How did Noah fit all those animals on the ark?

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  1. NDS


    Although more than a million animal species have been described, the actual number may be closer to 10 million (according to

    Institution entomologist Terry Erwin estimates there may be 30 million species of tropical insects alone.

    10 million species of animals. First of all, how did Noah find and collect every species of animal? He would have had to literally travel all over the world.

    Secondly, if he even found all these species of animals, how did he fit a male and female of each animal into the ark?

    If there are 10 million species of animals, he would have had to fit 20 million animals in the ark. Think about that: 20,000,000 animals. However, "Vertebrates, the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, those species with a backbone, number only about 44,000 species in total." Even so, that's still 88,000 big vertebrates on one boat. 88 thousand.

    The ark would have to have been at least the size of Texas, right?
  2. skywalker

    skywalker 3 @ T M 3

    In three steps.

    1- Open the Ark doors.

    2- Pushed the animals in.

    3- Closed the ark doors.
  3. timmbuktwo

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    Remember, he didn't really have to "sail his ark" , he just had to wait for the land to dry.
  4. wsionynw

    wsionynw Master Queef

    It didn't happen, it's a myth.
  5. redarmy11

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    The mythical ark was ABSOLUTELY HUGE - YOU IDIOT!!!
  6. wsionynw

    wsionynw Master Queef

    You're right, I'm a fool. Ricky Gervais put it best -
    God: Build an ark!
    Noah: What's an ark?
    God: It's a boat type thing!
    Noah: Right, I'm not that experienced at building boats...
    God: Don't worry about it, just build it, I'll make sure it's alright!
    God: Get two of each animal!
    Noah: I should be writing this down...
    God: Don't worry about the fish, they can swim!
    Noah: Ok...
    God: Or the birds, they can fly, but get the flightless birds, they'll drown! But not the penguins, they're flightless but they can swim.....

  7. Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon Banned

    Wouldnt they also have to provide food for them all? What did they do for 40 days, I mean they couldnt eat each other - that wouldnt be nice. Unless God suspended their need for food. In which case, why bother? Just give all the animals he wanted to save the ability to breath underwater.....
  8. Roman

    Roman Banned

    Why was an ark even necessary?
  9. w1z4rd

    w1z4rd Cry the beloved country

    The dinosaurs and mammoths must have been pissed when they missed their ride on Gilamish`s boat.
  10. w1z4rd

    w1z4rd Cry the beloved country

    It kinda is. From what I understand its a rehash of the story of a King called Gillamish or something like that. One day they had a bad flood, so he loaded all his wealth onto a boat and sailed somewhere else.
  11. nietzschefan

    nietzschefan Thread Killer

    Yes it's very similar to the flood part of the epic of Gilgamesh. Ea,(resurrected in Tolkien works) the god whom had a part in the making of humans, gave Gilgamesh hints on how to survive the flood, without breaking his oath to other gods. Gil was instructed also to build a boat and put "all living things in it". A tall order indeed.

    Written around 2000-1900 BC, it predates old testament books(all of them). Gilgamesh was king of Uruk in Babylonia ~2700BC. I wonder what date most bible scholar's pin the "great flood"? I still think it was at best a local Mediterranean/floodplain, flood.
  12. Only about 20,000 syngameons of animals need have been on the Ark.
  13. w1z4rd

    w1z4rd Cry the beloved country

    so from the 60 million current known species Noah needed only 20k of them?
  14. w1z4rd

    w1z4rd Cry the beloved country

    Do you know how many "larger than a sheep" animals there are in Africa? How many different species?
  15. NDS


    True. Because Noah knew about evolution and that those animals he brought would simply evolve, right?
  16. He knew they would evolve, but not in a Darwinian sense, merely natural selection within the gene pools of the respective syngameons.
  17. Sarkus

    Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe

    While this is possibly true - it would then require there to be enough time between the flood and now to account for ALL the vast array of species that currently exist and have also been made extinct - through evolution.

    So - how long ago was the flood supposed to have been?

    Or - if you don't hold with evolution - how do you explain the vast array of species within the syngameons?
  18. The vast array of so-called species are just manifestations of isolated breeding groups of the respective syngameons in disparate environments.
  19. SkinWalker

    SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology

    "Breeding groups of syngameons" is a oxymoron. Syngameons are infertile. The mule for instance. You'll either have to supply citations to literature that scientifically supports what your saying or accept that you're full of it.

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