Homosexuality - Nature or Nurture?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Cellar_Door, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Bishadi Banned Banned

    how is it a lie?

    most all life that procreates by sex, came from opposite sexual relations; not same sex.

    when you can prove that wrong, then you have a case!

    as like oooosual a punk has to make up shit..for ex.... "yur promise to leave'

    what promise?

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  3. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    That is not what you claimed:
    I.e. you claimed that that figure is sex for procreation, not that it's the the value of procreation from sex.

    Another lie on your part then?
    Trying to pretend I'm making it up and that you didn't write that?
    Or you didn't really mean it?
    Goodbye liar.
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  5. Bishadi Banned Banned

    and expect it!

    nature shares that life comes from procreation of 2 from opposite sex

    and nurture is what fibbers do to create more homosexuals (as they cannot reproduce without people lying to them....eg.. suggesting it is normal)
    i did not say that either.

    I never said UNNATURAL.

    it is not with nature (procreation by opposite sex)

    so it is and always has been a choice issue within mankind. (there is no genetics that make a person want/need a winkie in the rear)

    seems like you an evolving pedophile....

    did you enjoy describing your sick scenario?
    and i will say it again; i bet that idiot

    nope, i learned by choice.

    no one taught me what i am sharing

    not a news article, not another poster, not the god of any religion; i have that integrity to do the work myself.
    another punk notion; comparing sexual relations to a house and cave or even evolution.

    name a same sex evolutionary trait? (a hemorphadite lineage, perhaps?) I bet that would make it into Star magazine or even National Geographic

    is exactly what same sexual relations are. Of free will and choice; has nothing to do with biology, science or even life other than the human being is using their biology being scientific about which method of fun and forgetting that life is the purpose of procreation.

    i suppress very little; ever notice my opinions, even on issues such as this.

    but be certain, the thought of having a winkie in my rear is not what normal folk think about

    i don't preach, i share what material can assist the unevolved with thinking for themselves rather than having to hold onto other opinions as truth.

    for ex... you post here is a joke as you are suggesting freedom has something to do with this issue.

    it don't moron, cus you can do what ever the fuck you want; but that don't make it right!

    another BS combining of the argument............. what is up yours to keep running these tangents "dawn of a new era"......... has nothing to do with sword fighting and bumping donuts

    people like you are the idiots trying to define same sex as normal, so they can prey upon the minds of others who don't know any better.

    non violence is good

    but have a man in womens cloths go into the bathroom with children in and i bet the 'non' stops

    be happy all you like but trying to change reality to meet with the selfish needs of the self serving and you will lose!
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  7. Bishadi Banned Banned

    why not address it directly

    Originally Posted by Bishadi

    nature just shares that copulation when observed naturally is 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999%
    for procreation of the species, that is having sex

    nature just shares.............. (we can see personally)

    that copulation when observed naturally is............. (almost 100%) for the procreation of that species, that is having sex

    so to observe nature as a whole, most and i say almost 100% of the time, the copulation is for procreation; that is nature and a fact

    eg............. how many bonobos have you seen in nature?

    how many dolphins?

    YOU personnally: how often have you observed same sex in nature?

    and for evidence; most all life that came from procreation (practically 100% before Doly) that is alive on this earth came from opposite sexual relations.
  8. Bishadi Banned Banned

    i see why you wear the mask

    why did you not pst what i said

    when a single person on this site can show me where i am lying, bsing or have not clue what i am saying; then i will leave!

    as i have been up against the more gays on this issue than you have even met in your whole life-time................and to this day, not a one can get past me pointing out how stupid they are for being hypocritical liars (stoned-cold bigots of selfish enterprise)
  9. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    No: that is a lie (again).

    WTF is "Doly"?
    And that is NOT in any way "evidence".

    I did - a direct quote.
    I quoted this:
    when a single person on this site can show me where i am lying, bsing or have not clue what i am saying; then i will leave!

    And you complain that I should have quoted what you actually did write, this:
    when a single person on this site can show me where i am lying, bsing or have not clue what i am saying; then i will leave!

    Looks like I got correct.

    Another lie.
    And compounded by the fact that you haven't left...
    Hypocrite AND liar.
    You have been shown to have lied (false "statistic"), to have BS'd (introducing a false statistic to support your bigotry) and to be clueless (not realising that that your contention would be seen for the lie it is).
    Are you going to show any integrity and leave, or will you just spout badly-spelt, grammatically mangled nonsense back at me in a futile effort to bolster your own ego?
    I suspect the latter: cue rant from Bishadi
    On 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Now!
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2009
  10. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    lucifers angel:

    I mean that when two dogs have sex they aren't thinking "We're having sex because we want to have lots of puppies together." They do it because it feels good, because there's a physical attraction there and so on. I don't believe that a dog appreciates that a sex act now might result in a litter of puppies in a few months time.

    My point was countering the silly claim that animals have sex because they want to procreate. They know nothing about the actual process of procreation. They do not make a mental link between the sex act and having little baby animals.
  11. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    actually to go even further james. The most populus amimals on the planet (corals) simply do it as a physiological driver, ie the moon is in the right spot (or whatever the stimulas is, i think its the moon) and that causes them to relace eggs and sperm (the very definition of sexual procreation)

    In fact the delibrate cognative sex for procreation would be the smallest amount of sex. Only humans are capable (to our knowlage) of that level of future planning and as the majority of our own sex is for pleasure not procreation that means that of the one species which can do it the overwhelming majority is for other reasons.

    There for Bishadi your 99.99% is AGAINST sex for procreation
  12. quadraphonics Bloodthirsty Barbarian Valued Senior Member

    Not since 2003 they aren't. Provided we're talking about consenting adults, of course.

    That's why the whole emphasis has shifted to gay marriage in the past 6 years. Now that the basis of criminalized sex has been removed, the supremacist movement is casting about for a new foundation for oppression.
  13. Bells Staff Member

    I would tread very carefully if I were you.

    No. Procreation is but one part of sex. Bonobos have sex all the time, a hell of a lot of homosexual (male on male, female on female) and heterosexual. It is a part of their behaviour and they use it as a form of bonding.

    You mean finding a better way to kill more people? You don't view the desire to win and be on top and conquer as being natural instinct?

    Aside from Bonobos, who have more homosexual sex than any other species on this planet? Hmmm, lets see, Japanese macaques for one. Some species of gulls. Spotted Hyenas. It is quite a long list. The following articles might help you somewhat.



    "Winkie"? What in the hell is a "winkie"? Or do you mean vagina? What are you? 5? So you are saying that men and women cannot, or more to the point, should not have oral sex or anal sex, because their "winkie" is designed for a penis and to make babies?

    I expect you are going to start hanging out in front of sex shops that sell dildos to tell women that their "winkie" is only designed for a penis and having babies, because that is apparently the "mom's way". You better start demanding from the schools where you live that they should tell children that they should not masturbate, because their sexual organs are only there to make babies.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Oh? You have done the research? Published I take it?

    Lets have a look at the research made by real scientists:

    Quick, you better go and tell those animals that they are not being normal!

    And yet, we have article upon article of homosexual behaviour being observed and considered common in the animal kingdom. Even insects have homosexual tendencies.

    Or do you think that when female bonobos rub their genitals together and engage in homosexual sex, they are adhering to your views about the acceptability of homosexuality in society as falling under a political agenda?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    What? You mean you actually have sex? Or have you fathered a plethora of children in the world because you found women dumb enough to buy your "winkie" line?

    No? Really? Geez, who'd have thunk it!

    Ermm no. That's the thing. The examples are not isolated and are very common and observed even in animals kept in zoos.

    Doesn't sound too "isolated", does it?

    Of course, because nature is in no way an indicator about what is actually normal.

    Huh? Do you think it is hereditary? There are many homosexual members on this site and I would be willing to bet that they each and every single one of them came from heterosexual families.

    There is no "line".

    What does peadophilia have to do with this subject?

    Or sexual predators for that matter?

    If you cannot stick to the topic, I would suggest you leave this thread altogether.


    Again, what does paedophilia have to do with it?

    Do you think homosexuals are homosexual because they were abused as children? You do have proof of this of course?

    Links? How about you link us to your "research"?

    So you're going to "show" your children when they reach puberty and are "ripe" so to speak about how they should be 'breeding'?:bugeye:

    How does your children having children (yes, a 12 year old girl or boy becoming a parent is a child having a child) increase your life expectancy?

    Actually no.

    Your "showing" your daughter how to have babies goes against nature for the simple reason that her babies could end up with severe deformities (mating with one's parent or close relative is fraught with danger for any offspring).

    You appear to be adding a religious component to this whole debacle.

    You "live within nature", yet you are using a computer? How utterly unnatural of you.

    Tell me, do you think nature is lying to you or the animals are lying to you when they have homosexual sex for pleasure?

    Do you often feel that people and animals lie to you?

    So you think all those scientists who are out there as I type, living in tents and cars observing animals in nature are lying when they document the numerous instances of homosexual activity amongst the animal?

    If you can provide proof that they are all lying, then please produce it. I expect links from scientific journals for a start.

    No. "Having fun" and "pursuing the needs of self" is vital to nature because it helps ensure survival. Building strong bonds and relationships within the group of animals is vital to the group's survival. Take Bonobos for example.

    You really don't know much about human biology, do you?

    Just being "gay", does not mean that you suddenly can no longer have children.

    So people who are infertile are not honouring their parents because they are unable to 'continue life'?

    Oh God..

    This explains a lot. You get your reality from nuts.

    I understand now. You are Ned Flanders.

    The ignorance of your comments and statement is painful. I would suggest you start providing your proof.
  14. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    There are rare occassions when personal, anecdotal common sense delivers the correct answer. This is one of those rare occassions.
  15. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    How could you possibly know that, James? Surely you don't just believe something that you read in some book, do you? Or if some scientist wrote the book, did he prove all that to you?

    You don't ...believe? So you're basing this whole argument on something that you ....believe? ..something that you can't prove with scientific evidence?

    Interesting point, James. But can you prove any of that claim? Or is that just something that you ...believe? Perhaps because you read it in some book? Or some "scientist" told you? How did he know? Did he prove it to you?

    Baron Max
  16. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Bells, I've heard of some homosexual "play" among some animals in the wild, but you make it out to be a lot more than a rarity. I mean, "...all those scientists..." and "...the numerous instances..."? According to everything I've read over the years, it is NOT common and usually only occurs when young animals are just "playing" or perhaps "learning".

    I would ask that you take the same approach to proving the assertions that you made above. I would be especially interested in the "...numerous instances..." claim. Just how "numerous" is numerous?

    Baron Max
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2009
  17. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Sounds good, don't it? But that doesn't make it true or factual.

    The very fact that they're attracted differently to "normal" might well show that their ability to make sexual decisions is different.

    Baron Max
  18. Bells Staff Member

    I'll make it easy for you.

    Read my previous post and click on the links provided.

    When you have done that, read the contents of those links.

    If you disagree with what those scientists have found, you are quite free to post your own links to back up your claim, whatever that might be. Because right now, you are merely attempting to play devil's advocate and it just isn't going that well for you.
  19. Bishadi Banned Banned

    then defend that statement BIGOT

    it was your example of life from a mammal created in the lab while most mammalian life is born from opposite sexual relations

    see what i mean about you do not have enough material knowledge to comprehend most anything you claim or post

    you are a troll!

    wow.......... you just copied what i JUST brought up to share how you twist up.....

    Question: do you wear a helmit when you walk?
  20. Bishadi Banned Banned

    that be a fact

    life runs on instinct until we began thinking we were not a part of the garden.
  21. Bishadi Banned Banned

    go jump in a lake.

    you don't tell me how to tread.............

    either you are honest and have the moxy to stand firm with integrity or you are a waste of oxygen

    then go back to the jungle and screw monkeys. Perhaps that same monkey brain thinking is why AIDS is so predominate in the gay community (less the women being raped in africa; again pigs killing others for sex; same MO)

    in the example; the truth will wipe out the bigots sure i know who wins.

    and homosexual relations do nothing for the 'life' of the species.

    that type of relation is just appeases the weaknesses of the male species; basically what a whore house does

    again, the bigots lean on something else to make their case.

    why not face up square; life comes from procreation not butt babies

    why, you don't comprehend the integrity of being honest, why would anything else matter?

    does life come from procreation or bumping donuts and sword fighting? (winkie; the one eyes soldier)

    why not just start there and we can address most everything else; if truth is what you want.

    are you suggesting you can provide the evidence for that ONE example; female on female

    are you suggeting that with ONE example or even a hundred, that you can claim that homosexuality is normal; when in reality and the progression of life, same sex relations in nature do not make the next generation (no life from bumping donuts; ever and a fact of life)

    pedophiles are just like most all selfish idiots on this earth; they do for their own needs over the good and care of others.

    and if you really do your homework, find that many gays had horrid sexual encounters/relations/exposure as children and why many do not trust the opposite sex. (another fact)

    that is what many of the selfish become when sex is their issue of confusion.
    you will find more same sex pedophilia upon this earth, then you will be able to provide evidence of same sexual relations in the animal kingdom

    do a google; look up the psychological data

    if and when you have enough integrity to actually do the homework, you can see it all for yourself.

    when you begin to show your integrity, i will show the data

    otherwise i am not here to appease you when your mind is bigotted up with selfish intent

  22. Bells Staff Member

    Actually, they are. Funny that, eh?

    If that were the case, then there would be no Bonobos (as one example).
  23. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    You know what?

    I don't care if homosexuality is down to nurture. Hell, I don't care if they CHOOSE it. I don't care if they were originally straight and they took a fucking drug to make them gay just to be different. It's their own private choice, their life, their business. What two consenting adults do to each other in PRIVATE is a matter for no one but them.

    Get it?

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