Hitler's crucial mistakes during ww2

Discussion in 'History' started by houseofknowledge, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. spiritual_spy SN0W_F0X Founder Registered Senior Member

    it was both of the countries in a way.
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  3. leopold Valued Senior Member

    this is irrelevant.
    hitler made peace pacts and non aggression pacts with every single country he invaded.
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  5. houseofknowledge house of knowledge Registered Senior Member

    Polska kicked everyone's ass
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  7. spacemansteve Not enough brain space Registered Senior Member

    Hitlers biggest mistake was to take command of high level military decisions. Early on during WWII all the campaign decisions were made by Military Commanders and their support staff. But after the near fatal attack on his Transport aircraft (i can't be bothered posting a link, if you search google you'll find info on that), Hitler took command of the military machine and its decision making. Subsequently Hitler lost every single campaign after that.

    That plus a very good book i read a few years back (can't remember what it was) paints a good picture of a conspiracy theory that Hitler had a double he used for things like speeches and public events when he'd rather be doing other things. The rest of it goes along the lines of Hitler was killed during that attack on his Transport aircraft and the double took over. The double obviously had no idea how to do things

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    I don't exactly buy that conspiracy theory but it does raise an interesting point
  8. Dreadnaught Registered Member

    Hitlers Mistakes
    - Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe had to travel a long distance over the ocean, plus the British had Radar, so they were at a significant disadvantage.
    - Concentration camps and trains - The people he killed could have contributed to the war effort. There was a shortage of trains to move troops to the front, because they were being used to ship people to concentration camps.
    - Underestimating the USSR, Hitler should have made a treaty with Japan to not attack China, and instead attack the USSR from the east. While Germany attacks from the west. Even if Hitler didn't attack the USSR, the Russians would have probably attacked him later on.

    Someone mentioned his mistake on declaring war on the USA. The USA was preparing to enter the war anyway, so it would have made no difference.

    Also Japan only officially declared war on the USA, it was actually the USA who initiated the war much earlier. Japan wasn't interested in invading US territory, only in invading China and SE Asia. The USA forced them to attack. If Japan had attacked the USSR instead of China, then they could establish an overland route for oil, and the USA may have been less likely to force an attack.
  9. govani1 Registered Member

    hitlers crucial mistakes

    Hi guys ive got some coursework going on here and sort of need some serious help!!

    well...i know that hitler made mistakes on attacking russia, as this resulted having to fight a battle on two fronts...

    was this to do with the alliance which britain, america and russia had?

    and what was happening in france?

    and what the hell did poland have to do with the RAF? that completely threw me off course!

    would appreciate some insight

  10. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    The only mistake Hitler made is that he didn't die when they tried to assassinate him.
  11. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    Hitler also divided vehicle production among numerous models of everything. Kind of a pain in the ass to get parts.
  12. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    I agree with Mountainhare. RIP.

    Hitler's mistakes:

    1. Not using Jewish manpower and skills.
    2. Not using his army and Navy to invade England after taking France.
    3. Bombing English Cities instead of airfields.
    4. Declaring War on America, leaving no option for the US just to tackle the Japanese in the pacific.
    5. Attacking Russia without equipping his troops with the means to endure Winter Warfare.
    6. Not taking Moscow.

    Hitler's crucial mistake was that he became too greedy and impatient. Just like Napoleon. Agreed.
  13. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    What do you the call Pearl Harbor attack? You must be smoking some whacky tobbacky! And don't give the story about The United States forced Japan to attack The United States because The United States refused to sell scrap metal and oil to Japan in reaction to the atrocities Japan was commiting in China. The United States was right to find the atrocities objectionable and refuse to support that activity with trade.

    Japan not interested in occupying US Territory? What do you call the invasion and occupation of Alaska? What do you call the invasion and occupation of the Philipines?
  14. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    Hitler's major mistakes were one, not thinking thorugh the war at the very begining. He fought the war by the seat of his pants. Two, his war objectives and actions were dictated more by internal polictical goals than by strategic military goals and needs.

    He should have know that Great Britian was his greatest threat. And in order to knock out Great Britian he needed long range bombers. He had his V2 rockets but he wasted them on civilian targets rather than military targets. He squandered this resource.

    Three, he needed to secure his oil supplies. By starting a war with the Soviet Union he placed in oil supplies in danger. When he launched the war with The Soviet Union he failed to failed to adequately plan for the war. A more effective invasion strategy would have been via a southern route. But instead he repeated Napoleans mistake.

    So in summary, to much political focus and a failure to think through and plan and effective military policy...sounds a lot like George II.
  15. PieAreSquared Woo is resistant to reason Registered Senior Member

    Hitler's biggest mistake was joining in with Hirohitos war.. the Japs really started WW2, all Hitler did was joining in. The Japs so fucked the world we still have repercussions today
  16. dixonmassey Valued Senior Member

    All Hitler had to do is to hold his homicidal urges for 1 year after he invaded USSR.

    Reminder, 4.5 millions of the relatively well trained and extremely well armed Soviet troops become POW in 1941-1942. That's staggering number. Essentially 90% of the trained soviet troops gave up with minimum or no resistance. Why? Because soviet regime was rough and homicidal to say the least, because people remembered WWI German occupation which was kind of paradise compared with mass starvation and repressions of Soviet era. It took some time to realize that WWI Germans are quite different from WWII Germans.

    Soviets were given a choice to fight for less than likable regime or die. That was major Hitler's mistake. War on Eastern front was won by second or even third grade troops, badly trained, frequently badly equipped, but those folks fought because alternative was death. Most of the First class Soviet troops were captured and starved/exterminated in POW camps.
  17. desi Valued Senior Member

    Are you suggesting if Germany had handled the Soviet POWs humanely, they might have worked for the Germans? If so that's quite a claim and something to ponder.

    I personally think Hitler's biggest mistake was losing the propaganda war outside of Germany. I think if he could have made his case to the citizens of America and England and even Russia he might have won public opinion over to his side like he did in Germany. After all, the bread basket of America was made of German immigrants with many children. An old timer once told me if more fighting men in WWII had been named Fritz instead of Fred things would have turned out much differently.
  18. nietzschefan Thread Killer Valued Senior Member

    I'd agree with that. A good example of being in a situation you simply cannot win. No matter what, Poland was going to lose their country. They fought the most bravest of all nations in WWII(Yes even the crazy New Zealanders), and for nothing but hope.
  19. nietzschefan Thread Killer Valued Senior Member

    Hitler's biggest mistake was starting WWII.

    He took more with political power that he ever did with force of arms. He never really had France, or Poland or anything else. Nevermind partisan activity, both countries resources were useless or at best a minus compared to the effort required to control them. He did not see the lesson Britian had learned - A "Successful" empire is a waste of fuckin time.

    Before that, he really had Alsace-Lorraine, Austria, Sudetenland....these were all holdable gains through political power. If he absolutely needed to fight Russia , he could have done it through Romanian, Finnish-Proxy and not wasted 1 German life....he did for years before WWII "Arm Slavs to fight Slavs".

    Of course we all know now, the real agenda, so out of touch with human reality, it would never be able to defeat all the enemies that would array against it, nearly the whole world.

    Knowing this, he was doomed if he set up perfect gearing and planning for Sea Lion(bombed radar/airfield to perfection too), he was doomed in any effort to the east, even with a sweep of Caucasus' oil in 41'(or 40' for that matter) and even if he satisfied himself with just Europe, it only would have taken a little longer for even an undamaged German Army to become exhausted trying to put the jack boots to so many previously liberal millions.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2009
  20. thinking Banned Banned

    actually Hitlers most basic mistake was not listening to his Generals and therefore not trusting their judgements and his ego . as well as his paranoia towards his generals thinking
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2009
  21. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    I think you need to check your dates.
  22. nietzschefan Thread Killer Valued Senior Member

    The WWII start date is actually kinda blurry James and very western-centric. Japan was at war with China and Russia a few month before( or maybe even a year - though no official war exhisted with Japan and Russia). That is a good chunk of the world involved. Japan was at war long before WWII started, then WWII starts. Maybe they didn't start it all but they sure as hell started half of it no matter what dates you are looking at.
  23. Hammer Of God Registered Member

    Hitler made THREE crucial mistakes. The first was the failure to acknowledge that NEVER has ANY land been conquered without a ground based infantry/footsoldier assault. The germans could STILL BE bombing Britain without taking the ground. The second of his errors was failing to pick up a history book and find the chapter on Napolean. Had he done such than he would have known that an invasion of the russian mainland is SUICIDE. The country is huge and has in its arsenal a GREAT weapon. It's called winter. Historically the russians have responded to invasions in one way. They withdraw. They lead the attackers deeper and deeper in and wait for winter where they than attack the supply lines, thus starving and freezing the enemy out. His third, and ultimately his worse, mistake was his ABSOLUTE underestimation of the strength of the US. Germany only had so many people and fighting two fronts was a mistake all it's own. But to antagonize a 'sleeping giant' was it's swan song. It was the proverbial 'straw that broke the camels back'.

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