Hoow do you train for this?

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Whoa, OMFG! This is NOT something I'm even capable of doing. Was this guy born with the stomach of Jesus? More than one hot dog and bun every ten seconds, 74 in 10 minutes?

On the other hand, would you altruistically slice the wieners into:


For the greater understanding of the human condition?

Very deep thoughts...


Daily calorie intake is only 2000, he ate enough for over 22 days in 10 minutes! :O
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Truth be told, calories is a very bad yardstick. It's not like he's going to actually digest and process those 22000 calories.
Yeah...most of it will just pass right on through. The lady who won her division (also again) trains by eating several heads of iceberg lettuce every other day to stretch out her stomach. I would imagine our hero does something like that as well. :tongue:
Yep. That's 54kg which means >100kg of salt. Pretty sure he couldn't fit 100kg of salt inside him.
Yeah. They meant mg.

Hot dogs seem to range
from 100Cal w/.3g sodium
up to 200Cal w/.5g sodium

Either way, a 2000Cal diet of just hot dogs will be 5 - 6g sodium.

So, a 22000Cal diet will be 55-66g.
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