Homosexuality - Nature or Nurture?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Cellar_Door, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    I think it is, isn't it?

    Ahh, so you think gay men should be treated like .... straight women? I know some people who don't like gays who'd really like that ...then the gays couldn't be in the military, couldn't hold male jobs, couldn't go into the men's restrooms, ....... ;=)

    Baron Max
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  3. mike47 Banned Banned

    Not my cup of tea . Oops not the cup of tea of the vast majority .

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  5. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    you seem to lack comparative reality.

    do you think you are in an ideological group larger or smaller than 10% of the worlds population and... in the same question...
    what right do you have to force your values on another society ?

    the great crusades were quite a while ago and is generally looked on as not very politically correct.

    assuming your christian (or some such religion as you have black and white opinions on it.
    whats wrong with feeding Christians to lions back in the good old days ?
    they were a minority then.

    or Israelis being wiped out by Muslims since Jews probably make up less than 10% of the worlds population.

    does that give us mandate to simply wipe Jews off the face of the planet claiming them to be an adoration to the species ?
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  7. mike47 Banned Banned

    You asked a simple question and I replied in simple terms . The majority rules everywhere . Elections are based on a high percentage and NOT 2% of the population . I read that gays and lesbians are a mere 2% of the world population.

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  8. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    10% of human population is homosexual.
    that does not count for the larger percentage that is Bisexual.
    there is also a consistent percentage of around 10% in all animals that is homosexual.

    jews make up less than 10%. should we vote that Israel be removed from the map ?

    lets face it they are a minority and majority rules yes ?

    just like in Muslim countries where if you are Muslim and convert to Christianity you get the death penalty.

    i guess we know which side of the fence your sitting on and it does not appear to be the one seeking peace and no violent co-habitation.

    soo much for if we encounter alien life because if they take on your values they will simply exterminate all humans.

    do you work in politics ?
  9. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    just in case your wondering.
    i don't rate societies that still follow draconian rules of violent oppression of people to conform to superstitious fables.

    western culture has got past the great inquisition just in case your wondering.
    oh yeah... and women have the vote too.

    about 40% of civilised women are bi sexual and about 15% of civilised men are bi sexual
    add that to the 10% of homosexuality and you my freind have in fact become the odd one out and the minority with opinions that simply do not fit with modern civilised society.

    oh the irony of it
  10. mike47 Banned Banned

    Thank you for implying that if you are gay you are civilized and if you are a normal heterosexual you are not civilized. haha..!.
  11. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    the implication is purely defined by 1 word based on a margin of 50% to infer 50% is not a valid form of life ?

    you see you have your values and i have mine.

    to me the concept of consent is defined by someone reaching adulthood.

    marriage is an anomaly if you wish to look at the facts given close to 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

    but we can play with facts as much as you like it does not detract that you attach a dictatorship to down grade another human being by defining your own personal likes and dislikes as a mandate to total consensus.

    morally speaking church is a socialist organisation.

    SOO... why do we not see the majority of Christians and Muslims advocating that being a capitalist is a sin ?

    why is that ?
    why are capitalists not shunned and protested against by churches seeking to define themselves as true followers of the bible ?


    why do we not see the same people seeking equal rights for women ?

    because it is all built around sex !
    that is why !
    the entire motivation of the religion defined by those followers is all about sex.

    god is a man
    the man is the head of the church
    the man is the head of the house
    etc etc ...

    i do not support separatism as a seat of philosophical doctrine to construct the mind of a child with personally, but that is my own personal opinion.
    i was raised to be a thinker rather than a follower.
  12. Bells Staff Member

    Was that meant to be an insult? If so, it fails terribly.

    Instead we get to read the homophobic trash you are coming up with? Woot!

    Which they should be allowed to do.

    Indeed. The figure is most probably much higher than that. But because of attitudes such as yours which unfortunately still persists in society, many of them keep it a secret for fear of being ostracised by their family or their community, or worse, face violence or even death.

    Is being a heterosexual a habit to you? Or is it simply natural for you?

    I would imagine that you would consider your blow up buddy a lady and that is your choice entirely. You enjoy "ladies" because you are heterosexual. It feels right for you. Homosexual men and women feel the same towards the same sex. It feels right and is natural to them. I understand that in your little world, everyone is straight and all men 'lurve the ladies', but that just ain't so in real life.

    I won't call you names. But I'm thinking it.

    Let me guess. You are a part of the "pray away the gay" mob?

    You're planning on breeding?:bawl:

    I have two sons. And they can be straight, gay, whatever they happen to be. I won't care so long as they are happy and healthy. That, as a parent, is my priority. To ensure they are happy and healthy. I find it astounding that you place conditions on how you would want your son to be "happy".

    We get the picture. I just don't think you actually get the picture..
  13. StrangerInAStrangeLand SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member

    -=- -=-

    From SciForums.com : Life : Free Thoughts
    Confronting mortality..
    -=- -=-
  14. StrangerInAStrangeLand SubQuantum Mechanic Valued Senior Member


    Well, it's not so obvious to me that he's young. Immaturity, foolishness & unfair prejudice comes in all ages.
  15. Alien Cockroach Banned Banned

    If I had a son, I'd rather he be a moody, scrawny, introverted guy who reads a lot of books and avoids sunlight. A dominant, intellectual personality would be a plus. Mild delusions of grandeur and a propensity for fastidious grooming would also be desirable. I am not as concerned with what his sexual orientation turned out to be, but I would prefer he married either a bespectacled accountant, a cutthroat lawyer, or something that lies roughly between these two extremeties. World domination? Yes. The thing is, you can't pick your offspring. They pick you. The test of your worth is how you choose to deal with it.
  16. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    world domination ... yummy !

    make mine a double, and upsize that !
  17. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    Originally Posted by mike47
    i strongly believe in peace, justice, fairness and equality for all . I believe that one's life is completely his or her business and they are free to choose their venues towards happiness and prosperity as long as they do not take the rights of others . I can not see how anyone think in a reasonable, right path full of logic and takes the right of another human being . I enjoy being respected and i do my best to respect everyone . Sometimes i joke but people misunderstand me and makes me feel guilty for being nice....i guess .

    this is a classic.
    as soon as you start talking genocidal war against the religo nutters they suddenly become bastions on non violent communal acceptance of all variaties of life.

    well... i say damn them! damn them to hell and back again just for amusement !
    they are gutter crawlers who have already sold out their souls.
    they preach love and acceptance to their masters while they subjugate and oppress those they disagree with in any way they can.

    now this is the biggie
    they not only judge other humans (a mortal sin)
    they also deny them the right to go to heaven (another mortal sin)
    by stating they are not loved by god (yet another mortal sin)

    these religious nutters are complete hypocrites who cant stand up to their own scrutiny so they must constantly chase other smaller weaker people to try and use them as the whipping boy and paint them as a boogyman so they can chastise them and flagellate by proxy.

    they are repugnant to anyone of sound morals and values.

    what right do they have to stick their nose into other peoples personal lifes least of which sex lifes !

    they bring down society dragging it kicking and screaming into the gutter while thrashing their own children and others with sex, mentally raping them leaving as much damage as a pedophile would if they had raped the child over some years.
  18. Alien Cockroach Banned Banned

    Can we just settle on the conclusion that treating people like shit is a bad thing, and then we can go our separate ways in working out the best way to apply this principle? No matter what your other beliefs are, I can bury the hatchet as long as we can agree on this simple premise. If we all just try to apply this one, simple compass, I think it will all turn out okay in the end.

    Personally, I think all those anti-gay laws originally stemmed from a tragic misinterpretation of what homosexuality is. I think that there are certain drugs that can result in very deviant, risky sexual behavior, and have hypothesized on numerous occasions that the ancient laws against wizardry were probably targeted originally at suppressing drug trafficking. They cannot be blamed for mistaking the effects of potent hallucinogenic drugs for bonafide magic; it's a mistake that even a very intelligent person could make under the circumstances. Somehow, a few well-meaning religious authorities, in their efforts to contain multiple serious problems, mistook homosexuality for something that it was not, and it went downhill from there. They were too busy dealing with wars, plagues and famines to really analyze the details. I think that, in modern times, we should look upon these errors as honest mistakes by well-meaning men, and we should try to forgive ourselves for our past errors.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2009
  19. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, I think treating people like shit is a bad thing, but it's equally bad to try to force someone to be nice to people that they don't like. One of the principles of freedom is to not be forced to deal with or interact with people that you don't like.

    There's also a principle of freedon that allows each of us to dislike whoever we want for whatever reason we want. If someone dislikes gays, fine ...he should be free to do so. If someone dislikes mamby-pamby, doo-gooder liberals, then he should be free to do so.

    Or do you believe in forcing people to live, think, act and talk exactly as you want them to?????

    Baron Max
  20. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    the subject of forcing people to be nice to the disliked has not come up - the topic is somehow discouraging the homophobic from being seriously not nice to people they don't even know.
  21. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, discouraging others from acting the way you don't like isn't nice, either! Why don't you just let people be and do what they want to do and be? If they want to hate homosexuals, then fine ...ain't no skin off your nose, is it?

    The old idealisms of "Let's all just love everyone else." is a nice little idealistic dream, but it don't hold up to the realities of the world. If dreaming those nice thoughts is what you want to do, then fine.

    Baron Max
  22. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    problem with your ideology is that its base principal is flawed.

    you are attempting to force an ideologyonto others to suggest yours should prevail.

    and... "freedom" is not about letting other people do what ever they like because that is not freedom in a sense of modern consciousness.
    that is ego maniacal dictatorship much like all the religious wars of days gone by and currently raging in some African and some Asian countries.

    the reality is that if we don't have laws then we have no concept of freedom.

    thus an ideology of a law abiding society is needed to enable freedom to be expressed in its own relative format.
    unles you think i am free to napalm some primary schools and kindergartens when i get bored.
  23. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    True, but a WRONG one. Sociopaths hurt others, gays don't, they LOVE others.

    Idiot, as usual...but wait, there is more!!!

    You doublemoron, even when it is a heterosexual act you are still not allowed to describe it, so it has nothing to do with who is performing it on whom. Because girls don't suck cocks.

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    boy, why don't you just die already??

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