How did the different human races evolve?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Balder1, Jan 26, 2003.

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  1. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    You must be american if you don't know the word. Anyways, in English bollox or bollocks means bullshit in your common tongue.
    And more to that, this does not have any place in the discussion of the topic title above.
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  3. Big D Registered Senior Member

    I am American,

    Hey how come blacks are so violent in England too?

    If the latest figures for drugs-related gun crime within London's black communities are anything to go by, then 2002 is not shaping up to be a good year for Operation Trident, the city's specialist team focusing on crime committed by black criminals against black communities.
    According to the Metropolitan Police's own predictions, 2002 is set to see another massive rise in shootings, murders and attempted murders as a small number of gangs wield an enormous and terrifying sway in pockets of the capital.

    Last year in London, there were 156 shootings within the black community, an increase of 96% on the previous year. The total included 19 murders.

    So far this year, there have been 65 firearms incidents, up more than 60% on the same period last year. Eight people have died.

    Scotland Yard set up Operation Trident to try to halt the rise in these "black on black" shootings.

    The police argue that for the media to ignore this type of crime, because it is happening largely within a minority community, almost amounts to racism.

    I guess everyone in England is racist too, because we know it is not the blacks fault at all.
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  5. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    I wouldn't know, I'm not English and I don't live there, but my sister does and she is highly annoyed with chavs (as they are called there).
    Meet chavs ->
    Most of them are of african descent.
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  7. okconor Registered Senior Member

    I was at School, in the UK, during the 70's, in the second largest school in the country, where 60% of the pupils were not English.

    The most nasty, violent people were the English, especially directed at the blacks. Some of the most horrific viciousness I have ever seen. When you see "a clockwork orange" that is what the English can be like. The black kids were just as intelligent as a group and generally nicer and a bit more fun than the sad white English.

    Gradually, I have grown up and I'm sorry to say I have no black friends any more - I don't know why, we just seem to grow apart. When I have seen my friends from school most of the black kids never got any further, very few went to University or if they did nothing came of it. It did for the Asians and the white kids, just not the blacks.

    Often their families were screwed up, not unusual for dislocated peoples, i've seen it in my "race". Destroy somebodies culture and it often takes them generations to recover. Look at Arabic society, once the most developed, culturally and scientifically. The Moors in Spain were tolerant to all religions Jews, christians, any one. Rome fought to return Spain to christianity fighting against the whole population. With Islam destroyed by the crusaders and the culture collapsed and fragmented, and the violence and discord we now see is the result.

    White people have dominated the world over the last few centuries because they are more violent, and more organised about it. Look at your own country and how it slaughtered the Indian Nations.

    African tribespeople fighting for the allies in the first and second world wars where disgusted at the mechanised slaughter, invented by that wonderfully cohesive nation the US of A. And now they copy it.

    I feel pity for you. You've not learnt by our mistakes, or your own.
  8. Big D Registered Senior Member

    Hey okconor,

    Would you please get the word out on how bad white people are?

    Because ALL people of color ALL OVER THE WORLD are risking their lives just for a CHANCE to live amongst white people.

    Officials in Tunisia say at least 21 North African migrants trying to reach Italy have drowned.

    Government officials the boat on which the migrants were travelling sank.

    The boat had 75 illegal migrants - 70 Moroccans and five Tunisians - on board when it sank more than 270 miles southeast of Tunis.

    If you noticed okconer, I ALWAYS bring links or facts to back up my point.

    You never do.
  9. J.B Banned Banned

    Do you have a link or any proof of this or is this just your own little world?
  10. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    okonnor is describing his own experiences. He is is not, as far as I can see claiming these can necessarily be extrapolated to humanity at large. He is offering these observations as a distinct counterpoint to BigD's contentions.
    BigD asks for facts. BigD are you declaring that the destruction of the cultureof the indigenous peoples of North America and a large proportionof their population is not a fact? You appear to be confusing facts with internetlinks. They aren't the same thing, you know.
  11. okconor Registered Senior Member

    You should use the links to inform you, not to validate you're own prejudices. I don't need links to bolster my own ego.

    Cultures rise and decline for an enormous variety of reasons. You guys are using this fact to emphasise your belief that black people are inheritantly bad and white people are inheritantly good. But it's natural for you to feel like that. You unwittingly answer the thread question. Prejudice, racial competativenous, geographical distribution - these are how the different races evolved.

    Sure, there is a problem with black culture in the UK at the moment. It wasn't so apparent when I was a kid, but I can see it now, though I think it's getting better - they have enriched our nation. But it's their culture, not their genes where their problems are.

    People used to say the same thing about the Irish, the Italians, and the Indians in the USA. One day they'll be saying it about white Caucasiens - or the barbarians as the Romans used to call us.

    A few years of poverty, famine, desease, suppression and drought would destroy your culture - then I wonder how you would behave. People rely on society and laws to be civilised, take them away and they revert to their animal instincts.

    I am not insecure like Big D, Avatar and now JB. I don't feel threatened. You guys need to see more of the world. I'm not suprised you're bigoted, having spent so much of your life in little town America, discovering yourself in the local Mall. Do you know where Africa, or Europe is?
  12. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    Actually I do, I live in Europe

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    Not really, 600 years of occupation didn't destroy my culture.
    ummm, like now?
  13. okconor Registered Senior Member

  14. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Discussion no longer relevant to opening topic; thread closed.
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