in winter time. They will get in trouble. They don't have studded tires or chains. They will block the roads for hours. It's a guarantee.
    There are even those who come form countries or places with little or no mountains. They will have problems with their brakes. That's also a guarantee.

    It's no point for a Norwegian in taking a drivers license when on vacation to Thailand or Egypt. You can not convert it to a Norwegian drivers license when you come home.

    ... and all the first aid/CPR courses we have to take...
    1. At school 3 times. When I was 10, 16 and 18.
    2. When I took my drivers license for a car.
    3. When I took my drivers license for a truck
    4. When I took my drivers license for a bus
    5. When I took an extra license to drive a truck with dangerous goods (ADR)
    6. When I took my license to operate a hydraulic crane on a truck
    7. And twice when I was drafted to the Navy..
    Come on...the focus on safety is to high...
    Now I need to take another first aid/CPR course bacause I'm taking a license to drive a ship... As fare as I know the human body does not changed very much from one year to the other... . evolution takes time..
    And I'm not senile yet either...
    It is not that difficult to learn and the new modern heart starters are almost fool proof.
  14. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    To get a drivers licence here, in Florida USA, it costs about 30.00 last time I renewed. BUT you must have INSURANCE for your car in order to drive it in this state. If you do not have insurance you cannot drive your car. That can cost over $1500.00 a year US.
  15. Meursalt Comatose Registered Senior Member

    Bloody hell. When I got mine (A long time ago in a sunburnt land which isn't quite the same place it used to be), I drove the old ute around a paddock for a few hours, backed it into the shed for practice, booked into the local cop shop for the exam ($20, from memory), took him around the block a couple of times and passed it first go. Had a bit of a problem with parallel parking because I'd never done it before, but I promised the examiner I'd practice. I still avoid it to this day.

    Defensive driving? That was making sure I didn't run over any of the sheep and put dings in the ute.

    Got my bike licence a couple of years later, because I couldn't afford to buy my own for a while and the farm bike wasn't exactly roadworthy.
  16. EntropyAlwaysWins TANSTAAFL. Registered Senior Member

    Its 120 hours of practice now in Australia, and that's Just to get the first level of your probationary licence!
    Then there is a second level of probationary licence and then finally your full licence.
    You also have to wait at least a year to get your P1, another year to get your P2 and then two years to get your full licence, you also have to pass a written test to progress to each new licence (in addition to the driving test to get your P1).
    So although you can start learning to drive at 16, you can't get your full licence till you are 20.
  17. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    $10 for a learner's permit at 13 (driving w/ adult)
    $10 for a school permit at 14 (driving for school related functions w/o adult)
    $20 for a drivers license at 16 (driving anywhere anytime w/o adult)
  18. lucifers angel same shit, differant day!! Registered Senior Member

    Licence type first licence Fees
    First provisional - car, motorcycle, moped £50.00


    Theory test fees

    Standard fee for car and motorcycle


    Practical test type
    Weekday price
    Weekday evening and weekend price




    Number of driving lessons: 40 hours

    Postcode: FY2

    Price per hour: £23.5

    Discount: £141

    Total Cost: £799


    Then you have to pay £17.50 to get your full licence

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