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    [-COPYRIGHT 2000 BY ROBERT A. GOERMAN-] WHAT DOES the Central Intelligence Agency, the President of these United States, a battalion of ruthless mercenaries, the KGB, seven scientists designing a NEW AGE for mankind, and a vanguard horde of alien enforcers and demonic greys ALL HAVE IN COMMON? They all want the man with the keys to the UFO enigma. They all want Derek A. Himmler --- But battle-hardened and ready, having discarded everything fame and fortune could bestow, Himmler escalates his bloody crusade against this hell from the heavens --- Aliens and humans die together in the rugged mountains of wild, wonderful West Virginia as one man attacks a research installation under Department of Defense contract to duplicate the UFO propulsive systems. The ORION Electromagnetic Research and Development Corporation .... a forbidden place where mythological creatures from beyond Earth conspire with traitors to any real hope of freedom here on this evolving world. A place where the promise of "free energy" is mixed with the certainty of Dr. Franklin R. Pronini's "New Age for Mankind" --- LOCATE. CONFIRM. EXTERMINATE! That is Himmler's self-ordained mission .... Now, if only he could "hit and fade" before those CIA strike teams end his game...

    (Join paranormal author Robert A. Goerman

    as he brings the legend of embattled UFO researcher Derek Himmler to life, page by action-filled page --- SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! --- Soon as I can interest someone in the movie rights.)

    ...Although anyone can visit this site and read Himmler's War anytime, members (subscription and membership are absolutely FREE) receive each chapter by e-mail "hot off the press," and can post and chat and generally brag that they are exclusive members, etc.

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