How do you measure wealth?

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    Just the murder alone of Stringbean dates back to 1973, discovered the morning afterward by Hee Haw colleague Grandpa Jones.

    As for Salinger... Few could have been able to know him during that long withdrawal into misanthropic lifestyle. Outside of the changing circumstances of his immediate family and the young girls he invited via correspondence into temporary residence within that isolated property. At even the age of eighteen, Joyce Maynard was probably the most renown of those; I forgot the magazine cover she appeared on that touted her as a promising writer of the future, but Salinger was fascinated by the novelty of her wearing a man's watch on her wrist. Another jeune fille did become his last wife (presumedly Colleen O'Neil), who terminated her engagement to another man.

    His limited contact with legal mediators and any business associates -- as well as employees at grocery stores, gas stations, and the like -- probably didn't count for much beyond being formally and superficially acquainted with him. That kind of "But he always seemed like such a nice old gentleman or young man to us" way of knowing somebody before committing whatever incident makes the regional or national headlines.
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