How do you solve a problem like Google?


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Downloading latest version of Lazarus I got a message from Google...
Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again
Methinks Google wants to make some money here. I clicked OK and the download proceeded ... but will it in 6 months time? Could anyone do anything about it if it didn't?
What does being unable to provide a CAPTCHA have to do with wanting to charge you?
I think we all accept that Google record the majority (all?) of our interaction with the Internet. So far this has reasonably transparent - Firefox shows brief connections to adsense, ichef and so on before making a final connection. It may be that Google regard data collection (and marketing) as sufficient reward for the service they provide or it may be that they see the potential for charging for the service (the connection) itself - one step towards making a service chargeable would be to prevent (or demonstrate the possibility of preventing) the service (connection) from being available without payment (of some kind). Another step towards assessing the value of preventing a service being available without charge would be to see whether people actually want that service - that is to say would they be willing to pay for that service? How would you find out how much people want a service? Say, block the connection with a CAPTCHA trap - if they abandon the attempt to connect at that point then they probably won't pay (say) $10/month to unblock the connection. I'm guessing your point is that Google could be prevented from charging for use of the Internet - who do you think would stop them? The Trump administration?
That seems a lot to deduce from such a mundane and common incident as a briefly unavailable connection.
There's not much information flowing from DNS to DNS any resolution absolution will eventually resolve over this time after t/t =1 coming up after this script for google/s source from DNS into DNS A as the fastest route.
Any information flowing through the internet flows off a charted port just like off of Google through any format such as plain text or email, so the consumption information is best to still off as a problem to networks and switches like switching bits between 0 and 1 finally back to an actual chamber like the file pipe in actual software to make meaningful tables like a route for all Google Sites and a table for Alexa sites that removes addresses from stressed sites and uniform sites.