Homeless problems

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by birch, May 13, 2017.

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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    i've had the most crappiest human beings treat me like i didn't belong on this planet period, like i shouldn't even exist. this was when i wasn't even homeless. they called themselves christians. but the thing was, it wasn't just because they were christian, it was the fact they are the majority. it's a type of people. now these people were certainly not the most intelligent in the book sense, low-minded for sure, but it was an opportunity to attack and condemn someone who is unlike the majority with hostility, rudeness and mistreatment. granted i'm not an elite but it is strange when the people around you who have more power are less intelligent, less evolved and like pigs. it was also jealousy because it was always something that i was better at or better period in some way to those who mistreated me most. i've seen this theme multitude of times that it is no coincidence. they also live very comfortably and well.

    and i think i figured it out. unless you are elite where you are untouchable or a very average, conventional person or a lowlife, you don't fit into society well. you are more rare because you are kind of in-between. i'm not a genius but i'm above average and honestly, society is mostly comprised of the three strata i've mentioned. this puts people like that among the average/lower and you will be attacked out of some aspect of jealousy, bullied or pegged to be brought down/regress further. you are a juicy target that fell into the same vicinity like a damaged department store item at ross/tjmaxx for the picking as they know you don't have the status of the elite/protection but you aren't one of them exactly either. they can tell you 'could' have been more but you didn't make it which to their eyes is a reject from the top to validate those on the bottom where they will try to get something out of you they don't have or bully you more to pump/stroke their ego. it's like being the occasional sacrifice or fertilizer for the masses.

    i've occasionally met people in similar position but rarely that i can count them on one hand because usually groups/strata are pretty much of the same stock as in level of intelligence. i remember several times people mistaking me if i was a college student or why i was there like i didn't belong but i did. i did and i didn't, which was the strange paradox. the one thing we had in common was that something damaged us to end up homeless but that is where the similarity ends. everything else was wildly different. i humbled myself to talk with these people but thier level of stupidity can become annoying and it can affect you negatively and regressively as they offer nothing valuable for personal growth in return. my iq is in the high 120/130ish. the people that i usually deal with is average or less as is the majority. that doesn't mean they aren't smart but their smarts are of the con-artist, conniving, deception and cunning. my son's iq is genius level as it should be because your kids are supposed to be better than you. at this point, i just care that my son makes it and become successful. but it is strange to end up in a situation where you don't fit in anywhere. also, in school my iq test was accidently switched with someone else and i was put in the slow class where i became numb and didn't fit in there either. they didn't find out the mistake until the end of the year. this held back or being regressed for one reason or another has been a theme in my life from family to social environment to where i did end up developing handicaps/hangups i otherwise wouldn't.

    on top of the fact, i'm part of the one percent rare personality types who actually understand what real compassion is unlike most people who "think" they do but not really. it's not about more permissiveness or sentimentality either. it's hard to be in this world.

    the thing is, i didn't come from a totally impoverished background genetically but my situation proves how powerfully positive or negative nurture is in it's effects. my real father (not stepfather) was an engineer and multi-millionaire real estate tycoon. he was very intelligent but that did me no favors as he abandoned me too as well as it produced great jealousy and malice from my stepfather who had a huge ego but was not successful and my mother's disdain and hatred as she said i reminded her of my father and looked like him. she didn't get the lifestyle and riches she was after from him so she was aggressive towards me, even jealous. there are women who are jealous of their own or particular children (if they don't identify with them or the child is very different in nature) or see them as competition as evil as that is. besides the fact i was the third wheel in the situation as they had their 'own' family. they did not want me to be educated or be successful but to be thrown under the bus. their's and anyone else's. people can be born into a house of enemies.

    this is why abused stepchildren or abused children in general end up homeless if they aren't lucky to get into a good foster home or with good relatives before permanent irreversible damage is done that will cause lifelong disability and handicaps/hangups/issues.

    homelessness can happen to anyone, you just need the right recipe/circumstance/perfect storm. everyone wins a lottery, even the most unlikeliest but it's not always positive.
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  5. birch Valued Senior Member

    society doesn't acknowledge how it really works because it tarnishes a perfect image. and that falsehood that everything works in perfect logical as well as noble/justified order.

    it wasn't just those two particular people but all of that side of her family lashed out and dumped on me. they took shameful, evil, ugly, petty, envious, nasty actions. they noticed a light/hope/vision that they didn't have and were exceedingly jealous. well, i don't have that anymore as it's been torn and shredded to nothing or parasited early on by them and later by others of similar kind but that is what started it all. what's creepy is if you've been a victim of a particular type, other predators of that type can tell/read that and see you as a further mark too. they are passing you onto to empower their kind at your expense. the inequality and juxtaposition with those closest around me which made me a target. dark feeds on light because it can't get far without it. but when dark people feed on your light, it's not symbiotic or mutually beneficial as it drags you down and poisons you while it benefits, strengthens (like good nutrition) and buoys them. it's ultimately an unfair exchange and it's unfair because once you've absorbed and get a chance to analyze that poison, it was the consequences of evil and bad ethics meaning they could have generated eventually their own light by doing inner work or just changing their ethics from corrupt to ethical but they want to have their cake and eat it too. yes, they are the true PARASITES and predators but scotfree.

    corruption and criminal activity as well as predation and parasitism doesn't occur just on the materialistic and monetary level. that's just a symptom or superficial. the real activity is on the subterranean levels of interaction which are the building blocks which eventually lead to these manifestations in outer form or what some would consider rewards. this is why i know that the surface judgements of who owes what and who is deserving or not are not often indicative of the truth. if people become mentally ill or disabled or on welfare, society has unaccounted for evil people walking around who were a cause of it just as well. people do reap what they sow and society reaps what it sows (damaged people) because you have members who do corrupt and evil things to others with invisible impunity.

    those people are now at the top. what does this say about society? they are right there rubbing elbows with those who assume they made it by their mask of integrity that they put forth.

    people need to stop pretending scum doesn't rise to the top because they also do just as much.
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member

    This is spot-on experientially when it comes to deep abuse as it's very conditioning. the ritualistic aspect is that it psychologically conditions the person to feel and think a certain way. it debilitates from the inside out and is highly personalized type of abuse directed specifically to target mentally and emotionally and has deep eerie wounds. this is why it's explained on the satanic ritual type extreme end of the spectrum. it takes a lot of work to reclaim parts of themselves (some parts may never be recovered) and understand triggers and how they were placed as well as purge the dark filth figuratively.

    even when you do recover some of those parts, it is recovered damaged because it was used for twisted purposes so even if it started out innocent and pure, it isn't recovered in that condition so you have to clean, heal, fix or patch that up as well, if it can be, some parts will be deranged, corrupted, have gone insane or may be permanently disabled. the people who stole these things from you didn't do so because they cared about it but because they wanted to use it with no conscience as to the effect, just to their benefit. there are different levels of abuse and this one is the scariest in targeting someone most intimately to places where no one should have a right to manipulate, your very soul and who you are.

    what he did get right in his insight is that religion is often used but that can be any religion, even his own. 'satanic' doesn't necessarily mean the perpetrators identify themselves as satanic. the real process is in the spiritual intent and energies as dark or light and ill or good intent has no superficial labels. it's perfectly twisted, perverted and feasible to use religion for evil cultish purposes.

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  8. river

    Couldn't agree more .
  9. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    A few years ago, the local paper did a story on homeless vets camped out under a railroad bridge south of town.
    I had made some venison stew with stuff from the garden-potatoes, carrots, etc...
    It was a rather thick stew--too many potatoes?
    Anyway, I liked it, but my wife and children didn't ----so I packaged it into jars and packed the refrigerator.
    And, then, I read that story.
    I had the idea that maybe these guys would like a good meal.
    I put the stew back in the 4 gallon pot, and got it hot, then armed with extra goodwill bowls and spoons, I called the county sheriff's office and told the deputy that i wanted to take some stew to the homeless guys and asked if he could give me directions. He did me one better and met me and led me to the encampment, wished me luck and drove off(he didn't want to worry them).
    It was fun, we ate, drank someone's cheap wine, got stoned, and swapped war stories(jokes) and irony into the wee hours as the intervening years dissolved into a mist. (it's nice to remember that you were young once)

    I went back there a couple years later, but no one was home...............

    These guys had trouble adapting to life in our society/culture and seemed to prefer the freedom of homelessness.
    The story with cats, is that if you keep them indoors, they get fat and live long lives. If you let them roam outside, they are stronger and live shorter though more rich lives-----------quality over quantity. I had the feeling that these guys were much like feral cats. They were all lean and strong, but looked older than their years(most were roughly my age---same "war", but to my old eyes, looked 10 years older).

    If their most valued possession is their freedom, how do you help them?
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  10. river

    By their strengths .
  11. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    flesh that out a tad. will you dad?
  12. birch Valued Senior Member

    give them a homeless encampment to build their own type of colony with some basic law enforcement and management.

    it would also be a good project, even reality show and raise awareness as well as more opportunities and understanding of addressing different types of demographics.

    i see them camped out under highways or along trails often built elaborately and some sharing generators. they need some land designated for them and where they can be self-sustaining.

    society is stupid in the way it deals with public nuisance such as with the homeless. they are not going to kill them so what is the problem with giving them some land for their own so they aren't in the way and just move from one trespassing location to another but it's the same issue? even if it's not motivated by humanitarian reasons, at least get the homeless out of the streets because they are a blight on the scenery and social order.
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  13. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I assume that these people are Americans and speak English. So ask THEM how you can help them! And be prepared to get a different answer from each one.
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  14. billvon Valued Senior Member

    I think San Diego has a reasonable compromise - it is legal to sleep on streets (usually in tents) from 10pm to 6am.
  15. birch Valued Senior Member

    Well, another way the homeless problem can be solved is euthanization. society does that with stray animals and when they are not claimed or adopted in a few days, they are put down. why not corral up the homeless and euthanize them? no one is going to claim them or else, they probably do not want to be considering they probably were abused by significant others just as stray animals were or the owner was irresponsible obviously.

    but i guarantee you there will be a next batch of homeless generation after generation until humanity and society changes and i mean by a leap in evolutionary ethics. why would there be more homeless to take their place? because there are among you people who are supposedly contributing to society for all appearances it seems yet they are also causing other problems or damage. in other words, they were the ones contributing to the problems and burdens to society by their evil character, negligence or abuse of the victims which end up homeless.

    but you think they are good people just because they have a fuking job? is someone who has a job or career but molests children, beats their spouse or children, goes to third world countries to rape children, does drugs/supports drug cartels or abuses someone to the point they are driven to drugs, cheats on spouse or a homewrecker etc a good citizen? or are they also a liability or causing societal problems even more than contributing to it? if i work for a thousand dollars a week but my expenses or liabilities i create in society is really 5000 or more , i'm not contributing really, am i? i'm taking more essentially and making more problems directly or indirectly and damage than a victim who is taking pidly welfare amounts but a good or benign citizen just trying to survive harming no one where the damage ends with them. see how that works?

    just because a working person (as that is the sole definition of societal contribution) does what's right with their left hand, doesn't mean they aren't causing problems for someone else with the other hand and eventually society. do people ever stop to realize that? just because you contribute in one way, doesn't mean you aren't being or creating a liability in another way, intentionally or not. for instance, rapists and pedophiles have jobs or even good careers but their victims need psychiatric therapy (usually for years!) which the state or government may need to pick up the tab. whose goddamn fault was that really? who the fuk is the real drain on society?

    so as most homeless people are from dysfunctional families, those who they were supposed to be able to trust, instead were being damaged. so eventually they will need assistance from the larger community, possibly lifelong therapy, incarceration etc. yeah, taxpayer money but whose fault is it really? that thread of truth, if you follow it will lead winding way back further than just the 'problem' (aka homeless) but to who and what caused the problem. victims are not solely the problem or the guilty.

    there will be seemingly law-abiding, working people who give birth to sociopaths and psychopaths who end up in prison as well. they also contributed to a liability to society just as much. again, intentionally or not. there are so many examples of how people are imperfect and there is plenty of blame and responsibility to go around. it is not just the end outcome - the homeless. there were causes as well as people (who are part of mainstream society) who contributed to that outcome, either individually or society at large. so who REALLY owes what and who are the guilty or the cause? not as easy an answer as it seems.

    but then again, i suppose it gives psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement, rehabilitation centers and social services jobs, no? if there was no problem, they wouldn't have jobs, no? though that is a crappy reason but blame nature, god, universe, whatever.

    overall, this is why society must take a broader view of the problem and take responsiblity as a whole, instead of pretending homeless just end up that way on their own.

    that said, i'm not saying any of this so people can feel more pity for the homeless. as a matter of fact, most are the dredge and refuse of society. whether it was their doing or not is irrevelant in that damaged goods is damaged goods in the end. they are damaged, dysfunctional, usually have alcohol or drug addiction, and may even end up exploitive and parasitic themselves. no one should deal with them personally as most will drag you down with them and that does no good for anyone. but society should take care of the problem, one way or another.

    you could set up voluntary euthanization centers as i'm sure there will be some who are miserable and tired and some know they will never be able to overcome their demons or be well. you do that with animals and that's not even voluntary.
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  16. birch Valued Senior Member


    heroin overdose. couldn't overcome his inner demons. nix that, it wasn't his inner demons, it was someone else's filth and sins he had to endure, be tortured with and pay the consequences for. so much for 'you reap what you sow' and 'karma'. I want to slap people who say such things as they don't know what the fuck they are saying. this universe and laws of nature can work amoral/immoral.

    this is a very common tactic is character assassination without considering why this person ended up self-destructive. It is like accusing the victim of limping on crutches when the perpetrator broke their legs. the problem is most people are not of very good character to distinguish this or they are not that smart. when I tried to report my abuse, I was shot down because I was at a homeless shelter and didn't have my life together. as if being down and out made me at fault. even my so-called half-sister (her father was the accused) used that against me when the investigating officer called various family members and that I was not very 'responsible' was used as an attack. well, how could someone be when suffering ptsd and severe emotional issues and unbalanced? btw, she likes to do charity for abused women but not when it actually hits close to home (bad publicity). I find it hilarious now because I know how fake people are. they are impostors and wear masks to and for eachother in society. it's like a circus of bullshit egos. LMFAO! it was like a pseudo tit for tat premise for a bs argument . literally, no different than, 'well, you aren't perfect either!! look at you, you are lowlife homeless person! how dare you accuse someone else of anything!.' this attitude was also projected onto me by the officer so I knew I could not trust these idiots. I tried to explain what the fuck does my life situation or what I have or haven't done to do with the goddamn crime? he was just blustering at this point and was haughty. I hung up and that was that.

    it's a really bizarre universe where you can be more intelligent than many others, yet they are the ones who are more successful or better at life than you. this backward piece of shit universe and those who like it, can have it. i'm not exerting myself anymore.
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