Homosexuality is a disease

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Aborted_Fetus, Aug 1, 2004.

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  1. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    coming up......Heterosexuality is a disease!
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  3. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    See one can always observe an idiot!. They are easily distinquished from those that merely do not feel threatened by someone else's experience.

    You seem threatened that I could have lived and have friends that are gay, and yet accept them for who they are, even though I don't participate in their sexual preference. This frightens the hell out of you, to the point were you've got to come up with some bull shiet post, explaining that to desire women as straight men is a desease.

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    What an idiot!.

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  5. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    I'll ignore that because, I'd rather discuss threadbare the points I've raised. And I'm open for criticisms on that front. And if I find solid reasoning, I'm willing to change. Because I am seeking the truth.

    My disapproval of you is based on your insincere support of your gay/ lesbian friends. It's kind of cheap for someone who claims to be friends with gay and lesbian people to suggest that they are abnormal or deficient with hormonal imbalance. Anyone who is genuinely friends with gay and lesbian people can see that they are just as normal and natural as any of us, and their transgenderism is also a positive part of their natural aura. There cannot be anything biologically wrong with something as positive as that.

    A friend of gays and lesbians should be scoffing at such theories not supporting them --- because he is the one who knows them closely.

    Heterosexuals, in any case, are supposed to be closer to gays than are straight men, unless you are 'straight' as well as 'heterosexual' which is an exceptional case.

    If you think my profound post was written just as a rejoinder to your post, you are overestimating yourself. My post is a result of 10 years of working with and studying all kinds of men (albeit from the standpoint of a straight man) in a non-western society. I'm aware that I still have to learn a lot and a long way to go before I can find the whole truth. But I already feel capable to challenge the western concepts of gender and sexuality, especially because through globalisation they are affecting our traditional wisdom.
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  7. bbcboy Recovering christian Registered Senior Member

    Is homosexuality a disease. Don't think so!
    Thing is, if it was I'd sooner have that than fuckin TB.
    The only disease that exist regarding gay people is in need of a hyphen.
    Dis - ease
    People are made uncomfortable by a social group who through an aching adolescence (In most cases) follow their internal needs and fight, yes fight their own misgivings to finally come to terms with the genetic/cultural/psychological pressure that exist within them.
    I had a terrible time in my youth in admitting the truth to myself. and the reason for this was not because I was dirty or ashamed or guilty. I was because society said I should be.
    I said fuck you and am very happy to have done so.
    I love myself and my life.
    I also find it very worrying that subject such as this finds itself in 'the cesspool'
    Was does that say about the attitudes of poster on this site?
  8. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    Well maybe if you took your head out of your ass, you could read what I said!. I din't claim for them to be abnormal, I only informed you I (READ IT) in a man's health book, I didn't claim to believe it!. I only LET YOU KNOW OF IT!!.

    What ever dood!.

    The only way for you to experience anything is to try it. I know from experience that I'm not gay, or homosexual, I'm not atracted to the opposite sex. Period!!. However I'm comfortable enough and sure enough of myself to have plenty of relationships with anyone I so desire, by having a relationship it does not mean that it has to be connected to atraction in a sexual manner. Most of my friends happen to be women, however at the moment I'm single, and plainly "not interested".

    Good luck with proving that heterosexuality is a desease. Just do me a good favor if you ever want to try out your theory. Go to a red-neck bar in Texas and tell them that heterosexual men are sic. for having atraction to women, ant that they are truly more tendecies to being gay!. if you get out with your life! let us know how you did. K.

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  9. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    Ah!! good question BBC.

    The cesspool is for the unintellegent discussions. This shows that the thread started is unintellegent. Thus it plainly states that our moderators deem such a discussion is kind of idiotic, non-acceptable BS.

  10. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    You believe what you read more than what you observe! Don't give me that crap. There are thousands of things on the net! You live in a society where heterosexuality is power. And which is bent upon proving the others as 'deviants' when the truth is the opposite. There are still lots of researches around. You conveniently choose the stuff you want to believe in.

    You may feel proud in your heterosexuality, but if you relate it to anything but with a feminine aspect of you, you're fooling yourself.

    That's mob culture. I have worked with men long enough to know that. Don't we all do it when in groups. And in a society (western society) which awards such enormous social power and 'masculine' status to heterosexuality, some straight men will stand in line to prove themselves to be heterosexual.
    The same macho Texas men, will in privacy find it difficult to resist eroticism from another man if they get an opportunity.

    Gender identity is much more important than sexual fulfillment. That holds especially true for straight men. That's the resounding message that I have received from years of my work. A society which denies them the right to be straight or denies them power (which some macho men so desperately need) if they as much as show their desire for another man, men will grow up hating sexual desire for men in themselves and in others. And make the sexual desire for women however little the focus of their life.
    A Christian background and years of brainwashing does not do any good either.

    In fact in a society that puts an unbelievablly negative value on sexual intimacy between men and throws them into the pits of indignity and throws them in a social space with the third gender, straight men will grow up with an intense hatred of sex between men. But their own instincts for other men do not go away. They just lurk within them and take monstrous proportions. It becomes a disease.

    They come out in really weird and horrendous ways. Look at the kind of sexual 'hazing' which goes on in the western colleges. These macho Texas men who will kill someone who suggests that Heterosexuality is a disease, will strip men, humiliate them in front of girls, sexually molest them. They just need power over vulnerable men and an occasion which will not give them a 'homosexual' label for indulging in such brazenly sexual acts.

    Or in prisons when they have other vulnerable men under their control and an excuse of not having women around.

    Or with war prisoners like what happened in Iraq. The first thing they want to do is to strip the young men they capture. To make them masturbate. To take their pictures in the nude.

    So that proves nothing. In fact in a heterosexual society what men say and do is often diagonally opposite to how they feel deep within them. That's the perils of living in an unnatural society.

    The Texan men, which have maligned the whole notion of 'machoness', were the same as the macho Germanic or the Celtic warriors of the ancient days who though were married would love only another of their kind. Or those unsurpassable Samurais of Japan who glorified machoness -- who would gladly lay down their life fighting for their honour.

    Unless, of course these Texan men are meterosexuals, who just feel powerful because the western society deprives straight men of power and invests them into these meterosexuals (heterosexuals).

    In fact from my experiences I can say that the men who come forward and say things like "I'm heterosexual", "I'm into men" especially when noone asks them, are more likely than not to have a strong sexual desire for men which they are well aware of. Like that Colin Farrell guy who had to state in the newspaper that "Kissing another guy in "Alexander" made him so uncomfortable that it proved to him that he is heterosexual". He almost gave himself out.

    I know this would enrage you no end because you have been raised to hate sexual instincts for men and are taught to relate that with 'fags', with inadequacy and with all sorts of 'imbalances'.
  11. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Now wait a minute. I almost missed that.
    You westerners are so fond of seeing everything in black and white. I never once said that sexual desire for women is sick. Saying heterosexuality is sick is not the same as saying that sexual desire for women is sick. I don't think you have really read the article. You are so busy feeling offended that you don't really care what the article is all about.

    There is hardly any man who does not feel sexual attraction for women. I believe even those who you people call 'homosexuals' are just not in touch with sexual attraction for women. Just like I know (from my work experience) that there is hardly any man on earth who does not feel sexual atttraction for another man. Even if it is latent or suppressed and converted into a disease by the society. But everything has a proper place. For straight men, sexual desire for women rules out a longer or deeper attachment for females because of their masculinity.

    What I'm saying is that the primary sexual desire of straight men for other straight men is related to their masculinity, and for women to their femininity. In third gender males, the relation is opposite. And then there are others who are between third gender and straight males whose primary sexual attraction may be towards females.

    Everything I'm saying is in earnest, and based on my experience, and my quest for truth and my knowledge is, I repeat far from complete. After ten years of work, I have only started to see some connections.

    Again, I believe that heterosexuality (not sexual desire for women) is sick. And so is homosexuality (the entire way sexual desire for men is socially constructed in the west) is sick too. In fact the entire concept of 'sexual orientation' is sick. It is unprecedented in the world (and I hope is not followed ever again!). I agree, that I focussed my article on heterosexuality, only because it is the biggest sickness (and the root of all sicknesses) and the one in power. But floating only on bloated air. So I decided to pinch it first. Where it hurts the most.
  12. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    I don't know. It seems the intentions of the moderators are good.

    See, the problem is the heterosexual society. As long as the society will remain heterosexual it will make life tough for men. Not only in the sexual arena but in all other aspects of life.

    If you don't raise such issues, how will they ever get resolved. The moderators may have chosen such a title only to instigate a discussion, though I may be totally wrong. I have not gone through the thread.
  13. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    'Heterosexuality' the disease

    Heterosexuality is a disease which has serious repercussions – for men the most, but also for women and the third gender (including the heterosexuals). Heterosexuality gives rise to a number of physical, emotional, mental, social, sexual and spiritual problems in people, especially straight men.

    The progression of the disease

    Heterosexuality is the most advanced form of a disease the roots of which go back long long ago in the history. At that time it was so harmful.

    The reason earlier societies first started institutionalsing male-female sex as 'marriage' was to ensure the continuance or the political dominance of their communities through a steady increase in population. The world then was a big place and could sustain many more humans than were there at that time.

    As communities migrated from one place to another (e.g. the Indo-Aryans) this need to increase in numbers fast would have resulted, for the first time, in attempts to control sex between men – to further limit male energy to reproduction.

    Then came Christianity and Islam – the two later religions that openly sought religious hegemony and dominance of the world. They promptly secured an order from their respective gods in order to make sex between men a sin and a crime. These were the middle stages of the disease.

    The western society developed this disease to its present form "Heterosexuality', to suit the modern, 'scientific' times.

    The epidemiology of Heterosexuality

    Heterosexuality, in its full blown form was till recently only present in the western world, with the U.S. experiencing its most advanced stage.

    The disease was however present in its crude forms in most of the civilized world for about the past 2500 years (in some cases even earlier).

    With globalisation, the US through its wealth and technological power has been bombarding the rest of the world with the full blown 'heterosexual' virus.

    Some of the symptoms of Heterosexuality

    The symptoms of the advanced stage of the disease include the 'killing' of all male only spaces/ customs in the society which are replaced with mixed-sex spaces/ customs.

    Another symptom is the incessant 'promotion', enforcement and glorification of male-female sex. Which is accompanied by silencing the voices of male-male love or its denigration.

    A special symptom of a man coming from a society inflicted with heterosexuality is a strange set of reactions which include turning pink with embarrassment and cringing, at even the thought of holding another man\s hand or being too near him, especially if in public.

    Some of the effects of heterosexuality

    Heterosexuality makes human life miserable. It also adversely affects other species and the mother earth. Overpopulation is one of the severest effects of the disease. The world is already ready to burst with humans spreading like insects.

    Of course nature gave just enough attraction towards female to the masculine male that can support the nature's pace of reproduction. Had heterosexuality been natural there would not be any use for condoms or for vasectomy or for those hazardous pills with severe side effects --- all unnatural things. Surely these are the by-products of an unnatural heterosexual society. Like innumerable others.
    It's ironical. Heterosexuality was created in order to force the human population to grow much faster than their natural pace.

    Today, when population itself has become a fatal problem, threatening to kill not only the human population, but the earth itself, efforts are being made to rid heterosexuality of 'procreation'. Considering the individual and social costs of maintaining an unnatural 'heterosexual' order, one wonders of its use, when it has become inimical to the basic purpose of its creation. Heterosexuality indeed has become an end in itself.

    When straight men are forced to be heterosexuals, they are forced to relinquish their masculinity and since femininity is not an option (because it is so devalued and because it does not come naturally to straight men) they become hollow and diseased from within, dependant on pretentious masculinity – the heterosexual brand of fake masculinity described in the earlier article.

    Violence against women is also a negative fall out of forcing (explicitly or implicitly) men into heterosexual relationships.

    And of course there are those innumerable sexual diseases that inflict men reeling under heterosexuality ----- from pre-mature ejaculation to erectile dysfunctions. Satisfying women is a goal that keeps eluding men. Perhaps they should learn from those meterosexuals, sorry heterosexuals.
  14. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    Complete non-sequirtus!.
  15. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    Non-sequirtus; This does not explain pedophilia, necrophilia, hermaphedites, nor transexualism.

    In a free society, such as we basically are living here in the states people feel free enough to experiment with oposite sex,or same sex and not feel guilt of experimenting, from child hood many humans experiment with sexuality the atraction to opposite sex or same sex identity is part of the developing child, understanding the presures of society, many do hide their sexual preference, however those that claim to be heterosexual, have had to go through the same process as those that prefer to be homosexual during their development.

    Furtehrmore the defenition of "desease" has something to do with biological organisms such as virus, cancers, etc.. What you are claiming is moot, the decision to be homosexual, or heterosexual, is a psychological one, not a biological one. Thus rendering your thesis to complete NON-SEQUIRTUS! MOOT!.


    I do understand however that here we may have a controversy if I were to completely believe that last scenerio of our argument the hormone factor, of which I render unfounded, becuase many gays make the decision to be homosexual regardless of testostorone levels.

    Last edited: Feb 6, 2005
  16. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Godless, I'd respond to the points you have raised tomorrow. Till that time, here is something for you and others to contemplate on:

    The Western strategy to keep straight men from bonding with other men

    The heterosexual society attempts to suppress male bonding needs for other men and forcibly diverts it towards women. It stops at nothing to weed out male-male intimacy from the society and to promote male-female relationships. The following enumerates the strategy that the heterosexual society has followed since it took over from the pro-male ancient cultures (like the Greeks):

    o Medieval Strategy:

    Religion: Christianity made the act of 'sodomy' a sin and propagated is as being 'against the order of nature', insisting that sex is only for procreation.

    Violence: Bringing in god made it acceptable for people who 'deviated' from the word of the god, to be murdered, castrated and otherwise dealt with violently​

    o Modern strategy:

    Since religion cannot be used anymore to force people to desist from doing something, the modern society has used subtle but extremely complex and indirect methods to prevent straight men from bonding with other men. The main strategies are:

    Discrediting it as 'third gender' feminine trait: After dehumanizing the 'third gender' the society tries everything it can to make sexual intimacy between males seem intrinsically third gender. It starts with putting 'straight men' together with the 'third gender' under the 'homosexual' category on the pretext of common 'sexual orientation'. Western media, films, entertainment, education institutions go all out to portray men who desire other men as 'effeminate'. (the thrust of my work on masculinity is to exactly understand this process!).

    Especially vicious is the (ab)use of that 'sacred' unquestionable institution of the modern world called 'science'. There have been several scientific studies which have 'proved' or hinted that 'sexual desire for men is indeed feminine (e.g. that homosexuals have brains similar to those of women!)
    In the same breadth, the west has been spreading the 'heterosexual = straight' myth, whereas, it's only the feminine man who can truly bond with a woman.

    o Isolate male-male intimacy through 'sexual orienation': Without isolating people, the west could not effectively check sexual bonding between men.

    o Enforce strict silence on the issue: The society knows that inspite of the elaborateness and complexity of its painstakingly built nefarious designs, they can come shattering down with a single blow of truth.

    Therefore, it is extremely important for this 'heterosexual' order that an extreme stigma is maintained on talking in its favour. The institutions of the modern free world unabashedly follow this unspoken diktat.

    If however, it has to be discussed/ brought out in the open, it must be so (i) to show it in a negative light, or (ii) as a separate category of people --- as a 'third gender' minority issue or (iii) within the homosexual ghettos.

    This is a key strategy, because it ensures that the heterosexual society can go on propagating its myths unchallenged. The manipulative complex nature of the terminologies used makes sure that the issue of male-male intimacy is trapped in the confines of misleading terms like 'homosexuality' and 'gay'.

    o Stamping out spaces from mainstream society: An important strategy is to stamp out all 'male-only' spaces from the society (societies that live close to the nature are always divided into male spaces and female spaces), because they invariably cause sexual intimacy between men to develop. All such spaces are replaced by mixed gender spaces which are almost always sensitive to the privacy and gender needs of women but are especially harsh and insensitive to men. In a society that dehumanizes sexual bonding between men and places extraordinary premium on male-female intimacy, mixed gender settings mean enormous pressures on men to be 'heterosexual'.

    o Propagating 'heterosexuality' unabashedly: Everywhere you see, the heteroseuxal society is at pains to force heterosexual relationships and desire on men (they are especially concerned with stopping men from bonding with other men!) Some examples are given below:

    - Even TV programmes meant for children and kids show them 'dating' or falling for the opposite sex. While they are shown as finding any kind of physical intimacy with their own sex distasteful.

    - Distorting history: All instances of love and intimacy between straight men is either: (i) destroyed, failing which (ii) ignored, failing which (iii) femininsed and/ or (iv) fraternized and/or (v) trivialized.

    - Using science as an oppressive tool: Science is a modern institution which easily gives way to manipulation by those in power. Since the beginning science has been used to validate and propagate heterosexuality and to condemn intimacy between men as a 'disease' or third gender deviation. Examples are:

    · Earlier researches that proved 'homosexuality' (sic) to be a mental disorder.

    · Recent researches that show the brain of 'homosexuals' are similar to those of 'women'.

    · Another research talks of a 'gay' gene that implies that sexual desire for men is indeed rare and makes a person a deviant and a minority.

    · One research amongst animals sought to uphold the 1 in 10 theory, again giving credence to the theory of 'sexual orientation'.

    · Programmes on discovery and national geographic channels show animal sexual life as being 'heterosexual'. These channels portray human and animal sexuality as being basically geared towards reproduction. Suppression of sexual activities between males has now started to be documented though at a very small scale.

    Science has not even bothered to investigate if indeed there is such a thing as homosexuality and heterosexuality. The sexual orientation is a western hoax, but I'll discuss that later.
  17. Godless Objectivist Mind Registered Senior Member

    Budha; you don't live in the states do you?.

    Much of what you say, makes sense only if you are not aware of current trend in America. Oviously you are not!!.
    Click again!
    how about one more time CLICK

    ah! the art of PSEUDO SCIENCE! Many people do get fooled by it, many others however know it to be a craptorationality!.

    Perhaps you are right on this one! I'll give you that, however most of these shows are geered for children!. fact is that anyone with a brain in the west know of homosexuality behavior in animals. Oh! and please do take notice of organization of this next web site!

    I like the way your mind works, and it seems you've got a long way to go, but keep learning. This site here will help you alot to understand homosexuality; click

    Oh! and perhaps this may be the reason I don't believe in heterosexuality being a desease; click

    More rhetorical bull shit from theistic dogma!. :bugeye:

  18. Jolly Rodger Banned Banned

    I wouldn’t say it is a disease more of a disability.
  19. suzukisfrog Registered Senior Member

    a disabling, dilapidating, deluding, deluging, dumber than dumb-dumb DISEASE. p.s. i'd just like to thank jesus for saving me.
  20. Jolly Rodger Banned Banned

    yes you thank jesus, can you also ask him to return my microwace, he borrowed it and never returned it!
  21. Jolly Rodger Banned Banned

    then call me contagious
  22. suzukisfrog Registered Senior Member

    jesus said: no soup for you.

    frog 1:1
  23. Jolly Rodger Banned Banned

    who uses soap
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