Help! I am scared stiff

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Clarentavious, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    Eeeek. Last night I watched a movie on the Discovery Channel that truly disturbed me..... I was terrified, and am not afraid to admit it......

    It was called "A Haunting in Georgia" It was about a family (the Wyrick family, they live, or lived not far outside the Atlanta border) that was being terrorized by people that had died around the property they lived - and IMO, they are quite stupid for remaining there. I think I'd rather leave my material items in the house and escape with my life - when people's houses start burning down, you don't see them stay inside do you?

    The thing is, many parts of it seem to be undeniably true..... You can actually call the people who were involved in this (or go visit them if you wanted....) to confirm that these things actually happened. Some of these people are respected scientist/psychologist, mediums and psychics.....

    I haven't been able to sleep. I feel like I am a 5 year old kid sitting in my room with a nightlight who just got through watching Nightmare on Elm Street.

    I figure, well at least this way, if I wind up disappearing or being murdered, you'll know where to point the finger. If you are going to die anyway, might as well leave evidence behind as to who killed you, so you can catch em' (small payback I guess - though I guess killing a spirit that's already dead would be kind of hard). Then there might be witnesses to ghosts for once. It would be a new discovery for the world if it could be almost proven that in some parts of the earth, spirits of the dead do roam about.

    And the Georgia border is not that far from me. You peeps probably think I am being ridiculous, but I feel a bit more comfortable now that I have revealed this info to the public! :eek: :eek:

    I don't know why I was stupid enough to continue watching the movie. Now I suppose I will have to wait a few days for this fear to subside.......
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  3. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Maybe you should go down there, make it a day trip or something to confront your fears. Plus, if the place is real, you'll get a good petrifying. Bring an extra pair of pants with you as well.

    Nothing like a good paranormal induced petrifying, oh nooo suh...
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  5. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    What?! Do you think I am trying to get myself killed Pollux? No, if you want to die, then you go down there. Actually, I would probably much rather commit suicide than live in shear horror for the rest of my life, if that stuff was happening to me.

    No, if I saw that these "people" posed no threat (other than the severe amount of stress these peeps went through, that was mental, physcially they did have a few incidents where they woke up with burning scratches on their bodies), I would probably just get up in the spirits faces and curse them out. If they can't kill you may as well just ignore them. The problem is that movie left me so unsure about everything.

    The primary sinister spirit did not even reveal his identity (though most of the other spiritis had their faces present - assuming the black one with the hooded sweat shirt was a male), or what he wanted from them, other than to scare the sh*t out of them.

    Pollux, you are a moderator in the Sci Fi section. I do not know if these include paranormal activity, or just aliens; but I offer you the greatest dare to force yourself to watch this movie at 1AM as I did. You will be coming back screaming here for us to help you, too
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  7. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Okay, if it's on during the weekend I'll do it, but unlike every motherf*cker that I know I try to get some sleep once in awhile.

    Yes yes yes, I know it'd be absolutely terrifying, but for me at least, I think the sheer terror of absolutely knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that a hostile spirit was trying to kill me would reall overwhelm most of the circuits in my brain, forcing me to start laughing maniacally, giggling when he scratches stars into by back, gurgling like a baby when he hurls a barrage of knives at me.

    I'm serious, actually. If I lived closer to Georgia I'd consider it, I think after getting used to the absolute horror I would turn to comedy to wash the terror away, joking with the spirits, calling him "my quote unquote byotch" amongst other things. I mean, this is all theoretical, I've never been in a situation that warrants that even if I hope to be in one someday.

    But, as consolation, I would just say "you don't believe in spooks you don't believe in spooks." Or try to think about women.:cool:
  8. MRC_Hans Skeptic Registered Senior Member

    Did they have pictures of ghosts (spirits, whatever)? Are you aware that about 80% of the footage on Discovery channel is fiction? I once sent them a letter about it, but they just said they would "present it to the management".

  9. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    They had video footage of the whole thing. It was kind of like a documentary. The Wyrick family themselves were the actors in the movie. And some of it was actual recorded footage.

    I believe the medium they brought in, her name was Amy Allen I think? I think she is known throughout the US for her ablities in these matters (she volunteers her time to help people in situations like these).

    You can contact the psychologist there that was involved with it. Also, the media reporter, and there were a few other people. They had pictures (as in those taken from film), some of which were black and white as a few of these people died long ago, of these people. I think Mr. Garrod's (was that his name?) tombstone is still standing in a graveyard not far from the 2 houses.

    Trust me, it was very real..... too real. I think I will try and contact Discovery today to get a tape of it, so I can scare all the rest of you sh*tless.
  10. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I would go there, in an instant.

    How intriguing. :) No fear here. I will deal whith what is, or what is not.

    Clarentavious, I move your thread to Parapsychology...:)
  11. sinecure71 Registered Senior Member

    You should see "amityville horror" - the most famous such movie, also based on a true story they say. Here is a site about it:
  12. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    Ok, I hope it gets as much attention here though. I too, would not want to deny the truth of what is going on, on earth - but I don't think I would want to go dealing with evil spirits. Even if that is a fact of life, I think I will just leave that matter alone....... lest you be stepping on some prettttty powerful toes.

    Not all of the spirits were evil. When the oldest daughter of the family was like 5 years old, they thought she was spending her time talking to an imaginary friend as young kids often do. Then they thought she might be mentally ill and hallucinating........ then came the terrible reality of it.

    It was very disturbing. They had a dog. One time, he was standing the small kitchen, just looking towards the wall, and growling like crazy with his teeth showing, like there was some sort of burglar in the house. But when the family went to see what was wrong with him, they just saw him staring at a blank wall near the refridgerator. A couple of days later he "ran away".......... and never came back. That was like one of the many 100 incidents they went over.
  13. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    I saw a newer version of the Amityville movie (like the 1990's version) I think. It was about a guy, or young man that killed his family right? On Thanksgiving, it was near NY? But I don't recall much paranormal about the situation (other than that, he walked in while his parents and siblings were eating Thanksgiving dinner, and blew them away with a shotgun, then went to a mental hospital or something).

    I don't think I need to be anymore scared than I already am, I might check out the link later.
  14. sinecure71 Registered Senior Member

    You have to see the original, the later ones are just spin offs of the first's success (I think).
  15. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    It will get attention oh yes. :) Do not always fear that it is wrong if your threads come in here. Lots of people who look at the threads.

    There are certain places and houses which are "haunted" so to say.
    The Amityville horror is such an example, however, it is highly overdone by the movie makers.

    I wouldn't call it evil spirits either. Some "presences" are felt as wrong, just utterly wrong. It may very well be that those spirits are in another timezone and somehow interact, still, with this timezone, so to say.

    If it feels not good, than go and don't mess with it.

    Animals, house pets, are much more sensible for the vibes of those spirits, to give it a name, and react on it. In those cases you better believe the behaviour of the animal and take your distance...:)
  16. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    So what would you do Banshee? Is this person was known to be evil, like say, the location where a serial killer died, or the spirit of hitler, you wouldn't go challenging or temping such a spirit would you? That is only asking for trouble...... of the absolute worst sort that I know of.

    Please tell me more about this.
  17. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    I think it are disturbed spirits, who died a cruel and sudden death. In most cases it is possible to stand up against evil presences, just by sending them away, and again and again. Showing fear is certainly not the answer. Show selfconfidence and strenght. If you hold your foot down it has a big chance you succeed in sending them away. Not in all cases it works though. There are some damn dark precenses among them. Which truly have evil intentions.

    Some places/houses, however, deal with those dwelling, lost spirits who react in the most disturbing ways trying to do harm to the ones who inhabit such a house. It's rather hard, to live with such spirits. Like they live in a different timezone, but can at the same time be present in this timezone.

    Sometimes it is just better to move to another place, though that might not be always possible, due to finances and so on.

    I really think these spirits are hurting, suffering and react it off on the people who inhabit their dying place, which in a way is theirs. Thus, the inhabitants/people are intruders, as such, seen by the spirits.

    It stays mighty interesting to check such a place/house out to see what is going on there. I have a strange urge to seek such things. Simply. because I want to know whether there really are such spirits there and what kind. And if it is possible to communicate with them. Even with real serial killers, yes. Though that might be a very bad idea.

    Most intriging, really...

    What is the exact location of the house you saw on television? Do you know?
  18. sinecure71 Registered Senior Member

    If they truly are evil, and they are already dead, then what would they care if you showed self confidence? They would have nothing to fear and wouldn't care if you feared them would they?
  19. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Well, I think they do care. It is of importace for them, pestering the hell out of you, while they know you are afraid. Showing fear means you are a willing victim and then you are lost and submitted to their evil games.

    But yes, there are real evil spirits among them and then you better be wise and go, no matter what.

    Lost spirits, only willing to hurt everyone they can. Unfortunately, nothing can be done against those real evil, "black" spirits.

    Filled with hate and looking for revenge and bringing physical hurt to the inhabitants of such places/houses.

    Yes, that is rather disturbing. Still, I am highly intrigued. Doesn't say I don't run if necessarry..:)
  20. monkapotomus tortured brain Registered Senior Member

    clairentavious- i really think that if OH MY GOD WHATS THAT BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!
  21. sinecure71 Registered Senior Member

    Have you ever seen a ghost? I have, didn't strike me as having evil intent though. And I'm not just jerking your chain
  22. Clarentavious Person Registered Senior Member

    Actually, you can probably call down Atlanta and ask around. The other guy was the pastor of the local church they attended who supposedly cast out a devil - but no his tactic didn't work because the night their family returned from the church, the mother's oldest daughter saw the shadow of the man in the hooded sweat shirt through the window drapes (when she stepped out of the car). His tactic didn't work :rolleyes: damn child molesting priests ;)

    You see, this thing gained quite a bit of media attention around there I think. All of the girls at the school the oldest daughter went to made fun of her because she claimed to see spirits.

    The media guy, when he went to the house to check it out, when he stepped in the driveway, he saw an "evil presence" in the window and ran back to his car, jumped in, and went speeding down the highway at 80 MPH (which is exactly what I would have done, except I would have gone 100 MPH)

    Amy Allen (BTW, she was pretty attractive looking :D ), she said she found 3 negative energy forces there. 2 of them were elderly (likely the spirits talking in the mother's bedroom that would keep her up crying during the night, and the laughing in the shower the daughter heard), and one was younger (no doubt the figure in the hooded sweat shirt).

    When she first got there (she had an assistant film her work), she noticed one of the main prescenses there was the caretaker, who was actually good willed (not evil). She said there was a massive wall of dense energy in one place. And, the little girl that was killed in the car accident near by, she said her life force was so strong, she almost thought she was alive. She said this amount of force was very rare.

    She didn't know anything about the mother's or daughter's reports (they didn't even meet), the shrink sent her there without any info to test and see the validity of the people's claims.

    When she found the negative spirit in the bedroom (the younger man), she actually got uncomfortable and shooed her camera man and herself out the door really quickly back into the hallway. This is quite a thing for someone being a verteran in this field.

    She claims the mother and daughter are mediums. The mother also has a younger daughter she had after her first.

    The shrink tried to use scientific explainations for the problems. Like finding alot of positively charged ions in one area of the house, which can effect the frontal lobes of the brain and supposedly cause hallucinations. He also said electromagnetic fields, and plates shifting under the ground (those that cause earth quakes) could be contributing to it.

    He talked alot about magnetics and measured some tempratures in the house and things (because supposedly when the hooded spirit came around, the room would because so cold, the daughter could see her breath). Amy's explainations were much more believable to me.

    The whole thing was just very distrubing.

  23. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Sinecure, I did see ghosts yes. That is exactly my point. At some moment it is possible to communicate with some of them. Then there is a passage way of natives, right through the house and they do not bother anyone. They just pass through the house.

    It is rather peculiar though, 'cause not everyone sees Shadows/ghosts. Some do, others don't, though I never tell, they are there (wherever it is they appear). So, it is not that the people visiting, actually know about these ghosts/spirits.

    The spirits here, are very peaceful. It is awesome to may be one of the few people who can see them go by. Undiscribable, really.

    It is like they pass by on their own level/timezone, so to say, by lack of the right words. I hope you get what I mean... :)

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